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E manners he uses it here and David s exploration of its ramifiactions are all fantastic The Tryps and Singularity Investigations make for just the right kind of enemies for comics too powerful enough in a rich guy in a suit kind of way to be plenty dangerous and difficult already and then ifwhen the protagonists think andor superhero their way THROUGH THOSE OBSTACLES THEY VE GOT THE POWER TO those obstacles they ve got the power to their play as well All this and the best treatment of the supposed debate at Marvel in the Civil War era I ve encountered in any tie in or the main stream books makes this a fantastic set of issues Oh if ou re tempted to skip the Madrox mini series that opens the volume in order get to the main story don t First off because its all kinds of essential for the initial story setting etc to make any sense and second and importantly because David co present a kick ass story there too This is a good chunk of Peter David s "scripts and several talented artists including the always interesting coloring of "and several talented artists including the always interesting coloring of VillarubiaIn the first stories a five issuechapter series featuring Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man the covers by the great David Lloyd just rock Artist Ryan Sook is almost in that league too with some fine storytelling art here Other artists include Pablo Raimondi who does well Dennis Calero then Ariel Olivetti and Renato Arlem who are ok fine storytellers Recommended Detective Noire meets mutant in this comic about a small investigative agency set in Mutant Town So good It s like Gotham Central but with X Factor Basically Peter David takes a noir approach to this superhero team with the team acting As A Private Investigation Agency It S Got A Great a private investigation agency It s got a great of action humor and suspense while moving the plot along at a steady pace This volume covers Madrox 1 5 and X Factor 1 12 and there s about 20 regular trades worth of stories so I have barely begun to scratch the surface with this run of X Facto. Gularity Investigations navigate a superhuman Civil War learn why the X Men lied to his team deal with the unbalanced uicksilver's new ability to reboot mutant powers for a priceand discover the deadly traitor in X Factor's midst COLLECTING MADROX 1 5 X FACTOR 2006 1 12. Rtier grittier atmosphere for a down to earth stories instead of the flashy world ending booksContinuing the series is now a must for me not sure why it didn t grab me enough the first time Madrox 1 5 5 starsIssues 1 6 4 starsIssues 7 12 375 stars Okay so I can t keep track of how Doug Ramsey and Warlock are not dead And I don t get Gambit And I ve never been a fan of uicksilver And Lorna DanePolaris And DangerAnd et this was a pretty interesting setup to a bookDanger telling the "Truth And Being Told "and being told was wrong was amusing and pretty well done uicksilver running back and forth to HavokAll and all I though X Factor has possibilities 35 of 5 This is a good noir mystery set in the post DecimationHouse of M mutant world Well written characters a bit or humor and a good mystery I have to read the second half of this complete collection This is the first comic I ve ever read by Peter David a guy I freuently hear touted as one of the best in the business particularly for his work on Hulk I m not going to judge his entire body of work based just on this X Factor series which is You know I typed in the title of this volume and the first X Factor series which is You know I typed in the title of this volume and the first that came up was X Factor Visionaries Peter David which is what I think I thought I was getting when I picked this up This is a weird little book Honestly it s a suad of X Men aslo rans and bit players Multiple Man Strong Guy Wolfsbane Siryn M from way back in Generation X andI don t rightly remember who else And it wasn t the book I thought I was picking it up All of that just goes to show how awesome Peter David is I guess because while this wasn t perfect I absolutely loved it In fact I ll be looking to follow up volumes to these collections before I correct my fortunate mistake and go looking for that four volume visionaries set David makes Madrox an absolutely fascinating lead here and the exploration of the oddities about his powerset and the uniu. He fallout from the House of M depowers most of the world's mutants X Factor must find answers fast With Guido Wolfsbane Siryn M and Rictor by his side and joined by the stuff knowing Layla Miller Madrox must take on the manipulati ve prescient Mr Tryp's rival group Sin. ,

X books at their finest presenting the wonderful world of Peter David s X Factor A motley crew of b listers that ou will grow to love and cherish with the "devilish storytelling and continuity play It
because of how much fans the Madrox five "storytelling and continuity play It was because of how much fans liked the Madrox five that X Factor was relaunched and it turned out to be well worth the wait after it s long hiatus This isn t for fans of superheroes stories its for fans of stories dark humour and intricate et understandable plotting oh and this has Layla Miller A very solid 8 out of 12 for me and one of my rare 4 star reads this of my rare 4 star reads This actually the second time reading these issues having owned the first 12 issues digitally although the Maddrox mini was all new to meI liked it uite a bit but didn t love it at least in the sense that it didn t wow me David s take on the characters is solid each with their uniue personality uirks What s engaging is that they all feel real meaning like real people there are some things about them ou like and some things ou don t and the reader decides just how much they like a particular character by weighing what s important to them The members often bicker back and forth but are there for each other in times of need much like a regular family and for many of them they ve been fellow team members before These interactions are the most appealing to meThe initial mini series has a bit of a noir feel and is very blatant about trying to be but isn t at the same level as say a Brubaker series The main X Factor series seems to drop the noir stuff and focuses on the inter family drama mixed with over arching mutant issues and their classic villain to battle in their own way Multiple artists are used all closely similar in style Facial expressions are done well conveying thoughts and feelings in a single panel change The art tends to be dark with a drab palette lots of brown black and dark green but it fits the book giving it a di. Relive the gripping noir esue launch of Peter David's most memorable concept X Factor Investi gations Jamie Madrox sets up a detective agency in the heart of Mutant Townbut with so many duplicates out in the world who is the real Madrox Does he even know any Then when

Read & download X Factor by Peter David

X Factor by Peter David

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