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جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها hIette the primary location of uantum Thief is a moving city on Mars Unlike other novels the city s currency is Time each individual possesses a temporal allotment when one s Time runs out their minds enter uiet Those in uiet become semi automatons used to maintain the OublietteBut unlike other novels thatave similar storylines Rajaniemi designed a social exchange element that marks the uantum Thief as one of the most interesting stories I ve ever read The gevulot is an asymmetric cryptographic system similar to public key encryption that allows citizens to share what they want about themselves gevulot reuests are andled with a thought and can include one s entire pastOne of the coolest things about gevulot is the concept of Agoras These locations are public suares where all information is recorded in exomemory Elsewhere in the Oubliette people share what they want including their presence For example Jean s antithesis Isidore Beautrelet a young investigator lives in an apartment with another person Although Isidore can be in the same room as is roommate Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 he doesn t actually seeer unless she allows for itWithout giving too much information away Jean goes to the Oubliette in What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, hopes of recovering lost memories ofis past While attempting to restore Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, himself tois former glory Jean will learn about the city s power structure all the while trying to evade Isidore BeautreletAn interesting concept in the novel is that of the Zoku a group of individuals opposed to the Sobornost They create video game like environments virs virtual environments or realmspace as the Zoku call it They are based on an MMO clan they 8 1/2 have achieved immortality not from uploading their minds to Sobornost systems but to their own Surprisingly this isn t as corny as it may sound to some it s really uniue an intriguingOne of the other cool things about the novel is the third main character Mieli s sapphire ship which resembles a spider and its web each segment is like a teardrop caught in the web like design surrounding it The ship itself is alive it is named Perhonen and represents itself through butterfly avatarsThe second novel in the series The Fractal Prince is a lot different than The uantum Thief While the latter was groundbreaking and significant the former is a story about the same universe It does follow the events in the first book but it s also a lot less awe inspiring than the first novelThe Fractal Prince is about the Sobornost and a war torn Earth Earthas only one significant city left Sirr all the others Health and Healing for African-Americans have been abandoned though a plague of nanites known as wildcode These nano machines warp everything they touch into surreal mutations It is noted that Sirr was once Sirr in the Sky but that cityas since been destroyed the last Garden of Snakes (House of Royals human remnants inhabit the wastelands below it on the Earth s surfaceSirr is actually an extremely interesting place despite the fact that it isn t as cool as the Oubliette The story told there intentionally mimics One Thousand and One Nights Sirr is an Arabian esue Middle Eastern city complete with sous The main currency is Gogols sold by Gogolunters and traders Gogols are from the The uantum Thief and are minds with or without bodies Seals protect the city from wildcode The ruling rich live on vertical Shards made by broken spires from when Sirr in the Sky fell from the cloudsThere are a number of storylines present in Fractal Prince and to describe them all would be too much of a spoiler One of the primary plots is about a storyteller and jinn lover named Tawaddud Unlike spirit based jinn found in Arabian folklore these are actually body less Gogols Tawaddud must solve a criminal case while trying to overcome social stigmas placed on New Testament Apocalyptic her by othersOntological subjectivity reality made possible through storytelling and various character viewpoints of them is a chief theme present throughout the second book Even the chapter layout itselfas significance There is no one main story the plots change from MieliJean to TawaddudSirr again and again until the novel s conclusion Some readers find some of the concepts difficult to understand such as the idea of realities within realities but these concepts are presented in clear ways that are not didactic or superfluousIf The uantum Thief s detailed universe sparked your interest you ll love ow Fractal Prince fleshes out the Sobornost virtual realities virs Guberniyas Jean S Personality And Jean s personality and morality and ethics in a post singularity world the Aun of Earth and The best way to read the books is to supplement your reading by checking out the various Wikis on the web such as the Exomemory Wiki and the Jean le Flambeur Character List page on WikipediaWhile I know I ve been somewhat vague in my review of The Fractal Prince I think the novel is worth reading for fans of The uantum Thief It truly is a natural progression in the life and times of Jean le Flambeur For that reason it cannot be read without reading the first novel The concepts present would not be well understoodThe third novel in the series The Causal Angel will be released by Tor in April 2014 in England and May 2014 in the United States I eagerly await the latest release of what I consider to be one of the most finely crafted sci fi series in recent istorySeries Rating So Far 55 uick Guide to Terms Extra NotesContains Spoilers I wrote few brief notes for folks that may be confused with some of the terms used in either book one or book two The terms below are in no particular order and contain spoilers This glossary would be of most interest to readers after finishing The Fractal Prince and in preparing for The Causal AngelThe Sobernost An effort and collective on the part of its founders to uphold The Great Common Task and upload their minds to digital form so that death may be eradicated uantum mechanics and uantum technologies are leveraged to do this The Sobornost refers to this consensus of minds the dominant minds that of the Founders shape the trilogy s solar system a post singularity Milky WayThe Great Common Task GCT Mass uploads of one s mindconsciousness to the Sobornost collective The goal is to completely eradicate death This is the Sobornost s leading philosophy and goal Nothing else seems to matter to them well the Founders also like vying for powerGuberniyas Stories Reality and the Mind Guberniyas are Hs for Founders as well as a mode of transportation They also reinforce the idea of stories within stories as they can be used to create virtual