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Ers provide that here I haven t read the first book in the series so I came in without knowing a blessed thing about this world And you know what I had no uestions well aside from wanting to see how Reb Bran hooked up because the author gave me such an incredible world I will be hunting for the first book and impatiently prowling as I wait for the third because oooooh what little teases the author wove in What ifsdeliciousThere was no cliff hanging ending thank you though the mystery wasn t much of one to me Nailed it when I met the character And the cover doesn t really do the story usticeClaws Bared is the kind of book that makes me shake my fist at no 12 stars yesI say this a lot but it s true because this is a 3 rating doesn t uite do this story ustice ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley Rebecca Desjardin was pushed out of her pride and placed in foster care at a young age Now that she is an adult she has made a life for herself as a PI It seems the pride now wants to pull her back in They ve called on her once again to help with a murder investigationReb has her first boyfriend Brandon Hanover He s unhappy with the fact that Felis Who Have Cast Her have cast her keep calling upon her now Brandon wants a commitment from Reb but she wants to solve this murder first She is unsure how she feels about having someone full time in her life since she s never had anyone to lean on beforeAs the truth behind the murder is uncovered Reb discovers that maybe the pride truly didn t want it revealed She hits road blocks at every turn Brandon shows up unexpectedly and the tension in their relationship accelerates because a handsome single pride member also has his eye on RebI enjoyed Claws Beared It was a fast paced *Action Adventure With A *adventure with a good mystery that kept me invested until the end I haven t read the first book in this series so I was unfamiliar with past characters and their interaction with Reb but for the most part I was able to pick up enough that it didn t effect this storyline This is a shifter series that I will definitely be following 4 StarsThis ARC copy of Claws Bared was given to me by Netgalley and Carina Press in exchange for an honest review Publish Date January 21 2013 Like the first a good reading enjoyable and with a good plotFunny Claws Bared was a really good read that kept me guessing till the end I loved the romance between Rebecca and Brandon especially after he meets up with her to lend a hand in her investigation The pacing was good and I really enjoyed the ending My only real problem with the book is mostly my fault since I haven t read the first book With Rebecca going on the case at the very beginning I didn t feel very attached to Brandon throughout the first part of the book and if I d read the first book I think I would have felt differently about him By the end it didn t matter too much because I grew to love him I d recommend reading the first book Blood of the Pride first to get the full effect Overall really good read Loved the mystery and figuring out who the murderer was the author did an excellent ob of keeping me wondering I d love to go back and read the first book because I feel like I ve missed out on another good story I d recommend it especially if you like a good mystery and enjoy a good shifter PNRReview Copy provided by the Publisher for my Honest Review I liked and didn t like this book The story line was interesting but little else was There wasn t enough information for me to connect to the characters or the situations they were put in to form an opinion on them I also wasn t a fan of the writing styleThis series has tons of potential though and I will keep an eye on Alf truths Does the Pride want her to find ustice or help them hide a killer Frustrated and unable to shake the sexy local shifter who says he's on her side Rebecca can't seem to scratch out the truth at least not on her own But when Brandon shows up is he there to help or to mark his territory68000 words. ,
Claws Bared

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R s death to be cleverly unexpected and the challenges of investigating despite barricades of Pride secrecy believable but I could ve done with a bit less male posturing and possessiveness I especially would ve ve done with a bit less male posturing and possessiveness I especially would ve the heroine not to have been briefly but repeatedly tempted by the seductive advances of a local shifter even if his dismissiveness re humans bothered her Was a triangle really necessary given that it s danger and determined courage which finally cement her relationship with Brandon by the endEDIT I d forgotten to put my evaluation of the proofreading Unfortunately this one had than a handful of iffy or wrong bits though generally minor There s an untagged dialog exchange where I think she messed up the uotation marks because I can t figure out to whom one line belongs There s a hyper correction error myself is NOT ust a fancy way to say I One sentence has inconsistent single vs plural girlfriend or mates and another inconsistently transliterates an accent TH to d an dat ridiculous one right after the other Speaking of accents Ms Nantus the right way to say Desjardin from des Thief (Sevy, jardins is day ZHar dan softer unvoiced shar would be spelled wch as in chardonnay or cherie if you re going to make a point of it do it well There are a couple things I marked to chat to with fellows but I ll stop with the odd choice to have a minor character named Mike in the same sentence as talk of the dead man also named Mike at the first occurrence I thought it was the wrong name written File Size 415 KBPrint Length 186 pagesPublisher Carina Press January 21 2013Book two of Blood of the PrideThe debut novel Blood of the Pride was published last year I recommend that you do read it before tackling this book The back story it will give you will make things so much clearer for you I had read and reviewed it and thought that it was a good start to a new series Now that I have read the next book in the series I know it was a good debut and it is a good series This second book is nearly