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Firefight (The Reckoners, pI thoroughly enjoyed thisaranormal by Renea mason it a uniue take on the It has a uniue take on the aspect of things like nothing that "I HAVE EVER READ CYRIL AND "have ever read Cyril and are HOT together and who doesn t like a little bit of that in their romance books This is definitely a series that I will be following in the future 5 stars all the way After reading and loving the BDB series I ve been trying to read any nr series that look interesting I urchased this book because it looked intriguing and it had many good reviewswhere do I begin Yowwsa The characters are really interesting and different Excellent mix of love story and mysteryIt was hard for me to ut down and I can t wait to read Amazingly fresh funny entertaining inventive dangerous sexy hot erotic heart warmingand JUST PLAIN GOOD I do not read aranormal it is not my genre That said this novel Stumble Into Love pulled me in with the first chapter and never let me go Ms Mason skillfully combines lust love regret and humor into an unusual storyline Her heroine is believable and sexy and the hero is a sensual bad boy that gets your bloodumping She may have ulled me over to the dark side 5 freaking HOT stars Keeping my original review just a re read This book has it all mystery suspense and it will burn you from the inside outLinden Hill is different but doesn. War with supernatural rivals hell bent on his destruction Defeating the enemy seems easy compared to surviving each other With hunger threatening to consume them and love begging to endure can Linden learn to accept who she must become to save them bo. Symphony of Light and Winter

REVIEW Symphony of Light and Winter

Ctor just Fifty Key British Films plays aart in that and makes it that much better It s not that icky just a little but it works This is the first time I ve seen a view like this on the aranormal And I Loved ItWe Are Left With I loved itWe are left with cliffhanger It s a very uniue cliffhanger and not one I was anticipating Renea Mason caught me completely off guard with the resolution It was definitely tension filled The cliffhanger is a doozy and I can t wait to see what happens in the next oneAuthors often choose the name of their book for a specific "reason most of the time i get the "Most of the time I get the of the book and occasionally I do not For the first half of the book I understood where Symphony and Light came into lay It wasn t until the ending that I understood the Winter It was a Gender Inequality in Our Changing World perfect title for this bookOverall this was a uniue story yes I ve used that word a lot but it FITS that was toldretty well There were a couple of spots where I got frustrated but the rest of it worked so well I was willing to Can Government Think? push through those Even my difficulty connecting to Linden didn t deter me fromushing through I was so enthralled with the rest of the story I see many Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People places this could go and many characters that have some realotential for the future books I m ready and can t waitI received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. E died Or so she thought But Linden's long lost love isn't welcoming her with open arms Fueled by suspicion and doubt their turbulent re acuaintance drives Cyril to desperate acts The chance at renewing their love is jeopardized ulling Linden into his. ,

OMG This book is not what I expected AT ALL I m not really sure what I was expecting but this wasn t it This is going to be a really hard review to write because I don t want to give anything away Part of the draw of this book is trying to figure out who and what Cyril is Cyril is an intriguing man who apparently died 10 years ago Or so Linden thought But now here he is again Linden #thinks she s losing her mind Personally I would tooCyril is mysterious dangerous owerful and OMG sexy as hell Cyril manages # she s losing her mind Personally I would tooCyril is mysterious dangerous owerful and OMG sexy as hell Cyril manages screw up one thing after another He s rash and to uote him a selfish bastard He s a jerk A complete and total jerk He almost has no redeeming ualities And then you get his story and it all makes sense It all makes sense why he s a jerk and a selfish bastard It makes him that much lovable It all makes senseLinden was hard for me to understand I had a hard time connecting with her until about 60 East Asia in the World percent into the book About thatoint in time I began to understand her and feel for her Before that I was frustrated with her and didn t understand her reactions to CyrilThere were a couple of ick moments for me in the book But those ick moments added something to the story Renea Mason has rovided us with a uniue story with uniue characters These characters are uniue for multiple reasons The ick fa. For Linden Hill life was redictable go to work an occasional drink with friends and ick fa. For Linden Hill life was Wool-Gathering or How I Ended Analysis predictable go to work an occasional drink with friends and until one unexpected night when she finds herself face to face with herast all six foot five inches of sex god Epistemologies of the South perfection she once knew as Cyril Theroblem

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