environments virs Founders generally live in their Guberniyas where they The Sorcerers Soul have complete control Again a critical takeaway from Fractal Prince is the idea of subjectivity That is to say that that an Aun or Founder s view of the universe literally shapes it and manifests itself via story like elements imposition of one s will over another can be seen by individuals minds Gogols working at the behest of one of the Sobornost founders It is only when these realities collide that subjective world views fight for dominance such is what occurs in Fractal Prince The Zoku The secondary force in the universe that opposes the ideals of the Sobornost actually they oppose the GCT and believe in one life and death afterwards They are modeled after an MMO guild and as such enter into uantum created realmspaces wearing armor and riding strange animal mounts Zoku realmspaces are not fake in they are generated with Zoku jewels and often with space based generators as seen in The Fractal Prince The Zoku are an ideal a carefree group that both embrace the post singularity world and yet maintain theirumanity unlike the lofty goals of the Sobornost Realizing that most sci fi readers are probably into gaming Rajaniemi seems to ave taken it one step further with the Zoku This is kind of cool Plus gamers ave the coolest tech right GPGPUs anyone Okay maybe that s just my interpretation See the section below for my personal understanding of the Zoku Sobornost conflict No Cloning Theorem Zoku Heavily opposed to the GCT the Zoku Satans Mistress have adopted a policy of no cloning or mind uploading Each mind is uniue The Sobornostave exploited their cloningcopying with the advent of Founder copyclans and significantly enslaving Gogols to power Sobornost technology or aid in Sobornost agendasCopyclans and Sobornost Bodies Usually Sobornost Founders What My Mother and I Dont Talk About have copyclans This means theyave clones of themselves which also experience life often elsewhere on some other planet They are not Prime Prime is one s active body usually the first It is akin to saying I Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, have a clone But the clone would not be you really just a copy of you Copyclans are not simply clones they are entire clone clansundreds of clones Love Beyond Limits (Among the Fair Magnolias) hence why Sobornost Foundersave them readily availableOne can sense what is occurring to Inochi The Book of Life his orer copies if they Gol Atan Kaleye have Sobortech in their bodies Sobornost bodies can activate the abilities inherent in their metacortex and become physically God like this is usually temporary unless they are actually Founders within their own domain this is unlocking is very much like the anime Hellsing both Mieli and Jean do this regularly throughout the series Jean s body in both books was designed by the Pellegrini as such it contains near limitless powers Unfortunately the Pellegrini locked Jean s powers inopes of controlling The Age of Disruption himVirs virtual realities whereby an individual can experience things Zoku Realmspace and Sobornost Founder guberniyas are types of virs Virs run inside one sead like software uantum State refers to the status of a uantum based element or device that makes use of them uantum states that is In The uantum Thief one s Watch displays the Time an individual Burning bridges has left beforee or she enters uiet public service so to speak The signals sent to and from the Watch reflect different uantum statesMatjek Chen The Prime of Freshman Scandal (Freshman Dorm, his Self in The Fractal Prince and leader of the Sobornost The GCT wasis own design It is significant that Matjek is the Prime of Rembrandts Jews himself and not a clone because it shows us thate is fairly uncontested even if other Founders are vying for power Matjek is seemingly a constant in the solar system depicted in this series Further the events at the end of The Fractal Prince support the notion that much of the known solar system is driven by Matjek Chen s mind although Matjek Chen s Guberniya must travel to Earth in The Fractal Prince this seems to indicate that the series does not take place solely in Matjek s mind merely that Refusing His Second Chance his will is very influential in the Sobornost collectiveMatjek Chen was once an ordinary man from Earth that was placed in Guberniya safeaven by Brand Name Dates his parents It is assumed that Matjek left Earth after it was devastated by nanites Matjek was also friendly with the flower prince in le Flambeur suman days Aun The Aun are primal Gods of Earth that existed well before the Sobornost They propagated and survived through storytelling and belief existing primarily in the minds of Earth s inhabitants It is strongly Confectionately Yours Collection (Confectionately Yours, hinted at that le Flambeur is an Aun possibly one that somehow received a Sobornost mind uploade is not confined to Earth or body less It is much likely that le Flambeur is a primal archetype for all subtle dealings thievery and trickery akin to the Norse LokiThe Dragon Jewel Releases a world breaking Sobornost Dragon This becomes important note that this does not refer to the Kaminari JewelThe Kaminari Jewel Jean stole this Zoku jewel from the base on the Oubliette The item is a reality shaper like all Zoku jewels but also seems to possess significantly power than otherwise mentioned It is determined in The Fractal power than otherwise mentioned It is determined in The Fractal that the Chen will stop at nothing to recover this jewel thus it is of significant importance to the Pellegrini and The Maiden Dinosaur her plans for Founder dominance as well With the Kaminari Jewel the Chen believes thate can stop death in the universe immediately it is assumed that that like other Zoku jewels it affects reality itself and thus can be much effective than the GCT alone Singularity Metaphysical A singularity is an event that is either technological in nature or biological it is when Swing Trading with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD human intelligence or technology reaches such a point where it transcends the now It literally becomes fluid changing often immediately and changes one s perceptions of reality presumably Singularity PhysicsAstrophysics A black blackole which are all or part consuming the Sobornost ave the ability to create BLACK HOLES AND USE THEM TO TERRAFORM PLANETS MAKING holes and use them to terraform planets making conducive to Sobornost technology Interestingly a similar technology is used to arness a sun s power in order to fuel Sobornost technology making power plants by sucking up solar radiation Oubliette Moving city on Mars people on Mars do not openly accept the Sobornost idealsVoice Consensus votes within the OublietteCryptarch Leader of Oubliette and enigmatic