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"Conflicts Arising Out Of Various "
arising out of various and social issues that Nepali or for that matter any community faces The narrative is simple and becomes a little lazy in a few stories "The Themes Are Varied Political And Social "themes are varied Political and social of displacement identity ineuality and governance are interwoven with a human touch in each story Prior to writing his stories Prajwal travelled around the world meeting Nepali and Nepali speaking people everywhere This exercise resulted in an in depth human understanding of the core issues and hence bloomed into a wonderful read Pick it up This will surely be a good book to have in your libraryMy pick has to be Let Sleeping Dog s Lie from the lot I read seven out of the eight stories in a week and I was so intrigued by the book I didn t want to finish it It s that kind of a book you wished you ve wrote it So it took me a month to finish it Prajwal is a masterful writer with a unsophisticated approach Each details in his stories are insightful and they are even empathetic Though I ve complains with the clumsy endings in his stories overall the book is a delight Nepali readers will adore this book because of the rich characters with uirky Nepali traits Nuff said buy the book and read itPS This song is dedicated to all of them who are going GAGA over GURKHA and GORKHADHARAM GURUNG at his besthttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvmn42NX This is an anthology of Nepali stories set mainly in Nepal and India but also one set in Manhattan I enjoyed all 8 stories but particularly the last 2 Overall a really good mix of happy sad sweet dark and wistfulThe Cleft Parvati a widow is collected by her overbearing sister in law to attend the funeral of her mother in law in Birtamod Parvati insists on taking Kaali her young Indian maid on the ourney filling the maid s head with ideas of taking the opportunity to run away to become a famous actressLet Sleeping Dogs Lie In Kalimpong Munnu is a paanwalla who tries to find a delicate way to deal with a high caste habitual shoplifter In the meantime he also needs to find a way to keep his wife occupied during the day in case she carries through with her threat of taking a ob in Dr Pradhan s paediatric clinicA Father s "Journey In Gangtok Prabin dotes on his daughter Supriya but worries that her generation doesn "In Gangtok Prabin dotes on his daughter Supriya but worries that her generation doesn understand or observe the rules of caste Prabin is both surprised and delighted when Supriya eventually decides to marry her Brahmin boyfriend Sahil but then learns that Sahil has a dark sideMissed Blessing In Darjeeling Rajiv bends over backwards to prepare the flat for the arrival of relatives expected to stay during the Dashain celebrations all the while narrowly avoiding being converted by the American missionaries No Land is her Land Having been forced off the family land in Bhutan Anamika has lived in a refugee camp at Khudunabari for 13 years and considers it to be her home But one day the rumours of opportunity to be resettled in the US appear to be coming true with Anamika and her family invited to an interview with an American case worker Will Anamika s estranged husband spoil her chances of selectionThe Ghurka s Daughter In Kathmandu a young girl collects secrets The one she can t tell her best friend Gita is that the two of them have become mitini to each other a kind of kinship bonding the two families in order to shift the bad luck appearing in her astrological chart to GitaPassing Fancy Back in Gangtok again with all 3 of her children now settled in the US a mother retires from her government ob and finds herself developing a sweet friendship with her neighbour when they meet on their early morning walks Mr Bhattarai is an artist and when he shows the mother a portrait that he has painted of her it is as if he has shown her a mirror and she is confronted by what she seesThe Immigrants A chance meeting in Manhattan brings Sabitri into Amit s life Amit has done very well for himself in the US while on a working visa he even has a white maid for his tiny apartment but he misses the food from his home in Darjeeling Sabitri has become a US citizen but can t find a decent Neimhaim (Neimhaim, job because of her poor English Sabitri agrees to cook for Amit if he will help her to improve her English Is Sabitri Amit s servant or is thisust one Nepali helping out another Nepali. Hose culture and language is Nepalese but who are dispersed to India Bhutan and beyond From every perspective and on every page Prajwal Parajuly blends rich colour and vernacular to paint an eye opening picture of a uniue world and its peopl. ,

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The Gurkhas DaughterAhhhh The last story ust had me "I mean It was so beautifully written My rating for the book 8410The extra6 for the last "mean It was so beautifully written My rating for the book 8410The extra6 for the last to be honest Overall it "s a beautiful book really yes that s "a beautiful book really Yes that s one word I m repeating and that s the one can use for these anecdotes as well as the simple emotion they create in you For someone who s lived in the North East I can only imagine how close to home the reader must ve felt while reading the book It s really a short one and the writing style is almost melodious with the words being sung by the winds of the hills with the rhythm of these simple human characters This book was uite hyped about in Nepal so I picked it on my recent trip This is a collection of short stories of Nepali diaspora living in Nepal Kalimpong Darjeeling Gangtok Bhutan and USA This might be an interesting book for someone who wants to know about the Nepali culture Stories that can happen to any Nepali The sad stories of displaced Nepali Bhutanese An immigrant student s dilemma living and working in NYC The caste system that we still have in our society The author has done a good ob of portraying the social stigma embedded in Nepali culture through these eight short stories The writing is pretty brilliant albeit it s the author s first book I give it a 35 not ev This is a truly fascinating collection of short stories told by Prajwal Parajuly I love short stories I love how with short stories you always have time to read the whole story rather than having to put a book down to cook the dinner or sleep and so it can sometimes be hard to find your place again and get back into it when returning to a long story However with short stories you can happily read a complete story go to make the dinner and then return to read the next one It s also good for readers who may feel a bit put off or intimidated by the thought of over 300 pages to a book so short stories are great because they come in easier manageable lengthsI really enjoyed these stories Prajwal s writing is so realistic that whilst reading I could picture every scene clearly in my mind it almost felt as if I were there watching everything unfold in front of meThe characters