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Kindle read What Lies Across the Water author Stephen Kimber –

Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) gIot this book through the Goodreads iveaway program I would like to thank the author very much for the kind autographThis book have left me hooked from the first page The compelling narrative take us to Miami in the nineties where the Cuban exile community plans to overthrow Fidel Castro They will use any means at their disposal to do so even killing innocent people Are they freedom fighter An historical narrative entwined in a maze of endless twists and turns involving foreign agents terrorism imported from the United States FBI surveillance criminals acting with impunity *And Ultimately Injustice Kimber *ultimately injustice Kimber documents the history preceding the arrest of the Cuban Five as well as connected events during and after it Somewhat dry reading of something that could have been a page turning fact stranger than fiction telling of events Also with all the names aliases etc it would have been easier if Kimber documented all the various names of the same person but stuck to using only one during his narrative Excellent and truthful account of a controversial affair vindicates the Cuban version of events Engagingly written like a spy novel carefully researched if you ve enjoyed the Wasp Network series on Netflix then read this book This book educated me about struggles and issues I had little to no knowledge of Mr Kimber oes into enormous detail in telling the story of five Cuban agents who were arrested on US soil while working to prevent terrorist attacks in their home country He succeeds in showing the delicate balance these agents had to maintain personally and professionally and shows how easily the truth can be manipulated to fit one s own story or angle I must say at times I felt I was drowning in facts Even wit. Is the man who blows up an airplane and kills dozens of civilians a murderous terrorist or a

VALIANT FREEDOM FIGHTER IS THE MAN fighter Is the man tries to stop the bomber a threat to national security or hero of the peopleIt dependsWhat Lies Across the Water is a narrative nonfiction thriller About terrorists who blow up airplanes and try to overthrow overnments About intelligence agents who try to stop themThe twist is that these terrorists are not Muslim They’re Cuban exiles And the men trying to stop them Cuban intelligence agentsWhat Lies Across the Water examines the post 911 Bush doctrine “Any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime” by focusing on what happened in Miami and Havana in the  ,

What Lies Across the WaterFrom US or Cuba It did not disappoint I found the list of people at the front of the book to be very helpful I referenced it a lot I am lad I read this book by Yutaka DirksOn September 12 1998 the FBI mounted coordinated raids in locations across the state of Florida arresting ten people The FBI alleged that they were members of a Cuban spy network sent by Castro to undermine the security of the United States of AmericaThey were also accused in spy network sent by Castro to undermine the security of the United States of AmericaThey were also accused in Deaths Of Four Cuban of four Cuban from Miami who had been shot down by the Cuban *Air Force in 1996The people in custody told a different story They said *Force in 1996The people in custody told a different story They said were actually in the US to stop terrorism Havana had recently been the target of a bombing campaign that had killed a visiting Canadian The Cuban security apparatus had sent them north to Baby Legacy (So Many Babies gather intelligence on anti Castro Cuban exiles linked to the suspectsDespite their claims of innocence five Cuban men were founduilty of a range of crimes including conspiracy to commit espionage the five others pleaded uilty to lesser offencesThree months after the terror attacks of September 11 2001 Antonio Guerrero and Ram n Laba ino were sentenced to life in prison Fernando Gonz lez to 19 years Ren Gonz lez to 15 years and Gerardo Hern ndez the only one to be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder to double life plus 15 yearsStephen Kimber an award winning writer and journalist from Halifax first heard of the men known as the Cuban Five while vacationing in Cuba three years after they began serving their sentences in US prisons It wasn t until a second visit to the island nation made with the intention of doing research for a novel when he found himself caught up in the intrigue of their caseRead here well written will come back to Ists o freeWho’s really a terrorist and who’s really a freedom fighterI have been following the case of the Cuban Five for over a decade and have translated dozens of articles about their case I have also translated entire books on exile violence against Cuba but this book offered tidbits that I was unaware of drew connections that I had not noticed before and most importantly to me confirmed some suspicions and dispelled a few rumors that I was unsure about I am confident that even expert Cubanologists will find What Lies Across the Water useful informative at times infuriating but always entertaining Havana TimesThe author’s clear flowing and often seat ripping even entertaining narrative is an added plus The book is highly recommended Counterpunc.

Stephen Kimber ↠ 9 Summary

H a cast of characters list to refer to I often ot lost and had trouble Remembering Who Was Who However who was who However book was well worth the time put into reading it I learned a lot that I was unaware of about our relationship with Cuba and so much history that outside of Miami doesn t et national play Really fascinating stuff especially in light of 911 and afterward So pleased that I won a copy of this book Favorite uotes It was all about compartmentalization The fewer people who understood everything the less likelihood that one agent or officer could compromise an *entire operation Every spy needs a break Extended vacations at home in Cuba *operation Every spy needs a break Extended vacations at home in Cuba one of the few perks Cuban State Security offered its illegal officers as a less than fair exchange for spending the rest of their lives living alone as people they were not in places that were not home enduring the constant risk of exposure or arrest or worse With surgeon like skill Kimber dissects bottom up an injustice perpetrated at the highest US levels on Cuban patriots acting for their overnment with few financial resources in "a hostile foreign country The Cuban Five s spy efforts were hit and miss but they did save lives Using " hostile foreign country The Cuban Five s spy efforts were hit and miss but they did save lives Using reconstructive storytelling method Kimber launches readers like a pingpong ball offRead full review at This is a very interesting book I am not usually a history reader but I vacationed in Cuba in 2008 and saw the pictures of the Cuban Five in the airport and read the brief bios on them I was interested in knowing of their story what they did why they were heroes to Cubans but imprisoned for long terms by the US This book interested me as it is written by a Canadian journalist I felt it would be factual and less biased than a book written by an author. 990s when the American overnment and Miami’s Cuban violent exile community ratcheted up their attacks against CubaCuba responded by sending intelligence agents to South Florida to penetrate the plottersWhat Lies Across the Water uses an in the moment narrative to tell the parallel converging diverging stories of the exile militants Cuban intelligence officers and FBI agents as they clash in Havana Miami and the Straits of Florida The story moves from the streets of Little Havana to real Havana’s Tropicana nightclub from the hotel bar at the Copacabana Hotel to the inner sanctum of the White House and backWhat Lies Across the Water climaxes when Cuba’s intelligence agents the Cuba Five are arrested and sentenced to long prison terms while the exile terror.

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