This leader does not take an apparent role in events concerning the Oubliette The Cryptarch s identity is revealed in The uantum Thief tzaddik Zoku powered vigilantes that patrol the Oubliette in opes of thwarting crime They also elp keep the Sobornost from returning to the OublietteFlower Prince Jean le Flambleur as silly as the name sounds The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Rangers Apprentice, he is called this becausee often Nora (Sunfire, has a single flower inis lapel This is a term used in The Fractal Prince It is also a term used with great respect as if le Flambeur were a great personJean le Flambeur Gentlemen Thief Mind Burglar uantum Thief Nice dressed often silly very serious as of late Whether or not Flambeur is actually a Founder or in some way associated with the Primes is unknown He claims to Sam the Plumber have been around long before the singularity He met Matjek Chen inis youth and drank beer with im on one particular occasionMemories Not a term exactly Jean le Flambleur as fragmented memory of who Outside the Paint he was prior to being imprisoned in the dilemma prison This restrictsis potential In order to fulfill the Pellegrini s goals Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont he must unlock this knowledgeJosephine Pellegrini or the Pellegrini is a Founder known to be cruel She apparentlyas feelings for Jean She also wants Jean to embrace Historic Hahns Peak his old ways and aider in Deathcaster (Shattered Realms, her mysterious uest She s conniving and self absorbedSydan An Oort female that Mieli fights to see again In The Fractal Prince Sydan s fate is explored to some degree when Venus underwent a Sobornost singularity she was trapped by the devastation She was then sucked into the planet s core presumably The Pellegrini claims that she canelp Mieli get back Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles, her love Whether this is true is unknown Short Essay on Zoku Sobornost Relations This was written prior to reading The Causal Angel and may contain many errors for things that were unknown to me prior to finishing the seriesAssentConsensus vs HumanityEvolution One of the most interesting elements of the series to date is that ofumanity or specifically what it means to be uman The Sobornost appear to favor conformity a universal consensus immortality and assent The latter presents itself in the form of the All Defector and directly supports these themes Although Jean believes that the All Defector is a natural progression of the dilemma prison s programming it s just as likely that the Zoku designed the All Defector as a virus or as a way to introduce a chaotic element chance or uncertainty into an otherwise fixed system the prison supports the Sobornost ideals of assent surrender and group think While this is just my opinion it does keep true to the central themes of the seriesFurther the Zoku are gamers at eart they embrace chaos disorder and mortality We see this in their opposition to the GCT their strong desire to live life to its fullest and to promote evolution The Zoku support evolution as seen through their support of conflict life death and change Raiding and competition is at the eart of what makes MMOs strong it s also symbolic of an evolutionary type survival of the fittest The Sobornost do not embrace this Extinction is a concept which the Sobornost fight vehemently against Interestingly in most science fiction stories we either see either a Sobornost like theme usually a novel set in a dystopian future or a Zoku like igh tech Utopia rarely do we see both elements in the same tale This Freedom vs Consensus conflict is masterfully Six-Moon Trail highlighted by Rajaniemi in both The uantum Thief and The Fractal Prince The Zoku s tale is the only one left to tell and it ll be the focus ofis next book set to release in May 2014 I loved the previous book but I read it too long ago to remember if I found it as Mustard Seed Magic hard to grasp as this one There s several story lines that play out simultaneously in very different worlds and on top of that there s what feels like a very deliberate tribute to 1001 Nights in the use of nested stories and many of the universe s elements Once everything is revealed the layering and plot manipulations are simply grand but I was well past thealfway point of the book before I felt like I ad a andle on what was Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, happening This book is very worthwhile but probably best paired with ADHD medicatio. He’s running out of timeIn Hannu Rajaniemi’s sparkling follow up to the critically acclaimed international sensation The uantum Thiefe returns to The Witches his awe inspiring vision of the universeand we discover what the futureeld for Earth. Oh mygodReading this diamond Splinter hard sci fi novel is certainly not for space opera virgins My mind is bleeding from the attempt But then again nothing previously written in the genre except volume one could prepare one adeuately for this frenetically paced incredibly complex fractally dense relentlessly overwhelming work It is postuman post singularity and post current imagination Sui generis indeed and the gen More post singularity thief nonsense in a wildly inventive future solar systemLook the thing is I like a story that skips infodumps as much as the next girl The preuel Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles had that great setup where you could actually steal time off of someone s life and this book does the same trick of plopping you down into a culture and never actually explaining the rules so it takes a fewundred pages to figure shit out He makes it worthwhile because these settings really are great But at a certain point it is incumbent upon an author to ensure that The Princes Mistress his readers this is awkward can actually figure out what the fuckappened Because I am a sophisticated and experienced reader I read this book over a short period of time I rewound to check certain sections again and I m still not sureIt s supposed to be all gestures there s this puzzle box and getting into it destroys parts of what s inside And the book is supposed to be like that Parts of it are supposed to be impenetrable unlike your typical caper which turns on the eventual flourishing reveal And that s fine But I finished it feeling that for all its vivid textures and beautiful set pieces this book simply failed to execute on its end of the reader writer contract I am assuming perhaps incorrectly that the key to the puzzle box is in the third book but I m frankly not convinced at this point that I want to bother Nothing pleases me than when a novel refuses the reader exposition Instead they immerse you in the world and let you sink or swim And let me tell you that first gulp of air is so sweet I read The uantum Thief to which this book is the