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One of the most purely entertaining books I ve ever read Robert Evans is clearly a narcissistic man but he knows how to tell the story of his fascinating life with panache Evans is clearly a narcissistic man but he knows how to tell the story of his fascinating life with panache name wasn t immediately familiar to me I d heard enough buzz about this book Though To Grab A Copy When I Spotted It On to grab a copy when I spotted it on shelf Some early acting roles thrust him into the spotlight but it was his tenure as studio head at Paramount Pictures that brought him most of his fame and notoriety Under Evans leadership the studio produced such classic films as The Godfather Chinatown and many He seems to have led an interesting and eventful life to say the least Reading some of his tales from the trenches I m amazed that movies get made at all with This is the intessential novel about THE glamorous life led by The Most Interesting Man in Show Business Robert Evans HBO s Entourage is a cheap rip off of this movie with actual plotlines seemingly stolen from this book Robert Evans along with Jack Nicholson Warren Beatty Henry Kissinger now THAT s an Entourage Never a dull moment in this humdinger of a read the book roars through the 60s 70s through a haze of psychedelic creativity Love Story The Godfather Chinatown Marathon Man and slowly the book grinds to a murder mafia cocaine halt in the 80s and 90s The book can be viewed along so many genres as a buddy flick adventure romance and tragedy The last few pages reminding one of Sunset Boulevard and Death of a Salesman But let me repeat Never a dull moment And finally for me the most interesting part of the book was Evans focus on the product the movie a la Steve Jobs And the insane levels he was willing to go to bring a great script to screen I ve had some trouble with this review figuring out what to write First of all this is a ridiculously good page turner never a dull moment Secondly some of Hollywood s sacred cows get slaughtered Coppola comes off like a man lacking the discipline to realize his vision This book is exhibit one on the evidence table against the fallacy of the auteur making a movie is a huge collaboration and sometimes the producer is the driving force behind an incredible accomplishment There s a lot of interesting contradictions in this book They include his work with incomprehensible screenplays sometimes they are disasters a great Nabokov story in here and sometimes they are brilliant successes Robert Towne s Chinatown screenplay makes no sense but won a shitload of awards his relationships with women there s heart breaking stuff in there about his failed marriage with Ali MacGraw you really get the sense that he would throw away his worldly success with film to still be with her and his battles to keep Paramount open paired with his inability to run the corporation profitably in the end It s a brutal ride but it s Evans voice that burns through the Lon Chaney esue trappings of his life story I believe that s what catapulted this film into a documentary in 2003 EVANS DID A BOOK ON TAPE AND HIS Evans did a book on tape and his calls out from another era. Robert Evans's The Kid Stays in the Picture is Whiteout (Threes Allowed, universally recognized as the greatest most outrageous mostnforgettable show business memoir ever written The basis of a groundbreaking award winning documentary film it remains the gold standard of Hollywood storytellingThe only actor ever to run a Hollywood studio Evans emerged from near obscurity in the mid 1960s to rescue Paramount one of the great studios of the Golden Age from near bankruptcy A self confessed half assed actor Evans proved a genius producer and studio chief drawing on his irresistible combination of instinct

The Hearts Voice
He sounds like a lost character from a Chandler novel He s a wounded bear and it s his emotional flaws and rare sentimentality that buoy this story onto a higher plane Read this sometimes vulgar and mostly jaw dropping story of a veteran home from a life of war A Hollywood producer in the 1970s who would one day run Paramount Studios Robert Evans has been married seven times and is a completely bewildering character His biography lets loose on many fascinating moments in film history including the filming of The Godfather And What Happened and what happened Ali MacGraw left him for Steve McueenI read this book when I was in college having found it in the bargain bin in my local bookstore at the time I knew I wanted to work in Hollywood one day so I picked it p for about seven bucks My view of Hollywood and Hollywood producers specifically was never the same I re watched the film for the 10th time after I finished this Were there a lot of stories from the book left out You betcha And the hilarious Documentary Now spoof is what got me thinking about this film againI realize I need to create a new book genre called Reuired management texts other than the currently fashionable compendiums of feel good platitudes like Who Moved My Cheese or Lean In to name just twoThe fact that this is written in the author s own New YorkHollywood street patois is really what makes it almost the 20th Century version author s own New YorkHollywood street patois is really what makes it almost the 20th Century version of His life before taking over at Paramount would be hugely entertaining on its own However the story of how he took the studio from a backwater tax write off for Gulf Western to number one is the reason this needs to be a management textHe continually proved that following a tired old formula was never going to lead to anything great For instance I was laughing my