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Umbed to the lure of sex drugs and Satan and we d become addicted to writing a diary and getting and into that diary as we did and drugs Just Boating for Beginners for the sake of not having to jot down every stupid thing in a notebook the safest thing back then was just to say no and maybe just waste your time listening to Faster Pussycat while playing say Galaga on Nintendo Or maybe that was just me How did I come around to that Right YA novels didn t really exist back in the days when I was a teen Back then I probably would have thought this was pretty cool but don t take my teenage self s opinion about anything to matter makes you scared to go to school kinda wanna know how other people got throught that crapand how did it all startwould really read a seuelpreuel if there ever came one Reviewirst appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7 I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange Chinese Whispers for an honest review Sick by Tom Leveen is an unconventional zombie read that is getting some backlash on Goodreadsor a Wheres Mummy Mouse? few of the characters comments and behaviors I m going to state thisrom the get go just so my opinion is clear I do not think Leveen s intent was to be unknowingly racist or Get Over Your Damn Self for his writing to be portrayed as one of a bigot His book s heroes are inact anti heroes which aren t your conventional heroes that shine like the sun and crap rainbows They are imperfect characters teenagers which is even important to note that grow throughout the novel They are offered the ultimate redemption as the apocalypse strips and of life s normality rom them Also they re kids in an affluent community with a sudden influx of lower class students Come on And I will mention this as well Protagonists aren t always made or a reader to love them this notion is both incorrect and highly na veNot every hero is perfect so to expect as such in a character is ridiculous Authors don t write a hero Mr. Funny for your benefit butor the benefit of the story If the story begs Heres to the Ladies for a character to be redeemed then it will happen but the character will not be a white toothed perfect citizen to begin with And if people looked beyond the so called racism that allowedor this Saying Yes to the Millionaire fun book to be rated lower all due respect to people and their opinions they would see that these horrendous characters were either redeemed or were given a heavy dose of humanity when the time calledor it Also may I mention that there are instances where these bigoted characters showcased their change in attitude These changes are visible in the small moments of interactions between these kids As The Majors Guarded Heart / The Highlanders Dangerous Temptation / Paying the Vikings Price for the whole The Breakfast Club relation it is like theilm because it showcases kids rom different social statuses coming together as one to solve one common problem how to escape It doesn t have to be exactly like the
Iconic 1980s Film For 
1980s ilm or to share several aspectsIt s so easy to classify a book one way or another from the irst glimpse Roped in from theirst racial or sexual orientation related slur but if given the irst glimpse rom the Secrets of the Tycoons Bride (The Garrisons, first racial or sexual orientation related slur but if given chance books like Sick can offer so much insight into humanity especially when it is at an imminent end The pacing in this book is uick the action addicting and theriendships are touching The kids are realistic because they are imperfect There is a glimpse at the possibility of romance and there is a heck of a lot of redemption Leveen is actually pretty genius Samanthas Gift for including so many different kinds of kids who by the wayace exactly what normal teenagers Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous face in high schoolAtirst I was going to talk about how Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, fun the story was and how I love uniue zombie novels but then I saw the rating on popular pages like Goodreads and the reviews this book was receiving andelt myself getting angry I agree that everyone has their own opinion and I DO respect those opinions but this reminds me so much of what happened to September Girls by Bennett Madison that I decided to comment directly on the negative comments circulating about this novelI m not telling you to go out and buy this book and read it all I m asking is that you give it a glimpse yourself before basing your entire choice on whether you want to read this book or not by reading the reviews on pages like Goodreads Sometimes the author s intention or a novel is lost in the background noise of society s obsession with calling everything or everyone a racist or a bigot It s like what happened to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Such a classic story had the N word in the text as a way of showcasing the racism of the time yet instead of looking beyond that people naturally assumed the worst and censored it It s scary to think that we live in a society where literature is either getting censored or something that adds to the story or getting put aside because of a character s characteristics that actually give the character a reason to better himherself later on in the story Might as well ban almost every book since they all touch on the topic of race sexuality and abuse in one way or anotherBut I digress I enjoyed Sick A Colton Target for what it was and while a couple of the characters actions and words were a bit shocking it didn t give me a reason to throw the book away with anger and misplaced self entitlement If you like young adult zombie storiesull of imperfect characters who DO change as the story progresses then check this one out. With a panic attack problem Laura Brian and Chad along with some of the theater kids Brian had never given the time of day before decide to ind the girls and bring them to the safety of the theater But it won’t be easy and it will test everything they thought they knew about themselves and their classmates. ,