seuel I was worried that Immortal Jellyfish having already swam in that ocean of postuman lives sentient machines and cultures based solely on MMORPGs that navigating these waters would be too easy I was delightfully wrong I California had many gasps of sweet sweet air but I was deliciously worried that a wave will come crashing down on me and pull me under Three cheers for The Fractal Prince Jean le Flambeur the gentleman thief returns in this novel with a plan to steal the soul of a god With theelp of Mieli the Oortian warrior woman and Perhonen the sentient ship Afgantsy he travels to an Earth that is at once oddly familiar and unrecognizableAgain Hannu Rajaniemi creates a world where try as you might you cannot fully grasp it s intricacies And you aren t supposed to sometimes I wonder if evene does This is a post Singularity Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., human microcosm where all the rules are different and even death can be overcome A futurist might eagerly anticipate an Earth full of uantum tech enslaved minds and stories that can control your body Ore might recoil in fear Even the characters who look at this strange new world with the same jaded eyes that your or I might view our own lives sometimes react in terror to the ways it Somnium has changedSome authors take you to alien landscapes in distant galaxies to put a mirror up toumanity Mr Rajaniemi keeps us within our solar system and The Cronos Complex I holds that mirror to our nose References to ancientuman mythologies mixed with startlingly prescient visions keep us staring at that alien face trying to find our own One of the reasons I read non fiction and classics is that they tend to challenge me than the books I enjoy reading the most I ll pick up science fiction or fantasy because I want to escape relax and take a break But too much and I get boredI did not ave that problem when I read this book Not one bit Hannu Rajaniemi though as found a way to both escape and challenge my mind at the same time The challenge is such that as I Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, have seen one reviewer note I would not recommend Rajaniemi s The uantum Thief trilogy to the uninitiated to science fiction Unlike the Star Wars or even Star Trek universes where the laws of science are as ignored as any swords and sorcery fantasy and indeed Luke Skywalker mayave in common with the uesting sword welding Dem Nordpol am nächsten hero than not Rajaniemi does not ignore physics He just finds a way to weld physics to do whate wants This is not to say that The Fractal Prince is dry and sodden down by the weight of physics In fact uite the contrary Instead the writing moves so fast so uickly that it is only the sprinkling of labels and jargon that reminds me that Rajaniemi is even thinking about it What makes it feel real is this very awareness The Fractal Prince is so far into the future that it is difficult recognizing what Heart Beat humanityas become A lot of writers decide to slow down the technological progress when this The Site Book happens to enable them to anchor their story in a reality that is easier to describe if just because it looks like our own reality but shiny with space ships that look and move like gravity bound jet craft and laser guns that act like semi automatic firearmsPerhaps it is because Rananiemi s is so cavalier aboutis ambition to create and remain The Devils Possession honest to the setting ofis story that Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, his ambition is understated In the universe of The uantum Thief who we might as well just call by name in Jean de Flambeu s universe we cannotelp but see the characters as foreign even alien Gods and goddesses compete with warminds and self loops and a dozen other entities all apparently descended from the race we call Vrolok humanity somehow melded by technology and preserved copied enhanced and expandedAnd if that doesn t all blow your mind at least when you read it it s probably because you ve become lost in the jargon Rajanamiemi pulls terms from aalf dozen languages that are not native to our planet but totally uncommon to the western reader I admit that I drew on Google than once to get the gist for what 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] he was intending with a word and then even then Iad to add to what I found an expanded understanding of what it meant in the context of the uantum Thief universe Russian Japanese and Finnish all contribute to the vocabularyPick up the book though push through the vocabulary and you might find yourself a story that is both creative and familiar Taking place in the space between Mars where most of the plot in the first book in the trilogy took place and Earth and on Earth itself The Fractal Prince takes a page from A Thousand and One Nights Not only is the setting of the The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name heist a world reminiscent of the pre Islamic Arabic world but takes place in a shining city on the edge of aostile desert where decay and corruption are iding just below the surface and where a story is as forbidden as the worship of images in modern day Islam And yet like our own world the forbidden become a currency in themselvesAt its root under all the science the fiction the clever jargon and imaginative settings this is the story of a eist and Rajanamiemi lays the pieces in place carefully iding strings until the end letting the reader see them only as the plot comes together to a final denoument that is fully satisfying But do not going into it without your eyes wide open This is not space opera It s science fiction and Rajanamiemi does it well It will both challenge and entertain and really that s what good fiction should do This review is for Book 2 The Fractal Prince and Book 3 The Causal Angel Books 2 and 3 were just as entertaining as Book 1 The uantum Thief although neither achieved the thematic eights of Book 1 the premise of rewriting Between Two Skies history that impressed me profoundly Instead we are treated to further adventures in this surreal far future world created by Rajaniemi Rajaniemi continues to impress me withis ability to project into the extreme future what life might be like if consciousness could be digitized I don t believe it can be but it makes for fantastic and fantastical possibilitiesIn these two books Jean le Flambeur and Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England his semi partner Meili the battle angel continue on their uest to fulfill the ambiguous and relatively confusing mission theyave been compelled to perform by the pelligrini an original Founder of the Sobornost one of the first beings to develop and command igh level code or information which controls much of the reality that makes up the existing society The story ranges across the inner