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Llor isn t like any other zombies He can still talk and think although yes he eats brains I find his story to be funny but also thoughtful This is a story how Peter finds redemption as a zombie because when he was a human apparently he was a jerk and a coward His voice is funny and fresh from the moment he said Braaaains I was hooked There are moments that baits big smile fr This was a fun zombie book told from the POV of the zombie himself While not the first I ve read from this perspective it is the first where the zombie retained his humanity and could control his desires to eat everyone s brains It was a bit longer than I would have liked it felt a bit dragged down by all the walking in the countryside Also there was no explanation for the dead coming to life and then the sudden stop of this phenomenon It was mentioned in the story itself that they didn t now why it happened but this felt like a bit of a cop out While not the best I ve read this would still go on my list of zombie books I would recommendif you like zombies that is I don t read zombie books that often but Zombie Ohio Zombie Ohio 1 by Scott Kene is definitely worth a try As a resident of central Ohio my favorite part of my reading experience was definitely seeing a fictionalized version of the area I don t get the chance to see it in fiction often and #it s always delightful to see Ohio at all get represented on the page It s cool to now that #s always delightful to see Ohio at all get represented on the page It s cool to now that author went to Kenyon College in Gambier the real life inspirations for Kenton College and Gant It s also interesting to see how Knox County and Mount Vernon are fictionalized too Overall I d probably rate the novel as a three star read if it weren t for the Ohio setting There are some confusing jumps and I wasn t that big of a fan of many of the characters Also the interlibrary loan copy I read classifies it as YA which it definitely isn t I was going to read BREATHERS but then an all black turkey sat atop this book gobbling at me and I thought holy frak a wild turkey in a bookstore somebody shoot it But I named it Bob instead and we lived happily ever afterBut seriously folks I grant that the middle section of this novel can feel at times like you re watching Tom Hanks talk to a volleyball for an hour and a half but Peter Mellor is so much FUN than Tom Hanks I loved the pacing and much FUN than Tom Hanks I loved the pacing and of this story at first maybe good ol Pete is gonna be a Dexter zombie and only eat the brains of bad guys but brains are like top shelf drugs for this dude and IT DON T MATTER I absolutely LOVE that he embraces his Zombie nature and goes full tilt Er resolves to use his strange zombie “afterlife” to solve his own murder Skillfully combining the genres of horror humor and film noir Zombie Ohio weaves an enthralling and innovative tale that any fan of the current zombie craze is sure to relish Followers of detective and horror fiction alike will find something to love about Zombie Ohio a tale of murder mystery and the walking dead.

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Ttle bit philosophical You now I think he got there even if I didn t like itThe badZombie Ohio has an interesting twist on the traditional zombie That perspective isn t going to be altogether satisfying for those of us who Like The Zombie Apocalypse Straight The Writing the zombie apocalypse straight The writing the first chapter has awkward moments including semi randomly italicized words that only serve to distract More importantly the first couple chapters could have benefited from heavier editing for world building structure There were also some odd word choices humorless administrative looking buildings A pontificating bit near the end by a bad guy is eye rollingly badI ll put spoilery specifics but not that specific below badI ll put spoilery specifics but not that specific below to help if you are on the fence or prefer detailsOverall for me it was about 25 in that I thought it was decently done I m not sure I precisely liked it but it wasn t stupid or infuriating and it provided distraction on a day when I couldn t take anything substantialview spoilerIt is very different from a traditional zombie book it s from the zombie s perspective And not just the good girl going straight humanizing ind of perspective of Melanie or My Life as a White Trash Zombie No this is normal in the intelligence sense in a person for whom normal was a semi adhered to value It becomes clear that the narrator has been ind of an asshole Which means the narrator is not an altogether sympathetic one although Kene eventually avoids some of the obvious I m still a good guy tropes it does make Peter a bit of an anti hero that I m not sure I support When he eventually starts hunting I became uncomfortable When he started leading a gang of undead I really lost any empathy and the writing itself started to make me ueasy I rather think Peter is a bit of a low bar ind of dude he likes power but prefers not having to work too hard or make any sacrifices for it hide spoiler Not my cup of tea in regards to what I look for in a good zombie tale I am very surprised at the rave reviews I was really looking forward to this but it did not live up to the hype First the pros I really liked the story being told from the POV of the zombie it was a fresh take The setting in an Ohio college town was also I don t read zombie genres In fact I can only remember two books related to zombies that I had #read This one came to me by accident when I saw the advertisement #This one came to me by accident when I saw the advertisement the reviews were uite positive So I decided to give it a goAnd BOY was I mesmerizedI enjoy reading this story a tale coming from the zombie rather than the humans Of course the zombie Professor of Philosophy Peter Me. Umans unsympathetic generally to his new proclivities try to ill him at nearly every opportunity His old friends are loath to associate with him And he finds himself inconveniently addicted to the gooey stuff inside of people’s heads As if all this weren’t bad enough Peter soon learns that his automobile accident was no accident at all Faced with the harrowing mystery of his death Pet. 35 stars don t think #I Ve Ever Read A #ve ever read #a zombie book then this I was looking for a light fun entertaining #zombie book then this I was looking for a light fun entertaining and boy am I glad I found this one It hit all the buttons It s humorous thoughtful entertaining and just a bunch of fun to read Peter awakes after a car accident and a bit later finds out that he s dead and a zombie But not an ordinary zombiea walking thinking talking zombie He has amnesia he s uncertain about how he fits in what to believe and how to get along The story unfolded as one of redemption and labelling When a personbeing is labelled do they begin to behave as that label Do they lose their true selves through this label Peter slowly learns of his past and his mistakes As a zombie he begins to decide who he is and the man he would like to beIt s a thoughtful story on a few levels I m glad I picked this book up I thoroughly enjoyed it An interesting take on the traditional zombie No really It is sort of the zombie euivalent of The Universe Doesn t Give a Fuck About You a treatise on getting off your butt and living your best type A life Because even zombies can achieve greatness rightProfessor Peter Mellor comes to consciousness after an apparent car crash Strangely he can barely remember anything not even his name but he slowly consciousness after an apparent car crash Strangely he can barely remember anything not even his name but he slowly putting pieces together as he takes in his surroundings Checking for a wallet gives him a name and address The face he sees in the side view mirror resembles the license only older and heavier A gun in the car door gives a sense of identity someone who doesn t normally use a gun but now needs to carry one A wool cap feels familiar The middle age crisis convertible doesn t look familiar but it is possibly that it is his He begins trudging towards town and the address on his driver s license He discovers that his empty home is full of books my first real moment of sympathy and scotch Catching CNN alerts him to a worldwide crisis in moving cadavers and the breakdown of the normal world His best friend stops by and gives a helpful biography and a summary of how the world changed three weeks agoThe goodZombie Ohio has an interesting twist on the traditional zombie The Goodreads blurb contains a number of spoilers including the twist so if it matters to you don t read it I of course did read it and despite that appreciated the surprises that took the story in unexpected directions Though a little bit clunky with information in the beginning plotting eventually moves well Likewise issues I had with language settled down and becomes uite readable The ending makes me think Kene was going for something a li. “No one is safe in a zombie apocalypse Not even a zombie” When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak he is reborn as a highly intelligent yet somewhat amnesiac member of the living dead With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life Peter uickly learns that being a zombie isn’t all fun and brains .
Zombie Ohio

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