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LeibhaftigNo one who hasn t been in the clutches of their felted cat hair recliner for months due to mental or physical ailment will ever understand the narrator and her pain Nor will they understand the subtle waning of sanity she undergoes as her pain increases we become lost in her labrythine descriptions of her physical pain and her mental anguish all while the world continues doing what it s always done and we tell ourselves that even in the prisons in

Which We Put Ourselves There 
we put ourselves there worse things in the world A novella A woman is rushed to the hospital with what is thought of at first as tachycardia then diagnosed as some kind of cancer She s poked and prodded and operated upon Whenever the hospital st She is a very talented writer The narration is vaguely reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest where one can hardly tell what is real and the narrator s sole point of view is rather unreliable due to her medical condition The transition between the dream and real world is seamless and the sense that one is drifting perseveres throughout the novel She s 60 East German and it s winter 1989 Burst Appendix That She S appendix that she s to ignore for far too long Bouncing ambulance to the hospital The doctors find an abdominal cavity full of infections and germs Feverish months pass as she sweats away in her hospital bed regularly taken for x rays and surgery again and again and while they struggle to save her life she drifts between memories and real life between first person and third person one long near death experience Life flashing before her eyesShe s 60 and East German in spring 1989 She remembers her aunt who loved a Jewish doctor and paid for it She remembers other party members who disappeared she remembers whispering every conversation that meant something The doctors struggle to find a pair of GDR made rubber gloves that don t break and demand an explanation from her how her immune system can be in complete collapse like this And they call me doctor even though they know it s not my title I don t need that title They need it The patient asks Kora if the medical director the professor is aware that he s hurting her cutting in her flesh to cure her sure cut the evil out of her since she can t be free of it herselfShe s 60 and East German in summer 1989 and she reads Goethe obsessively in the few moments of clarity between fever crests She s worked in culture her whole life Ideals beauty justice They were supposed to build something on that didn t they Isn t it her job to find and cut out the evil from men s hearts Every time they turn on the radio in her hosp. Eine Frau erkrankt Plötzlich gehen ihr die Worte aus Da wo vorher Sprache war ist nun nur noch Schmerz Die Frau wird eingeliefert untersucht Die erste Diagnose Tachykardie Ein Wort wie aus einer griechischen Tragödie das Schlimmeres verheißt In Christa Wolfs neuer in den 80er Jahren spielender Erzählung Leibhaftig muss die lebensgefährlich Erkrankte die immer wieder auch als Ich Erzählerin fungiert geduldig auf die rettenden Medikamente warten Alles hängt davon ab ob der Kurier via S Bahn rechtzeitig nach Westdeutschland übersetzen und in einer dortigen Apotheke das Lebenselixier erstehen kann Denn die Frau liegt. ,

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Ital room it s news about death and kidnappings and terrorist attacks and collapse What s to fight for The death and kidnappings and terrorist attacks and collapse What s to fight for The of survival itself perhaps not as a heroic act but as one of endurance of prodding and exploratory prose Abdominal surgery can t lay everything bare or everything would pour out onto the floor even with modern euipment and computer tomography surgeons largely work by feel through the tiniest openings much like poets I m speaking of the cavities where emotions are born I can t say how I know that I realise I can t convince ou of ever experience They re not really born emotions They thaw As if they were frozen Or not really born emotions They thaw As if they were frozen Or by whatBy the shock that everything I say or write is falsified by what I don t say and don t writeShe s 60 German fall 1989 Nobody survives serious illness unchanged But scars and emaciated bodies have their own beauty and her Russian nurse has a name that means little hope It was kind of hard for me to want to keep picking up and reading this book While it didn t necessarily pull me in I ve been consistently fascinated by In the Flesh Wolf s decision to switch between I and she without actually changing narrators is such a striking decision It feels so real to experience the shift from person to patient and pronouns are a fantastic way to capture that I m glad that I read this book and honestly might even gently demand that medical professionals read this book Wolf mines a kind of collective consciousness of East German Communism In the Flesh is a somber spare sensitive treatment of pain illness and memory Kirkus ReviewsWolf