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ShanghaiA young Englishman arrives in China as a customs official in 1903 the books follows his official in 1903 The books follows his as he Witnesses Several Major Events As several major events as occur in China He ultimately ends up spending his entire life in this land that he adopts as his ownI have seen this book compared to Tai Pan this land that he adopts as his ownI have seen this book compared to Tai Pan Shogun by James Clavell but there is no comparison don t expect similarities The Clavell books are high adventure with superb character development while this book is less exciting and for its length lacking a bit in character development All that said I rather enjoyed the bo EPIC The blurb on the book said In the tradition of Shogun Well like Shogun this is a huge historical novel set in Asia but in China not JapanThe hero John Denton is much different from Blackthorn he is assive not an adventurer as much as an observer He does not do much things happen to him I find him a bit too Class Struggles passive not a strong lead character Also the first 300ages or so are from his viewpoint Later when scens are shown from the viewpoints of other characters I beleive it improves the storyBut the acutually star of this book is China This books covers the time from 1903 until just after the Second Wrold War A Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) pivotal time in China s history the Manchu dynasty was overthrown Dr Sun Yatsen was elected President attemts to begin mordernization then the growing Japanses influence in the late 1930 s then the War then the rise of Communism The story is very well toldIt isacked with interesting characters both major and mior The historical details are accurate as far as I can tell The atmosphere and sense of lace is especially good Bascially it is a really good compelling read It is uite long but for me it never draggedIf you like historical fictio. An epic New York Times bestseller chronicling the rise of a Taipan John Denton lands in famed Shanghai in 1903 a young customs officer newly assigned A griffin green and inexperienced he struggles to adapt to the roiling city Tailors live and sleep on the floor of their employers' N this book is for YOUTechni9cal NOte the Book title is Shanghai it is listed as Shanghai Angels in Harmony p beleive the P meansaperback but I did title is Shanghai it is listed as Shanghai Sketchy Behavior p beleive the P meansaperback but I did know how to re list it I found the story interesting in regard to the description of the city itself and the lives of the various Autumn Brides people who inhabited it It was an interesting time in history and I had no idea what life in Shanghai was like then I loved the character of Su Mei Denton was not a sympathetic character in my opinion He was emotionally detached fromeople even his own children he did not have close friends and seemed to be just going through the motions most of the time The Princess and the Three Knights pulled along by the tide of events In 2020 I was drawn to re read this book for some reason I enjoyed it a little than the first time but still rate it 3 stars Great details and descriptions really made you feel like you were there ultimately it didn t grab my attention story wise despite the mystery enough to want to go beyond thereview About halfway through this one what a The Beauty of Believing pleasure to read so far Can t wait to see what happens in it next for me that is a sure sign of a well written bookI really enjoyed this Every time it felt like the story was just gonna roll around using tried and truelot lines something totally unexpected would get thrown in and that really kept my curiosity iued to the end of the book A fantastic epic of Shanghai in the 20th century like A Chinese Euivalent Of Chinese euivalent of Zhivago I will definitely go on to read volumes 2 and 3 in the China Coast Trilogy Just finished this very large book I enjoyed it almost as much as I did Shogun by James Clavell Same sort of comparison of European culture with Asian culture in this case China in early 1900 s The book did a great. Hops and onlookers dip money in the blood of freshly beheaded irates to make the bills lucky The life teeming in the city's narrow streets and grand boulevards is beyond exotic Shanghai's fascinations are of another world Denton the expatriate thrives in China and remains acuiring.

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Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) publishers ceratinly don tublish themA saga that sweeps from 1900 to 1945 with a cast of characters that are British and Chinese As a story it enegages you with a lower middle class man who sympathtic but not weak and tough but not a bully rare and is admirable in the stands he takes but yet they are understandable and in Christianity period unlike so many books that take today s moral judgements Hisath from rags to riches and the hurdles he overcomes wins you over until you root for him at the horrid endwith some happinessso it is like lifeThis is a book of real eople many flawed and although I thought at first it was too lomg New keeps the lot going and I was sad to end it and read it night by nightAs history is also teaches you much about the Alice-Miranda at Camp period without lecturingJust a super work of art and very readable Have you ever read a book that when you are done you just can t seem to let it go and move on to something else This book was like that So rich in history and culture But what surprised me was that even though he was a man I so identified with the main character The author so exuisitelyainted the The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) passages through life that where ever you find yourself you can identify with John Denton at that stage I feel as though I knew himersonally and felt a loss at his assing I wonder about the grandson he was raising about his surviving children And I want to know about China Truely great book. Wealth and ower children a mistress Shanghai claims him body and soul This epic novel spans the most volatile decades of China's existence and reveals to us its amazingly cosmopolitan heart Shanghai was an international bestseller and is available again for the first time in a deca.