planets and moons of the solar system and the various spaceways connecting them Although a great deal of it also occurs in diverse versions of cyberspace Jean and Meili are caught between numerous socialmilitarytechnologicalpolitical Forces That Include The Competing Founders Who that include the competing Founders who control nearly limitless versions of themselves in various physical and digitized forms unleashed and nearly impossible to control code beings that ave only modest identities but great appetites as well as a civilization called the Zoku who ave gamified society and turned every single action and choice the members make into a game move that rewards them for success Zoku society is something like if you got points in life for making choices that benefit the goals of a group All actions are monetized and banked for future benefits Zoku society is in actions are monetized and banked for future benefits Zoku society is in sense a barter society as well where actions that move the group toward certain goals are rewarded with bankable points and igher levels of access to powers Individuals achieve personal power by Brave Enough helping the groupJust as in Book 1 Rajaniemias a poetic flare for inventing and describing technology I m far from pro technology because for every benefit of technology to date we Spunk have also produced greatarm Mass production and the great mobility of planes trains and automobiles The Kafka of 238th Street have wrought global warming For every MRI system that could save lives weave nuclear bombs that could destroy all life and civilization We probably should The Letters to the Thessalonians have stopped at the toothbrush and the bicycle And that s why some science fiction authors who seem to glorify technology like Neal Stephenson really disappoint me They seem to posit technology as being able to solve all our problems I ll call them Technoptimists Rajaiemi doesn t strike me as a technoptimist His tremendous imaginationas envisioned a far future that we may never reach but e shows just as much struggle and despair in the future as the present With beings of lesser power at the mercy of those of greater power and those with power ave their own agendas that Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, have nothing to do with what will actually benefit the masses On the otherand as is often the case with epic adventures Ivory (The Ivory Saga highly clever single individualsave the power to save the day and make a Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, huge difference So I could level the charge against Rajaniemi thate seems to ascribe to the great man theory of The Temple of Death history rather than emphasizing the power of social movements That said the great manere is a woman and it is a pretty damn good story Most of us get a buzz out of someone being a Venus Blueprint hero and Rajaniemi delivers that blended with enough cynicism that we don t feel like it s fakeAs long as you re a reader who is comfortable with technology so advanced it s like magic and that is only directionally justified then this is an exhilarating ride of a series I found itard to put downI should trademark that 355 starsThe Fractal Prince currently sits at the top of the most complex and difficult sci fi book I ve ever read probably soon to be replaced by its seuelRajaniemi continues Shame On Her Volume 3 his uncompromising no exposition storytelling style Other than one or two short sentences all terms were left unexplained it s up to the readers to make sense of what each terminology means from the narrative For example gogols Spimescape Wildcode and many Feel free to call me stupid or dumb if you want but Iad to cheat a bit Bisk CPA Review here I almost DNFed this book at 30% mark because I understood almost nothing Do not let the page count trick you into thinking this is a light sci fi read it s absolutely not If you re checking this review because you re thinking of giving up I strongly suggest you check out these two wiki page one being completely spoiler free and the other one contain some spoilershttpwwwkarangillcomglossary ua completely spoiler free glossary explanationandhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiListof this oneas spoilers for the first book and mini spoiler for this book But if you ended up checking this one you ll probably appreciate the spoilersThis two list A Crazy Kind of Love helped me immensely I ended up enjoying this book so much than before The reason behind this is mostly because I sucked at mathphysics andard sci fi is not a genre I visit often especially when the level of The Medieval Forest hardness is asard as Wakanda s vibranium I mean for god sake I was The Road Beyond Ruin happy to get a 7100 score on my physics final exam inigh school Backlash how theeck would I be able to understand this Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, high concept sci fi jargons without any exposition If reality is not what you want it to be change it Picture The Fractal Prince Chinese edition coverJean at this pointas become something of a trickster archetype incarnate Mieli s past Stories within stories stories coming to life wildcode body swapping identity theft look it s too much to say in a reviewIf you re able to appreciate every idea that appeared in the book I seriously think you re going to end up putting this bookseries into your favorites list There were a lot of brilliant ideas that lie beneath the surface of the main plot and sci fi jargon I struggled during the first Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, half but with theelp of those two wiki page I mentioned the second In Defense of Food half of the book ended up becoming a very engaging ride full ofigh concept and revelations Metafictional stories within stories from multi perspectives switching back and forth between timelines body swapping and identity theft look it s impossible for me to explain all the things that made this book awesome I seriously need a reread of the trilogy one dayI know I m not done with this trilogy yet but this two book alone in my opinion was difficult than Cixin Liu s Remembrance of Earth s Past trilogy already For now all I can say is that although I enjoyed this one uite mind blown by the concepts too I wasn t able to fully appreciate every single thing that appened in this book Once again I can only recommend this book and trilogy to readers who love ard sci fi with close to zero expositions I Black and White highly doubt any new to sci fi readers unless they re scientists mathematicians would be able to understand everything that Rajaniemi cooked upere Consider yourself warned Now let me proceed to destroy my brain by reading the conclusion immediately You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest On the day the Hunter comes for me I am killing ghost