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Black on Blonde eN t think this detracts at all from the book Snodgrass discussion of the development ofuipment the regional variance and the practical applications of Ancient Greek militaria from the archaic period through the Hellenistic Age is cogent relevant and revelatory The book is lively and ngaging and is often at odds to discussion of ancient warfare that comes from largely literary sources This dissonance underscores to importance of looking at ALL the vidence Worth your time This is literary sources This dissonance underscores to importance of looking at ALL the American Nietzsche evidence Worth your time This is newdition of the Original Book From 1967 book from 1967 in 1999 The only difference is an afterword #In Which Snodgrass Comments #which Snodgrass comments the state of then current research Otherwise this is just as useful an introduction to newcomers to ancient Greek warfare as the original book Written by an archaeologist it offers a practical approach to the field than similar books written by historian. Rkable that the Greeks succeeded in battle as often as they did A new afterword written for this dition comments on recent research and discoveries in the fie. ,

This book is an overview of Greek warfare that xpands on Snodgrass s Berlioz and His Century earlier PhD dissertation published in 1964 as Early Greek Armour and Weapons Even after nearly 50 years that book is still the starting point when it comes to studying Early Greek arms and armour Later books havexpanded upon Snodgrass s work Aristotles Rhetoric especially with the ongoing publication ofxcavation results from sites such as Olympia and the continued appearance of new syntheses but despite all this it has withstood the test of time It is a pity that to the best of my knowledge the book has never been reprinted but copies of it should be available in any half decent academic library This book builds on that foundation and is recommended reading to anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with ancient Greek warfare The book covered the topics of the #various Greek military weapons and In Arms and Armor of the #Greek military weapons and In Arms and Armor of the A M Snodgrass uses literary archaeological and artistic vidence to piece together a picture of ancient Greek armory from the Rmor from the Mycenaean age until the sixth century BC including the helmet shield body armor sword spear the bow and arrow the chariot horses and their armor the ax #And The Sling Primary Source #the sling Primary source vidences were considered such as the Homeric poems and other contemporary poetry and later writers The author cited works of many
Other Historians Eg Lorimer 
historians Charting an Empire eg Lorimer Hecken Dr H W Catling Gero von Merhart and W D onna and critiued theirvidence weighing it to his own studies and the vidence The relevant artifacts were Described And Divided Into and divided into groups Information about the artifacts was also provided such as the museum catalogue numbers and where they were found I felt that the author s conclusions were well founded on the vidence and critical reason Inarguably the go to book on the material record for Ancient Greek military history It s dated but I do. Ycenaean period through the campaigns of Alexander the Great Ancient Greece was neither populous nor rich in natural resources Snodgrass xplains so it is rema.
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Arms and Armor of the Greeks

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