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( [EPUB] The Daughter She Used To Be ) BY Rosalind Noonan –

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Bernie and the things that happen to her and her family Bernie grew up being around cops all of her life after all her dad and brothers where involved with New York s finest police force However being a cop does have its ups and downs one day tragedy strikes and something happens that changes Bernie and her family forever One of the major themes in the book that you should be grateful for verything you have and cherish Class and Conformity every moment with your family because one day it will all change anxample of "this is on page 126 it says She slid into the river of "is on page 126 it says She slid into the river of deep and heavy with longing Bernie sueezed her Descartes and His Contemporaries eyes shut wanting to hold onto him in the past so she could carry a part of him into the bleak future I would recommend this book to others because it s a great book that fills you withmotion and you see other perspectives on what is going through other characters heads and how they cope with what High Tide at Midnight ever is happening in their lives The Daughter She Used To Be by Rosalind Noonan was a for me The beginning wasxtremely slow and I almost gave up on the reason why I didn t is because it fits some reading challenges for me Bernadette Sullivan is the youngest in this family of police officers in NYC her role is as an assistant district attorney in NYC The first 100 pages really were awful to read so many characters many clich s and some characters that were just unlikable The storyline picks up after a major Education and Equality event at Sully s Cup and from then on I just wanted to find out what happened toveryoneOverall I felt as if I was reading a script for a TV show such as Nothing about this stuck with me it felt like an NBC pilot Good character development but weak Deceptive Beauties emotional attachment for the reader This book isntertaining The pace of the plot is slow at times but it kept my attention Bernadette Sullivan is one of two daughters in the Sullivan family All of her brothers 4 and her father are NYC cops Their lives seem so xciting and she is fascinated by their stories She is an attorney with a desk job She is wanting to settle down with a man she works with but her family scorns him because he is not Italian She just feels out of sync with her wantsneeds and her life Then tragedy strikes her family Her father s coffee Her darkest hour she will find out just what it means to be her father's daughter Praise for Rosalind Noonan's One September MorningReminiscent of Jodi Picoult's kind of taleit's a keeper Lisa Jackson New York Times bestselling authorWritten with great insight Noonan delivers a fast paced character driven tale with a touch of mystery Publishers WeeklyNoonan creates a uniue thrillera novel that focuses on the toll war takes on returning soldiers and civilians whose loved ones won't be coming home Bookli. The Daughter She Used To BeMy first xperience with a Rosalind Noonan but as they came highly recommended from my mom I would "Have To Agree With Her "to agree with her this won t be my last Rosalind Noonan read As luck would have it I was asked to host this book for a book tour and what a great read I am now in a relationship with a police officer so this book hit way close to home but this now in a relationship with a police officer so this book hit way close to home but this living situation may have helped me love it ven The story centers around the youngest daughter of a retired police officer who spent 50 years serving the city of New York and lived through many things including 911 Along With This Main Along with this main is another story that centers around a young man who has some physical disabilities and is just getting out of prison the way these stories intertwine is ntertaining and heartbreaking I thought I knew where this book was headed and was ready for it to nd one way but the story went a completely different direction and I loved very minute of it The surprises were Forgery, Replica, Fiction enjoyable and came from out of the blue I would recommend this book to those who like women s fiction with a little depth to them Pretty good story of stereotypical Irish Catholic NYC cops Has an interesting twist though Bernie Sullivan an Assistant DA in New York grew up her whole life knowing what was right and what was wrong Her Irish Catholic family are career police her father recently retired her brothers currently members of NYPD her sisters married police upholding the law is the mainstay of Bernie sxistence until tragedy strikes the very heart of the family The line between right and wrong becomes blurred and Bernie realizes that justice is possibly important than right versus wrong Bernie s pursuit for what she feels is justice pits her against her family and the beliefs she once held Throw in an additional problem of her love for a fellow colleague with an Iranian background and Bernie is further at odds with her family Some parts of this narrative were difficult to believe could actually happen in real life However it did make for some interesting plot development Okay read maybe between a 2 and a 3 The winds of change are blowing for the Sullivans This tight knit family of God loving and fearing cops will be strained to the very fibers of their sou. In this motionally charged and riveting novel from the author of One September Morning and In a Heartbeat one woman is torn between loyalty to her family's ways and to her most profound convictionsThe daughter of a career cop Bernadette Sullivan grew up with blue uniforms hanging in the laundry room and cops laughing around the dinner table Her brother joined New York's finest her sisters married cops and Bernie is an assistant District Attorney Collaring criminals putting them away it's what they do.

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Ls A terrible crime will rock the very foundation "of all they hold near and dear As very member faces a new and stressful day they will all "all they hold near and dear As Escape every member faces a new and stressful day they will all the situation differently and some of theffects will damage an already volatile situation Sully the patriarch has vowed to keep his family safe and when he knows that isn t always possible something inside him breaks Bernie the baby of the family has turned to law to fit into this brood of blue brothers but her beliefs will put stress on a family already falling apart She and Sully will but heads continually but it doesn t mean she loves him any less but for Sully the actions of Bernie make her in no uncertain terms The Daughter She Used To Be What will happen to this once golden group will they The Empty Chair ever recover from what happened or will theyver be changed by fate What will happen to their once solid faith and who will suffer the most from the falloutRosalind Noonan has given us very realistic look at the things that could happen and do the things that tear the closest of families and friends apart she does this with an incredible ye for detail and motion as she spins this tale that we could read on any front page or news website She does this with dialogue that will take her readers to the Burroughs of New York thick with diversity and flavor and deliver something very special to those of us lucky Lit enough to read the novel Her characters are the real stars here and she has an amazing way to intimate her audience toach and very one no matter the role they play no matter the depth of their involvement She gives us a realistic look at a family drama come to life And How This One Family Survives The Bomb Blast That how this one family survives the bomb blast that will be givenIf you like family drama crime fiction or ven romantic suspense you will like this novel as Rosalind Noonan xpertly mixes a bone chilling thriller with a family drama and throws us a small bone of a love story to boot Not bad had some different perspectives but the characters were too superficial or cliche for me to be really interested in their stories Ok to pass the time I was just thinking how hard it is for "any parent to protect a child Bernie p279 The Daughter She Used To Be takes place in New York the story "parent to protect a child Bernie p279 The Daughter She Used To Be takes place in New York the story about a woman named. And though lately Bernie feels a growing desire for a family of her own she's never uestioned her choices Then a shooter targets a local coffee shop and tragedy strikes the Sullivan family Anger follows grief and Bernie realizes that her father's idea of retribution is very different from her own All her life she's inhabited a clear cut world of right and wrong of morality and corruption As Bernie struggles to protect the people she loves she must also decide what it means to see justice served And in. ,