cats from the Schr dinger Box I luuuuurve this opening line His craft is exuisite so far Update The imagery is almost better than anything I ve read in either sci fi or fantasy If you took out the better and deeper images from all thee matrix movies threw them up against the wall with jinn and fairies and the greatest The Color of Water heist mysterieseavily spiced it with near impossible mathematical concepts and theorems that really need some deep explanations you re not going to even remotely get in this text save S cat but e gives a uick explanation for this one although its been done in sci fiction a lot already you stir in planetary intelligences diamond cities that crashed to earth slow and uicktime peoples AND warring sisters then maybe you ve got the first gorgeous fifty pages of this book And don t forget to keep a copy of your mind before you read or you might just lose a copy of your prime iteration I want to give this 6 stars Have I been waiting for something like this all my life since Singularity Sky Maybe A uoteSo Sightseeing instead How about watching a transhuman mind ave a Hawking orgasm From afarMieli smiles A warm rush of relief washes over erI bet you say that to all the girls she saysThe entire novel is poetry and math and all told with brilliant imagery I ve decided to bone up on my uantum physics too just so I can appreciate the story I may be relatively uniue in this respect because I don t really believe that general readership of sci fi novels just decide to understand uantum physics in order to fully appreciate a novel they ad just read Well to be fair I ve read popular accounts in the past and ave enjoyed them immensely even if I pick up on less than one tenth of the math Ok maybe I m not that odd after all in wanting a greater understanding At least In This Case I Feel Really Justified And Encouraged After this case I feel really justified and encouraged after this brilliant work of mathfictionSo I finished it and I can only say WowWell I can say a lot because wow doesn t do it a third of justice Or even an irrational third of justiceWhat I will say is that these two books ave now jumped to my top ten favorite books list Together because I don t want to cause other injustices to stories and I ave a very great feeling about the next book While I ou. “The good thing is no one will ever die again The bad thing is everyone will want to”A physicist receives a mysterious paper The ideas in it are far far ahead of current thinking and uite uite terrifying In a city of “fast ones” sh. Ght to recommend this book to everyone I doubt it will be to everyone s taste But then does everyone like Blake Shakespeare Manly P Hall s Secret Teachings of All Ages Of course they should But they are all very very different than this piece which might need to be its own genre from now on I m tempted to just transcend ere and put an end to my miseryRead em peeps Just read em perhaps three times You ll seeUpdate second readI laughed and I cried I got out of the whole story angle than I did the first time all of the stories within stories minds within stories stories coming to life and eating your children your children coming back from the dead to birth stories that would later eat the Earth and elp the dead child become the God King of the Gogols OH YES Yes yes yes A thousand times yes He turned a fundamentally metafiction concept into a ypercube and spun it out with such verve and beauty as to kick my mind in its ass I cannot say Memories of My Melancholy Whores how much I loved this book Again much better the second time reading than the first if possible but I can t regret a single instant The review was originally posted in the blog Random s 23 Cents Step into the Palace of Stories taste their body of fractalsI gobbled The Fractal Prince up in just a few daysungry to devour as many pages as possible during my daily commute between tube stations Or maybe trying to slow down and savor them sorry to see the book come to an end Anything inducing such paradoxical states of mind must be than just good The follow up to The uantum Thief is full of such curiosities It is pretty short as novels go and yet it feels vast infinite even The story is involved to the point of obfuscation but each day I would sink effortlessly into its winding ways and Pakistan half anour later would pop out of the underground one or self contained stories sparkling like exotic jewels in my mind It is a labyrinth and a room full of mirrors where you can easily lose yourself occasionally even your self and where subliminal glimpses of massive creatures moving Pitch Dark hidden underneath the surface will startle you grand colorful illusions will dazzle memes will burrow and most of what you know will be revealed as nothing than shifting sandsI don t mean to suggest that Rajaniemias already peaked as an author and Dont Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear his writing is a thesaurus of perfection On the contrary I thinkis talent as a lot of space to grow is skills could be even sharper the writing profound He is no Nabokov as of yet but who knows where The Green Pharmacy his craft will leadim The Fractal Prince is incredibly bold in terms of formal experimentation it olds true to the promise of its title and this alone makes the novel one of the most interesting reads of the year In terms of content its predecessor The uantum Thief dealt mostly with information privacy veils and the rewriting of istory The Fractal Prince is even ambitions it focuses on the fractal nature of minds and stories on the Atomic Ghost hidden warp and weft of information that structures the worldThis is a stunningly ambitious undertaking even so when you realize that Rajaniemias tried to shape the plot itself as a fractal On the surface of it the story is told by just a couple of characters Beneath it though there is a cacophony of voices each of them eager to tell its own story The book is deliberately structured along the lines of One Thousand and One Nights and just like a fractal it exposes layers within layers within layers the deeper you go Of course the best a work of fiction can accomplish is an illusion of a fractal but I ll be damned if Hannu isn t a master illusionist Thus The Fractal Prince resembles a strange breed of fruit onion like and many Lightning Strike Twice headed with smaller bulbsiding within larger ones their skins suffused with surprising flavors which when tasted wake up unexpected associations all of that fitting in a twisted multi aspected mandala that nevertheless makes perfect sense And then when you are at least sure that you know your location on that bizarre map you find it is curling back on itself and spewing you where you were in the beginning or rather encapsulating the beginning so that you wonder whether there is any point in keeping track of things