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Y I don t read #THAT MANY HARELUINS BUT THIS IS FAVORITE OF #many Hareluins but this is my favorite of ones that I ve read Paranormal romantic suspense at its best 4 12 star. E irresistible to Morgan Drawn to him as if nder a 4 12 star. E irresistible to Morgan Drawn to him as if nder a spell Morgan who'd stared down danger for a living now knew real fear in Andre's arms Fear that she was falling for a kille. HI 828 35 stars I Like The Fact That Harleuin the fact that Harleuin gotten into Gothic Romance I love The Gothic Vampires Spells And Mystical Things gothic Vampires spells and mystical things a The Steamy Bayou Bred Dangerand DesirePI Morgan Kirkland had investigated strange crimes before but none as eerie as *The Murders On Andre *murders on Andre bayou estate nor anything as peculi.

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Ay to escape the real WORLD I GREATLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK I FOUND THE I greatly enjoyed this book I found the secret somewhat predictable but it was still a very interesting stor. Ar as the man himself He lived like a captive at the isolated Belle Vista disappeared after sunset drank homemade brews and avoided the truth But his dark looks and brooding mien wer. .