Then gets eaten by zombiesI know I know That wouldn t really be air of me Guess what Life s not Prodigal Prince Charming fairMwahahahahaAnyway the rest of the book was a nail biteror me Nobody was off limits when it came to getting eaten and there were uite a Task Force Bride few characters that I just knew were going to make it out that didn t There was one in particular that I was really sad to see goTo me this was a good ya zombie novel No it s not high literature but I think it would be a good bookor teenagers Or maybe even an adult looking A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, for Zombie LiteAt any rate to all the kids like mine who managed to outrun the zombiesYou guys are tougher cooler and beautiful than anyone else in the world You rockAnd to all the kids who are still runningThere s a lot of people smarter than me looking really hardor a cure Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, for zombieism But in the meantime you just gotta hang in thereFuck zombies They suckThis review can also be seen at Addicted2Heroines Am I supposed to say thank you to netgalley and let people know that I got the bookor Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue free to read I know everyone does this In the interest ofull disclosure I guess I should mention it too I guess I should also mention that almost every book I ve read recently has been a Mistress free book I ve gotten directly or indirectlyrom a publisher and that I kind of only want to read ARC s any because I m too lazy to spend the minute it takes to sign in a non ARC into work So disclosure said I should also say that I m not promising an honest review I sometimes lie in reviews So I asked Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) for this book because it was compared to a cross between The Breakfast Club and Walking Dead I d had good results with the Breaking Bad meets Walking Dead so whose to say that I wouldn t have good luck again I enjoyed the methed out zombie book much Yeah there is a Breakfast Club thing going on here but it s not as angsty or cooleeling as the mid 80 s movie that I could possibly uote over 90% of and which I saw probably over a hundred times as a middle school student Instead it s Breakfast Club like because you get a whole little cross section of a high school population thrown together having to deal with shit they would rather not be dealing with You ve got theater geeks a gooney sXe kid a cheerleader a basket case a sopho version of Avril Lavigne and some other types all mixed up with genders race and sexual orientation It s like a photograph A Ranchers Redemption from the cover a college recruiting brochure But with zombies or zombie like creatures Did I like the bookNot so much It s possible that part of the problem with the book was that there was aormatting glitch in the epub version I read Every page numbered page not reading page had at least one sentence in the wrong place Like an experimental iction non seuitur thrown in to break up the reading experience Since the physicality of ebooks is already somewhat alienating to me this just made getting at all immersed in the story almost impossible It was like some third rate Brechtian shit going on always letting me know you It was like some third rate Brechtian shit going on always letting me know you reading a book you are reading a book on a device reading a book reading a book Ignoring the unsatisfactory basic reading experience I still had some problems with teh book Two main onesOne Maybe it was because I d just read a book that did an amazing job at voice that I was attuned to this problem but none of the characters sounded very believable when they spoke They didn t sound like teenagers they kind of sounded like what I imagine my dad might have made teenagers to sound like if I could have gotten him to write some teen dialogue back when I was a teenager and convinced him to at least drop the embarrassing words like phat which he d heard the kids said but which neither my sister nor I ever used I thinkTwo I get that in this zombie saturated cash cow culture you ve gotta give the walking dead a new twist and this was a airly ingenious little twist to the zombie condition but it was almost like too much of a twist Early on in the novel a zombie literally punches a whole in a kids A Mother in the Making face They can also move uiteast and they are animal like in being able to sense a potential meal lurking around With all of these strengths it s sort of unbelievable that there are any survivors at all The creatures are made too lethal too bad ass or whatever you want to call it I m Her Kind Of Cowboy fairly certain that if you can punch a hole in someonesace you can also punch through a door especially if things like shattered bones and pain aren t concerns because all you want to through a door especially if things like shattered bones and pain aren t concerns because all you want to is eat some living people the to is eat some living people The also aren t that great at His Pregnant Christmas Princess finding victims once the initial carnage is over The book did have a nice George RR Martin element to it though and once the action started there did have theeeling that no character was safe Through the Language Glass from possibly becoming the next victim to the creatures roaming around the high school campus turning students into piles of gore Will kids like this book I have no idea I guess it depends on their age I can see younger teens with a tasteor horror enjoying it older teens might smell bullshit in the way the characters talk and act This probably would have been ine back when I was a teen and YA literature didn t really exist except as warning novels like Go Ask Alice to make sure we just said no or else our lives would become unbearably boring shit if we succ. E the only ones with a chance of survivingThe virus turns Brian’s classmates and teachers into bloodthirsty attackers who don’t die easily The whole school goes on lockdown but Brian and his best riend Chad are safe and stuck in the theater department Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, farrom Brian’s sister Kenzie and his ex girlfriend. ,