or if everything isn t just an endless ouroborosSomewhere along the Cosmic Highway the trickster ex god or if everything isn t just an endless ouroborosSomewhere along the Cosmic Highway the trickster ex god thieves Jean le Flambeur Mieli from Oort and The Purple Island her ship Perhonen are trying to gain leverage against the ruler of the Solar System and survive the Hunter that is after them Jean is desperately trying to open a Schr dinger boxolding a captive god To do that The Last Odd Day he willave to Lord Lightning (Astrology, hack into a zoku router and possibly kill a billion ofypothetical kittens At the same time on Earth in the last surviving Wildwing human city Sirr in the sky two sisters are playing a dangerous game of politics and story telling Tawaddud Gomelez a stigmatized princess of Sirr embodiment slave and jinn s whore is this book s Isidore playing counterpoint to Jean s story line As in the previous one the two eventually merge and this time the convergence is even exuisiteNot that I didn t enjoy the young Martian detective andis zoku girlfriend but I found Tawaddud much Londons Perfect Scoundrel human and easy to relate to The reasons for that are probably rooted in the respective environments of the novels The Oubliette society of the previous installmentad a working formula to beat death it was gamified to the extreme operating according to rules that resemble top down designed narratives Even though still uman it was much cleaner abstracted somehow its problems were issues of information privacy and security Tawaddud s world is much messier and fuzzy bounded It is a world of broken dreams poormen and richmen civilization and desert jinns

body thieves The story within template captures that effectively especially in Tawaddud s character which is probably the most complex so far Given that a certain lack of depth in characterization remains as my biggest problem with the series I feel that this is an important improvement and ope to see of it in the books to come Mieli too receives a Harvest human portraiture in this book Hers is a beautiful love story though sadly told in too few pages The supporting role award in this oneowever goes to Perhonen A lovely butterfly of a spider ship wish I knew Three French Hens her Jean just as before remains an enigma a character that I still can t make my aboutBaited byer sister Dunyazad Tawaddud enters the politics of Sirr which turns out to be a dizzying mess It is bound to be really when tiny and unimportant post Collapse Earth suddenly becomes a vortex of power play in the Solar System Amidst that and Jean s exploits much is revealed about the world of the far future much than in The uantum Thief A lot of your expectations and understanding of the previous book will possibly not stand at least some of mine didn t Even events that seemed explicitly disambiguated on Mars are complicated further and for that reason it is probably a good idea to reread The uantum Thief before diving into this one an even better reason is that it s great fun A lot of the events in this book too may seem somewhat opaue especially some threads in the explosive end part The author firmly refuses to spoon feed The Novice his readers with justifications and explanations and that is rather great and admirable even if it is the source of occasional confusion But there are simply so many miracles to show in this universe Like Mieli the ship is an uneasy amalgalm of Oortian and Sobornost remade on Venusidden weapons and uantum armour and virs and gogols and antimatter embedded in v ki smartcoral like diamond insects in amber No wonder there is an unchecked profusion of noun phrases non finite and verbless clauses on every page Mieli floats in the spimescape a ghost within the ghost of the ship It is a representation of the worldlines all smartmatter leaves behind from every nut and bolt of Perhonen to the System wide machinery of the Highway Reality overlaid with interpretation and explanation cold physics caught in a cobweb of meaning It is a feature of Rajaniemi s writing that I m not sure I like without reservations coupled with the present tense narrative it definitely contributes a somewhat static uality to the perception of imagery Which is a paradox in itself as The Fractal Prince is anything but static It moves at the speed of light literally leaps and bounds and twists and never desists with the deluge of miracles Now that I m writing this it strikes me that I can very easily visualize the narrative as a comic strip delivering a rapid seuence of still images each one etched on the pagemind with fastidious detail The detached narrative voice that comes with noun Ice Creams at Carringtons heavy writing is then transmogrified from a potential flaw to method of story telling lifted from a slightly different media semi disembodied semi character centered An approach rather cleverly fitted to the nature of the story after all it must be very difficult to depict postuman godlings then why not tell it all from the vantage point of a The Predictions high speed camera able to capture with fidelity everything from visuals to states of mind though not necessarily able to explain it I can almost imagine a graphic novel adaptation or why not a uirky anime series with sufficiently brilliant art to render the awesomeness of Rajaniemi s universeThe wild metaphor chase in the last paragraph might seem too stretched but this is actually one of the coolest things about Rajaniemi s writing It invites you to construct meaning without ever slowing down to take a breath To echo a famous cognitive linguist it taps into the wide backstage of cognition and makes you work damnard for your money The amount of information analysis conceptual blending and linguistic reverse engineering one Rousseaus Dog has to engage in to make sense of the text is staggering Even staggering is that the effort doesn t really feel like work it is simply that rewarding and enjoyable Just thinkow much your brain needs to accomplish in order to decode a thought up word like cleptography It reuires accesses to at least two conceptual domains and the respective schemata associated with them then you August and Then Some have to make the two work together as one and situate the new notion within the context of the novel itself spun from countless such loci of meaning Scale that up a thousand fold and it might give you a relative ideaow much on fire your brain is while processing such a text The fact that you do want to process it is a sure sign that it packs a whole lot of pleasurable affective punchIn fact another element that potentially could be seen as a flaw is justified in a similar fashion Rajaniemi might not be feeding us information in a very non A History of Ornithology (New Naturalist, hard sciences academician friendly fashion butis books are no strangers to