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Ngs t called my attention to the perfect word Dante used to Describe Cleopatra Lussuriosa The Sound Cleopatra lussuriosa the sound Saints on Stage it and the lingering uality are so much better than the usual English translation wanton Both Longfellow and Laurence Binyon managed voluptuous Better than wanton but still not uite right Mark Musa this editor and translator tookt further who loved men s lusting This collection contains the Laurence Binyon translation of The Divine Comedy Harold Bloom recommends Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, it as the translation closest to reading Danten the na Although I had read Dante s work and uite enjoyed childhood happy hours it previously this book really brought the entire Comedynto a new light for me The notes by Mark Musa seem to occupy nearly as much room as story they detail with very wonderful results exuisite details about Dante s own life then contemporary society and even his references to mythology are compiled and laid bare or the reader to absorb Below s an example of the text as well as the accompanying notes Canto XVII lines 60 69But what will weigh you down the most will bethe despicable senseless companywhom you shall have to bear n that sad vale and all ungrateful all completely madand vicious they shall turn on you but soontheir cheeks not yours will have to blush from shameProof of their bestiality will showthrough their own deeds It will be to your honorto have become a party of your own62 69 The company Publish and Perish is that of the Biachi or White Guelphs who were exiled with Dante After the exilen 1302 they made several attempts to Oh Dante Tuscan master of belle langueWho crafted these three heavenly pearlsOf stunning verse that unleash n songOf tortuous treks our pilgrim led by Virgil sWise spirit mastering fierce devils and HellTo reach the base of Purgatory s mountBewitched by souls who stumble n a veilAttempting Heaven s Gate too long to countMenagerie of repenting souls now wiseTo past life s sins Latins whom beforeOur pilgrim Dante n asking brooks no liesAnd gains much wisdom wending through the doorThat leads unto the vast celestial seaWherein Beatrice so fair his heart s true loveGuides him through the star s holy tapestryE en as our traveler seeks Grace from aboveOh Dante Genius radiant confrereWhose stanzas like diamonds glisten and shineWith a resplendence nigh beyond compareNot for every taste true but ah for min. D G RossettiExcerpts from the Rhymes and the Latin prose work. The Portable Dante

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Laurence Binyon s masterful terza rima translation Guide Through the Old Testament is the essential Divina Comedia for English readers Anthony Esolen ss an excellent translation that while exacting fails to capture the marvels of Binyon s rhyming stanzas He certainly understands the Dante s allusions and especially his theology better than Binyon Mandelbaum s translation The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is worth owning and occasionally excels but does not excite me like the two previously mentioned Except for various fragments I ve never found a translationnto English that matches these Finally I must confess my stunned awe of the multiple perfections of Binyon s beautiful rendering I am still The Last Days of the Romanovs in awe after reading this book Dantes a genius on so many levels t s mind numbing He has this unbelievable ability to WRITE LIKE HE IS PAINTING HIS like he s painting His s so vivid and visual that his writing actually made me uestion whether or not he had really been on a guided tour of hell purgatory and paradise On top of that he s got that magical poet s ability to write that one line that makes you wake up for a second and take note I think knowing the story of Dante and Beatrice added a lot to this book for me Because I was somewhat familiar with their story I didn t see the Divine Comedy as a morality tale of Dante s Catholic faith but as a beautiful way for Dante to connect again with that ntense love that he had for Beatrice I way for Dante to connect again with that LOSER intense love that he had for Beatrice I becauset was written Home-Ec 101 in the 1300 s my tiny brain did have trouble keeping up with some parts and I had a hell of a time getting through Paradise without falling asleep butt was well worth Exterminating Angel itn the end I actually bought a used copy of this book and the original owner Mr Clarence L Sappington added a new dimension for me He made lots of notes on the sides of pages and underlined uite a bit I had a great time trying to figure out why
"Mr Sappinton Liked Certain Passages "
Sappinton liked certain passages much so thank you Mr Sappington wherever you are An average of about 25 stars but I m rounding Culture and Customs of Norway it to 3 because the good stuff was REALLY good Inferno 4 stars Well that was fun Purgatorio 25 stars So boring but also poetic justices fun and the ending was awesome Paradisio 1 star Wow I thought y all had cleansed yourselves of pride via Purgatory La Vita Nuova 2 stars Annoying but sorta amusingI really enjoyed Musa s translation t was very readable but the ContentsThe Divine comedy complete translated by L Binyon with. .
Ootnotes were very nconsistent outside of Inferno I would have appreciated clarifications for some analogies and myth references throughout Purgatory and clarifications of wtf Paradise even was Great for learning Florentine history for some analogies and myth references throughout Purgatory and clarifications of wtf Paradise even was Great for learning Florentine history the footnotes were a mini class on the subjectAlso the whole thing seemed like one big shtpost directed towards the city of FlorenceStill waiting for the spin off detailing Statius and Matelda s adventures Shake, Rattle and Roll in Earthly Paradise Of course glorious and wise Well wortht But I was struck and perhaps unfairly with the Christlessness of his Heaven WOW Absolutely nspiring This book made me take a thorough look at my own personal axiological assumptions and changed my mind n a couple Of Instances The Last Canto instances The last Canto Paradise just about blew my mind epistomologically speaking of course The entire progression from underground to mountain to the overpowering radiance of God was very Plotonic loved The Weavers Idea Book it The unified understanding of God as well as the symbolic representation of the godhead as the only way to mediate the truth of God to Dante was very Owen Barfield another of my favorites This book ought to be read by everyone and not just because your high school English teacher made you This version has a lot of helpful foot notes to explain the obscure Italian Renaissance political figures who are mentioned freuently as well as other mythological and legendary figures that also make appearances throughout Fascinating thought provoking overwhelming andnspiring all at once Some sections so difficult to wade through others perfectly express the struggles of the human condition others a fascinating The Mission of Mooney Rooney insightnto the theology of the 14th Century Interestingly I was really disappointed by Paradisio I much prefer the simplicity of Revelation 213 7 So glad to have read this book If you want a kind of bare bones Dante and who doesn t this revised edition The Road to There is for you The complete Divine Comedy and Vita Nuova than competently translated with the absolute minimum of notes put at the bottom of each page No flipping back and forth to the back to find out who this person was and no lengthy discussions of every minute point Also no Italian on facing pages but you can t have everything A version to be read uickly An excellentntroduction for which I m very grateful Among other thi. Notes from C H GrandegentLa vita nuova complete translated by.
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