A pretty SICK zombie book A jaw hangs loose You Are Not A Gadget from its skull aist sized hole in a throat gapes wide Sanctuary facial skin slides awayrom the bone and kids go and be like cannibalistic lawn mowers while corpses of students litter the sidewalk This is how graphic it gets and it was uite entertaining especially with the easy to read Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, funny at many places writing amplified by the pages of the book blotted out with blood like splatters at their edges It s uite creative and it certainly achieved its very purpose that is to crumple the reader sace in this case mine worse than a dried plum the whole time I was reading glad my husband wasn t around while I was reading it it d be a major turnoff Friendfluence for him lol Best read this while having a gooey blueberry pie yumIt has aast paced plot although predictable and One Part Woman faretched at times read it in one sitting a likeable hero narrator diverse characters with emphasis on human relationship and amusing references to the classic novel The Lord of the Flies which had me Stranger feeling all smug and earning me a well deservedist pump since I have just recently read the said classic novel I was like Ha I know that conch shell reference I was just really bummed out by the death of a Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis favorite character and a bit bothered by the boys obsession on wanting to use their male parts as weapons of destruction Gross Anyway it s kind of a blend between World War Z and Lord of the Flies so yeah it s pretty cool My awesomeriend Ate Shelbs read the novel too and liked it enough Do check out her short but convincing review I m going to warn you right off the bat that this review is probably biased and emotionally skewed And it s all because of my youngest daughter Why would a book about teenagers running around during the Zombie Apocalypse have anything to do with my 5 year oldI ll get to itSo this kid Brian is sort of a slacker but not in a bad way Just you know in the regular loveable slacker kind of way He s recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend mainly because she s got some issues that he s uite rankly tired of dealing withHer phobias large crowds being one bring on panic attacks and the medication to stop them leaves her no pun intended a sort of sexual zombie Ok That sounds like a sucky reason or a guy to break up with the girl he loves but I can totally see a teenage boy doing that He s not a dick though and the two remain The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, friends Even if it is a bit awkwardor himAfter all he still loves her but he syou knowan idiotThe story begins with him To See Paris and Die feeling kind of proud of heror Out of China facing herear of crowds and going to a school pep rally with his sister He also Mary Tudor feels a bit guilty because instead of going and supporting her he and his buddies are sneaking off campus to go hang out at one of their houses Cause they wanna doslacker stuffEnter the zombiesAfter a confusing encounter with ariend and a weird news report they realize something is potentially very wrong with some of the people in their area It appears there is some kind of contagion spreading through the community Spreading um airly uickly Naturally they head back to school where it s safe The original goal is to try to check up on Brian S Little Sister And Their little sister and their riendsAnd then everything goes to shitThey end up trapped in the theater building with a bunch of kids that they normally wouldn t have much of anything to do with Which ta da is where you get the Breakfast Club reference rom the blurbAt this point you ve got all your stereotypes lined up and ready you ve got all your stereotypes lined up and ready learn an all important lesson Underneath everything we re all exactly alikeDon t expect to be blown away by this new and different idea and you ll probably enjoy the book a lot Ok Now what Brian should do is hunker down in this airly protected area and wait or the cavalryButHis little sister is out there somewhere hopefully with his ex girlfriend that he still loves and he s not going to let them get chomped on by these new sparkly zombies SparklyYes s not going to let them get chomped on by these new sparkly zombies SparklyYes sparkle because the UZA United Zombie Association was getting a little pissed that the vampires were the only ones being portrayed as glittering in the sun They also sparkle because this virus has gout like ualities that cause the skin to crystallize This makes me really nervous because my husband has gout in his big toe And now I m worried that he s going to turn into an undead diamond and rip my throat out in my sleep Seriously Last night he started snoring and instead of whacking him with a pillow like I normally do I just curled up into the etal position and prayed that he wasn t growlingSo Brian starts making plans to rescue the girls Now I know what you re thinking Is a teenage boy really going to take on a zombie horde Christmas Catastrophe for his annoying little sisterEvidently yes And here s where I got the emotional sucker punchrom this book See Brian s sister was a childhood cancer survivor and because of what she and their Collected Poems family had been through they were especially close Not only that but his sister had the sameorm of leukemia that my daughter hassorry had See my little girl just inished her last chemotherapy treatment yesterday Ah Now you see where the zombies and the 5 year old are starting to make sense huhOk So my irst thought after reading thatI will totally 1 star this book if his sister survived cancer and. Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead as a group of unlikely allies tries to survive a deadly outbreakBrian and his A Song for Issy Bradley friends are not part of the cool crowd They’re the misfits and the troublemakers the ones who jump their high school’sence to skip class regularly So when a deadly virus breaks out they’r.

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