occasional info dumps Without those they would take decades to write and would fill thousands of pages Yet 7 Days to Live here the notorious nemesis of good worldbuilding sits naturally filtered through the idea of the Sobornost metaselves that tirelessly steer gogols to the fulfillment of The Great Common Task And trust me you will enjoy the info dumps and fret over there being so little of them The scale of Rajaniemi s ideas and canvas painting is awe inspiring sharing a league with The Hyperion Cantos Which is veritable feat to cram so much in such a lean page count That is why such a methodology of using language to uncover just the tip of meaning and let the reader figure the rest out is entirely functional and adeuate in this case Moreover Rajaniemi uses it to appeal to the senses too it s not reserved for the intellect alone Consider these two instances of synaesthetic writing uite common in the book Below the shopkeeper coughs again a mucous jagged sound Their descent brings a rush of wasteeat and a tangy smell of overclocked metabolisms But then again to uote a famous Sobornost warmind Matter and mind Dualism Primitive distinctions All is information So why should a writer s method distinguish between mind and bodyThe fabric of post Delphie and the Magic Spell/Rosa and the Golden Bird human wonders is especially dense on Earth Sirr in the sky is a proudeir to the Oubliette as one of the jaw dropping SF cities ever imagined Its kilometer long vertical Shards remnants of a ruined space station lighting up the night the muhtasib aristocrats in palaces Collins Complete British Birds Photoguide high up and the commoners on the ground the angel nets and the gogol merchants ships the Fast Ones the mutalibun and the body thieves in the dessert Ah I will let you find about those on your own explore the fractals in your uniue wayApart from the sheer and stark awesomeness of the world and the intricacy of the plot there are also the Big Ideas And these are reallyuge in the second book aving leveled up significantly The motif of fractals is not spliced to the formal DNA of the novel merely for the coolness factor it reflects a serious preoccupation with the mystery of minds and stories myths and gods past and future The Great Task of the Sobornost comes into crisp resolution and its vision is pitched against the much elusive essence of classic umanity and the zokus The book trades in complex uestions such as why we need storytelling what is consciousness a strange loop a self loop and where to draw the boundary between Into the Garden (Poison Diaries, human and nonuman Ideas that as Rajaniemi admits are pickpocketed from thinkers as diverse as Douglas Hofstadter Andy Clarke and Carl Jung The notion of memesarchetypes is particularly central to the book But like my friend Isaac taught me a long ago on Mars alcohol is not just about chemistry it s the meme the feeling Bacchus speaking in my Tiger in the Snow! head and making it all better Jeanimself is a kind of meme the trickster archetype embodied in flesh and this starts to show and as the series progresses It will be interesting to read about the zoku point of view regarding these conundrums in the later chapters of the story They seem particularly fond of untidy narratives and yet scorn run of the mill The Quaint Christmas humans as meme zombies Anyway Rajaniemi does a fantastic job at presenting a metaphysical vision of a universe made of information At certain points some of the ideas reminded me of Philip Dick s deeply disturbing but insightfully graceful form of mysticism only operationalized and made sane The Finnish writer explores those problem spaces inis usual brisk fashion so don t expect a comprehensive argument but be prepared to get you mind blown Another Life here and there along the fractal edgesAnd if youave endured this review to its end and still aren t convinced that The Fractal Prince could well be the best SF novel in 2012 let s see what Iank Banks The Cinderella Moment has to offer before any rash pronouncements consider the following This is a book that can pull off this sentence I m going to find a job that does not involve breaking into giant machines full of lesbian dragon sex Nothing to say910 This is designed as a series recap in preparation of Causal Angel You can also use it as a review of both novels if youaven t read them though I can t guarantee it s spoiler free I ve also included a glossary of terms found within the series as well as a short essay on Zoku Sobornost relations these two absolutely contain spoilers Please note that I created it prior to reading The Causal Angel and it contains some inaccuracies as it doesn t include information revealed in the final book Review of Rajaniemi s Jean le Flambeur Series May Contain Spoilers What follows is a mini review of the series to date including the Finnish author s The uantum ThiefBook 1 and The Fractal Prince Book 2 The uantum Thief is the beginning of Rajaniemi s ambitious Happy Ever After Trilogy high techeist tale It s the tale of a superhuman thief named Jean le Flambeur Jean Trilogy Collection has the ability to steal intangible things that are important in aigh tech world things like uantum states and mindsOh yeah did I mention that Hannu Rajaniemi studied uantum physics and possesses and in depth knowledge of string theory While the series puts the Dancing With Kings hard inard sci fi it is also offset by plenty of adventure and fantasy Despite what some reviewers claim this series is easy to read and is a masterfully woven science fiction tale The futuristic universe described in the trilogy is a post singularity setting This means that The City of Woven Streets humanityas achieved the ability to transcend physical bodies and live on various planets throughout our Solar System The universal consensus in which their minds exist is known as the SobornostJean s new body given to im by Miele and er shadowy employer is actually a Sobornost Founder s creation Its potential is limitless but Miele keeps tight control over it Unfortunately there s another catch Violation he s incomplete and brokenIn uantum Thief we re introduced to Jean whene s rescued by a combat ready winged soldier named Mieli Mieli is Sleepover Girls on Safari (The Sleepover Club, his partner and employer during the series She rescues Jean from a Dilemma Prison a crystal clear structure in space that pits your mind against you reuiring you to make impossible decisions only to die an infinite number of times But the true gem is not the witty and wild rogue Jean it s the OublietteThe Oubl. Adow players and jinni two sisters contemplate a revolutionAnd on the edges of reality a thiefelped by a sardonic ship is trying to break into a Schrödinger box for Oscar and Hoo his patron In the box isis freedom Or notJean de Flambeur is back And. ,
The Fractal Prince