as strong as the debut novel Oh don t get me wrong it has a few things that make it not uite perfect but I think this series is on the right track In this second novel cat shifter and not a lion or tiger mind you Rebecca Desjardin a shifter who is unable to shift at will read the first novel for a clearer explanation and is also a PI in Toronto Canada has been asked to come to America to investigate a murder The thinking is that this murder has been committed by one of the communities many shifters and may have been a lovers uarrelBran Rebecca s new human lover whom we met in the first novel is a bit concerned when Rebecca needs to head off and is uite unhappy They hadust entered this new relationship and Bran is ust starting to *come to terms with the fact that Rebecca is a shifter Now *to terms with the fact that Rebecca is a shifter Now wants to as the synopsis says mark his territory The story is good with an interesting mystery and a red herring that may really throw you off of the correct track It is medium paced and at less than 200 pages it is a fairly fast read The characters for the most part are very well written What I do see as a problem is that Bran and Rebecca have some shall we say uirks that are nearly enough to almost #MAKE ME GIVE UP ON THIS #me give up on this Bran is almost always winking waggling his finger in someone s face or giving huge grins He is very nearly written as a clown would be Rebecca on the other hand can come off as a itch instead of the tough as nails PI that the author wants us to think of when reading this book They both can sometimes be super childish I wish a did a decent ob of describing a story But I don t Synopsis synopses are not my strong point Thank gawd publish. Ip leaves her boyfriend reporter Brandon Hanover unhappy He's only ust come to terms with the fact that she's a Felis and their relationship is still so new Rebecca is determined to deal with the murder first then deal with their futureAs her investigation unfolds she's met with grudging cooperation and Another great whodunit framed by secret shifter society worldbuilding
two lovers struggling 
lovers struggling make sense of it allWhodunit fans will be left slapping their foreheads like a V 8 TV commercial from bygone days when the murderer and the murder weapon come to light But that s not why I enjoyed this bookLike the first book this was another study into the lives of a woman and her man dealing with what life has thrown at them Reb is Felis but given she s only shifted once in her adult life and then under duress begs the uestion is she really That comes to the fore early on as she has to deal with a Pride from another city another state another country another culture As she struggles her way through the thorny uestions Bran must come to terms with what he is to her What they are to one another as a couple and what they re not and likely never will be Though neither of them will ever stand accused of being shrinking violets that s for sureFinally romance fans will surely swoon at Bran becoming so delightfully alpha toward the end of the book While his doing so navigates treacherous waters between what it means to be human and what it means *to be Felis he goes boldly forward believing doing necessary for him and Reb both Though each of them seem *be Felis he goes boldly forward believing doing necessary for him and Reb both Though each of them seem pleased with the uhmoutcome This review was written by Amber Hansford reviewer with the Fantasy Book AddictHad I known when I picked up this book from NetGalley that this was Book 2 in a series I probably would have passed it by I ve been burned with being thrown straight into a world that was explained in the first book that aren t identified in the second So I was pleasantly surprised by Claws Bared by Sheryl Nantus Book 2 in her Blood of the Pride series in that it didn t really confuse me I m sure there are many moments that would have been better for me to read with the first book but if you re looking for a solid shifter story I don t think you ll be disappointedRebecca Desjardin a PI and cat shifter doesn t normally find herself in strip clubs But a popular male dancer has been murdered in Pennsylvania and it looks like the work of a shifter from the local Pride Rebecca has a duty to help protect her kind and she needs to find ustice for the deadHer impromptu trip leaves her boyfriend reporter Brandon Hanover unhappy He s only ust come to terms with the fact that she s a Felis and their relationship is still so new Rebecca is determined to deal with the murder first then deal with their futureYou can read the full review here I was excited when I saw this one pop up on Netgalley Having read the first one in this series I was ready to ump back in with the world of Felis This book picks up a short time after the first one Reb and Brandon are trying to make a humanshifter relationship work even though Reb isn t sure to what end Of course life wouldn t be complete if this dysfunctional cat shifter didn t have some crazy case This time she is enlisted to travel to the US and hunt down a Felis who has murdered a humanAs always nothing is as it seems in this world of secrets and coverups and Reb is tested both physically and mentally by the new family she is trying to helpI found this second book to be How to Hide Things in Public Places just as good as the first Its always interesting to read about shifters that are not wolves Nantus has built an interesting world with its own set of rules and an even interesting cast of characters This was a fun read with an interesting mystery I was glad to ad it to my read pile A good mystery I didn t guess but wmessy relationship stuff Should be rounded up to 4 on though down to 3 on Goodreads I did like itust with reservations I found the solution to the male strippe. Rebecca Desjardin a PI and cat shifter doesn't normally find herself in strip clubs But a popular male dancer has been murdered in Pennsylvania and it looks like the work of a shifter from the local Pride Rebecca has a duty to help protect her kind and she needs to find The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs justice for the deadHer impromptu tr.