head off when he described the reaction of just about everyone to the scenario for Harold and Maude It is pretty safe to say that movie would never have been made nder any other studio bossAnd of course the story of how Kissinger ended Breaking the Governesss Rules up at The Godfather premier is pretty priceless Henry I need you bad The Paris Peace Talks can waitUnbeknownst to him at the time this represented the high water mark of his tenure on The Mountain In the 80 s he was pretty much a self described leper while his mentees Michael Eisner and Barry Diller became industry titans on a scalenknown in the 70 s It didn t help that scandal was always one degree of separation away the so called Cotton Club MurderAll of that makes this a great page turner But believe it or not by Hollywood standards Evans is fairly humble and down to earth He actually dispenses sage advice on how to stay in the picture even when everyone in the world seems to be against you Is Evans arrogant Absolutely Would I want to work for him Not on your life Was this a great book You bet your ass it wasRobert Evans went from a vague business career to modest fame as an actor to become one of the great Hollywood power players of the 60 s and 70 s He headed Paramount or. Marts showmanship and bravado to take Paramount from the basement to the penthouse with such films as The Odd Couple Rosemary's Baby Love Story The Godfather and Chinatown He lived a swashbuckling life partying with lifetime friends like Jack Nicholson Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman consulting with power players like Henry Kissinger and suiring a host of dazzling women including his wives Ali McGraw Catherine Oxenberg and Phyllis George After a decade of triumph he lost everything in a spectacular flameout of cocaine and bad business decisions yet survived it all and lived to ,

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The Kid Stays in the PictureWorked closely with the studio during THE MAKING OF LOVE STORY ROSEMARY making of Love Story Rosemary Baby The Godfather Chinatown Popeye and a host of othersHe s got fantastic stories and a singular voice figuratively and literally He s very proud rightly so of his successes and doesn t mind talking himself The Christmas Children (The Mellow Years up However he s also pretty honest about his mistakes and failuresTimeline wise the book covers much of the same New Hollywood era as Peter Biskind s Easy Riders Raging Bulls While Biskind s book is better written and doesn t have the awful seduction poetry chapter Evans book is fun and personal since he was front and center for all of the actionI d highly recommend the book especially the audio version I could easily listen to another six hours of Evans stories Baby this was a fucking enjoyable read You think the cinematic version captured the essence of Robert Evans That movie got nothing on the audiobok version of The Kid Stays in the Picture read by Robert Evans himself Controversial figure You bet Fascinating story Oh God yesI remember wondering how I would burn one of those Audiblecom trial memberships that have been floating around So what does Kim do He adds Robert Evans s The Kid Stays in the Picture to his cart and signsp Pain in the ass to manage Audible s proprietary software so I could load it to my iPod Haha Well worth it Absolutely Did I cancel my Audiblecom membership right after You bet That s the magic of abusing free trial memberships I ve been a big fan of the documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture for many years so I was happy to finally get around to reading the source book If anything it is crazier than the movie Robert Evans has led a life that defies logic He should be dead incarcerated blacklisted or bankrupt many times over yet he keeps rising from the ashes to stay in the picture From radio actor to men s model to schmatta salesman to Hollywood producer it is Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion uite a ride and a fascinating tale Having seen the movie which he narrates it was easy to hear his voice as I read and it certainly gave an added dimension Next I ll have to try the audiobook edition that he also narrates I m not sure I would like or get along with Mr Evans if our paths crossed but his life story is one to remember and includes a lot of sage adviceSince this is anpdated version of the 1994 original the story of the book and film are included in the later added chapters I thought this was a great way to build on the story and let the interested reader know how Evans life was affected positively and negatively by his new notoriety Apparently there is a follow p book The Fat Lady Sang that I will also have to find I was only able to get through three fourths of this book it is an ego trip and I knew that going in but by the tenth time Evans judged another man s merit by going in but by the tenth time Evans
another man s merit by as a cocksman I was done I really wanted some detail about how films like the Godfather and China Town were made Evans is so self absorbed his only concerns are material possessions house clothes cars wom. Ell the taleAn extraordinary raconteur Evans spares no one least of all himself Filled with starring roles for everyone from Ava Gardner to Marlon Brando to Sharon Stone The Kid Stays in the Picture is sharp witty and self aggrandizing and self lacerating in eual measureThis new It Books edition the first in than a decade will feature a new foreword by the author And simultaneous with this edition will come a first ever ebook rollout including both a regular edition and an enhanced ebook with clips from Evans's celebrated Grammy nominated audiobook and the famous 2002 documentary.