are brilliantly written Even though these are short stories Prajwal managed to develop the characters well enough in such a short space of time that I really felt as though I knew them Their personalities and importantly their emotions shone out of the pages I felt I got a real insight into them and everything happening around them it was compelling to read unlike anything I ve ever read before These short stories provided a fascinating look into a world I admit I know little about and this made me want to read One thing I did like about the short stories was that at the start of each story a map is provided showing the location that the particular story is set in I found this really interesting and it added something extra to the storiesThe Gurkha s Daughter stories is the best set of short stories I have read in a long while A really lovely collection of short stories about Nepalese people set in and around Northern India and Nepal Prajwal Parajuly has the capacity to create characters of great resilience and verve and he frames vivid little worlds in each taleAmong my favourites were No Land is Her Land about a displaced and disjointed family attempting to create a picture perfect family for their US visas the title story The Gurkha s Daughter about two young friends who play act the conversations and attitudes of their fathers and The Immigrants the very moving story of a successful young Nepalese man living in New York who arranges for a young Nepalese woman of a
"Lower Social Status To Come "
social status to come cook for him in exchange for English lessons not realising that she has something to teach him The Gurkha s Daughter can be dubbed as a collection of modern day anecdotes adeptly woven together Anecdotes because the plot of all the eight stories cautiously depict the feelings of people from different walks of life and region They seem realistic in approach rather than a work of imagination The maps specified at the begin of each story gives the readers a clear cut idea about its location in the Nepal India region The stories may however look bland at the first reading something lacking in terms of hue and richness. A disfigured servant girl plans to flee Nepal; a Kalimpong shopkeeper faces an impossible dilemma; a Hindu religious festival in Darjeeling brings with it a sacrifice; a Nepali Bhutanese refugee pins her hopes on the West; a Gurkha's daughte. ,
Of poetic flavor They may seem plot less and devoid of proper punch in terms of their closure But if one sits to contemplate the stories the symbolism and thematic value increasingly seeps in filling the readers with a certain kind of gratification The debut author Prajwal Parajauly has unleashed the psychological turmoil despair disillusionment dreams hope and the theme of Diaspora and uest for identity in a very susceptible and poignant "Manner The Cleft Is About The Distance Between Relationships And "The Cleft is about the distance between relationships and one always sees the grass greener on the other side of the fence It is not only a Carrying the Greeks Heir journey in the literal sense from Kathmandu to Birtamod but aourney into self realization It is about bridging the gap between relationships that have gone sour A Father s Journey chronicles a beautiful relation between the father and daughter the changes that they go through the growing distance the comfort they find in each other s presence and their repartee that fills the heart with warmth and love Passing fancy wonderfully depicts the grievances of the and love Passing fancy wonderfully depicts the grievances of the aged couple deserted by their children in pursuit of higher education At the same time it also talks about the dilemmas of parents who feel protective in wanting them safely wrapped under their wings the doubt and insecurity of being stacked away in old age home Passing fancy is again about the drift in relationships and a sense of belonging Be it the double marginalization of a woman in No Land is Her Land or the hope and desire to get a foothold in a foreign land in The Immigrants this young author has beautifully captured the emotional tides in all aspect The Gurkha s Daughter does have its fair share of loopholes and not every story is as appealing The title story or the one with the Kleptomaniac could have been better in its treatment A story about a Nepali proud of his her ancestry could be something different than the rest After being heralded as the next big thing in South Asia the level of expectations has soared high and this could be detrimental if the book does not meet the same But as the uercus publisher Jon Riley puts The color and intensity of Parajuly s language and the world he peoples his work with make him an astonishingly accomplished young writer The Gurkha s Daughter is certainly not to be missed Let its vividness illuminate the readers Nostalgia of places we have lived hatedgrown into and then left A good book for a writer s first I would rate this 35 stars I m not a big fan of short stories but this was a pleasant collection of stories of Nepalese background What was interesting is the varied tones of the stories depicting Nepali people as a diverse people in their beliefs their social status their dreams and aspirations I was particularly struck by A Father s Journey which broached the subject of caste and the choice of freedom from expectations The Gurkha s Daughter explores the theme of friendship and loyalty The Immigrants is a tale of how two Nepali people of v different status come together by chance in Manhattan and the unlikely bond that forms between them Prajwal Parajuly made it to news when uercus signed him on for a two book deal The hype around him was overwhelming and why not he was after all a student of the Oxford Creative writing course Naturally there was immense pressure when he started working on his first book The Gurkha s Daughter a collection of short stories But the build up wasn t in vain and once you have read the first story the verdict is clear Prajwal is here to stay and will definitely be read The Gurkha s Daughter comprises eight stories chronicling the life and issues of Nepali speaking people around the world Prajwal s geographical canvas is spread across Nepal Sikkim Darjeeling Bhutan and USA One of the key challenges for Indian writers living or studying abroad is to write about their roots and narrate their story in all honesty without trying to romanticize the text In the past decade many South Asian writers have successfully shown this ability and one of the finest storytelling has come from Jhumpa Lahiri Prajwal himself considers Jhumpa as a fine story teller especially of the shorter format The Gurkha s Daughter is a deserving heir apparent to the Jhumpa s Interpreter of Maladies Each story is earthy and revolves around human emoti. R tries to comprehend her father's complaints; two young Nepali speaking immigrants meet in Manhattan These are Amish Sweethearts just some of the stories describing and dramatizing the experiences of the Nepalese people and the Nepalese diaspora the people