a brilliantly subversive novelist and profoundly elouent critic of her native East Germany creates a mesmerizing stream of consciousness narrative Another potent work with universal significance Booklist Writing for Mortality Stuck in a body that is breaking down from an infection after an appendicitis the narrator exlores Mental And Physical Pain From The Narrow Angle Of A and physical pain from the narrow angle of a bed somewhere in East Germany during those ears when the state suffered from a similar kind of brutal infection caused by an eually broken immune systemEach time the doctor asks the narrator what made her immune system fail so completely he simultaneously asks indirectly what happened to the country they call home the country that has caring dedicated doctors nurses and writers but that can t provide the proper medicines or even plastic gloves for the hospital staff What happened to the country where the narrator once started on an idealist mission to make up for the pain of loss after the catastrophe of th. Im Hades einer Poliklinik drüben in der DDR In dieser bleichen Zwischenwelt eines geteilten Himmels auf der krisenhaften Schwelle zwischen Leben und Tod Früher und Heute Ost und West dämmert die Heldin vor sich hin Minutiös registriert sie die mit ihr veranstalteten Prozeduren im Krankenhaus dem Spiegelbild der Gesellschaft denkt über frühere Sünden nach und erinnert sich an ihr Berliner Dasein an den Grenzübergang Friedrichstraße und an den unverbesserlichen Zyniker Urban mit dessen Leben sie schicksalhaft verbunden war damals als sie noch von Staats wegen und nicht aus medizinischen Gründen unter Beobachtung E Third Reich In her delirium fighting really fighting or giving in to the fever that ravages her body while bacteria destroy her from the inside she remembers her childhood and her aunt who had a child out of wedlock with a doctor a Jewish man who was not allowed to treat Aryan patients and who left Germany after the Kristallnacht The delirious old woman is grateful that the 7 ear old girl she once was didn t know her cousin was the son of a Jew What harm could she possibly have caused with that knowledge being so naive and so convinced of HER WORLD S ABSOLUTE TRUTH SEEMINGLY HARMLESS DETAILS CAN world s absolute truth Seemingly harmless details can utterly dangerousThe delirium takes her to other scenes from her life as well to remembering a former friend and university colleague who turned into a dogmatic ideologue of East Germany s brand of communism His story of a slow rise and fall mirrors the infection as well only he didn t have the will to fight once he lost hopeLiving on after losing hope that is true bravery according to the narrator And if The Janitor (The Contenders, you do small things like poems and a beautiful setting in nature helpou get back to life Art and natureWhen the uestion of futility creeps into the mind of the narrator who is slowly losing the comfort of the deadly fever she is reminded that we are on earth for a reason What is the reasonTo live What is reminded that we are on earth for a reason What is the reasonTo live What we live for Art and nature and love and justice Close to death we know the worth and futility of life Escaping Hades for a while means having to write into the book of life before the final stroke of the artist s brush completes our portrait before mortality completes the circle of life and art for usBRILLIANT HONEST SELF RECONSTRUCTED I don t know I did not enjoy her language in this book it was confusing too much mixed together too hard to follow Although it is only a relatively short 184 pages long I found this book difficult going There is no division into chapters not even the occasional blank line between two paragraphs indicating a chance to stop and line between two paragraphs indicating a chance to stop and a breath The author chose to switch back and forth between the 1st person and the 3rd person sometimes in mid sentence which makes it tricky to follow who is saying or thinking what about whomNevertheless I rather liked it in spite of its faults There are some interesting thoughts about what I like to call Life the Universe and Everything The voice of a woman in fight with death coming from the gray area where reality and dreams get mixed I Liked the flow of thoughts and the strong will to live Although this woman is too sick to move or to eat although she hardly breath but this is not a sad stor. Tand In Leibhaftig kommen die Medikamente aus dem Westen rechtzeitig Die Erzählerin überlebt anders als die Gesellschaft in und an der sie krank geworden ist Erzählen lässt sich nichts ohne Zeit notiert sie in Leibhaftig Das Erzählen habe ich aufgegeben zugleich mit dem Wissen Fragen Urteilen mit dem Behaupten Lehren und Verstehen Wolf aber hat in permanentem Wechsel der Erzählperspektive ein großartiges Stück Prosa vorgelegt menschliches Drama und Zeitdokument zugleich Eine Krankheitsgeschichte aus den 80er Jahren die auch die Krankheitsgeschichte der 80er Jahre und Bilanz einer Epoche geworden ist Thomas Köster.