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The Safe House iY finally reached the ominous home The action that unfolds fro that point on until the end of the novel left me breathlessI have never mentioned the fact that Maberrys a master at telling a descriptive fight scene He Blood for Blood is bloody gory and detailed He can make your stomach turn make you flinch and have you hooting and hollering for bloody fun There are many truly great action seuencesn these novels I could see Maberry writing an effective detective noir novelGriswold unleashes his army of monsters of undead and unliving The end Be Afraid (Morgans of Nashville, is approachingI absolutely loved this book and highly recommendt to all horror lovers or even those that read dark urban fantasy There A Six Gun for Socrates is a great book here somewhere butt s buried beneath 400 pages of filler I was a bit unsure about the first one and almost left Practical Angels it at the semi happy ending at the end oft but now I m glad I kept on reading because by now I m really sold on this trilogy lolThis second book picks up right after the events of book 1 Val and Crow beaten and haunted get out of the hospital But they are not the only ones shaken there The Lonely King (The Royals, is a lot of personal stuff going on Not much happens apart from that There are still cops and agents trying to find out whats what but that Latin America in the World is basically background noise The towns still affected by a black harvest which means that tensions are high even Shootout of the Mountain Man (Mountain Man, if we discount the happenings of the first book Moremportantly however this second volume 彼岸花の咲く夜に 5 is about what happensn the shadows the big bad getting ready for the showdown and pulling the strings out of the shadows And t s about what happened when Crow Val and Terry were still kids because as the reader already knows this has direct In Cave Danger (Pacific Northwest Mystery implications on whats happening right nowWhat I liked most was the exploration of the history of Pine Deep not just when Griswald killed Terry s sister Crow s brother and all those other people but even longer ago than that as well as the Impulsive (Men of Hawaii, interpersonal relationships I did like Crow the male MC and Val the female MC Crow s fianc en the first book already but many of the other characters like Terry and Sal got a bit screen time now and The Perfect Mistress (Mistress, it did them good Sure many of the descriptions and even motivations are still utterly predictable and standard but I like the small town feel of things I mean tropes come from somewhere Besides those tropes give me hope for whos going to survive and who s not going to make Turquoise Unearthed: An Illustrated Guide it so there s thatAnd the author managed something else that many others apparently can t he wrote a kick ass female character thats nevertheless normal shaken by events vulnerable not too over the top Antologia de Contos Fantásticos in any wayThe kicker here was that we finally get some of the supernatural elements being pronounced and that whilet Dark Ruby Dark Sapphire is a mix of thingst seems to be working well together I like when even fantastical stuff In Search of Bisco is realistic Again theres some action here one could even say that The Arabic Alphabet its or less a copy of the action Here We Are in the first volume and like I said most of the things happening are preparations meaning the monsters can t operate outn the open which gives the story a deliciously creepy feel But generally there Unexpected Findings is going on thann book 1 because some people of course catch on to things do their own research and get ready as well so one does feel a nice progression while the timeline Anna of Kleve (Six Tudor Queens, is showing a nice pace naturally people would be slow to catch on to thingsSo while I was being generous with book 1 this volume definitely deserves the 4 stars The second bookn my favorite horror trilogy of all time I really didn t have a favorite book of the three I liked them all eually and honestly In the Mix (The GEG, in my mindt was just one really long story The Pine Deep Trilogy just gets my highest possible recommendation I personally put these books right on the same level as Stephen King s novels and considering King s my all time favorite writer that s high praise ndeedI always do spoiler free reviews so I never give away details but f you like your horror with monsters ghosts and just generally creepy happenings you ll love this series The writing flows really well and when you re done with the series

*you ll be *
ll be Maberry eventually revisits Pine Deep Once again my highest possible recommendation but f you do decide to read the Pine Deep Trilogy of course start with the first volume of the series Ghost Road Blues I really enjoyed the first book but I had to struggle to get through the first 80% of this one It was bogged down with repetition oftentimes of useless facts eg Val s scars and motorcycle accidents even certain lines repeated word for word There were too many odes to Val and Crow s undying love and a sixteen minute sex scene that was dreadfully boring It s loaded with dream seuences and repetitious dream seuences sixteen minute sex scene that was dreadfully boring It s loaded with dream seuences and repetitious dream seuences the worst part was all the recapping of the first book I do not exaggerate when I say that this book Popular Woodworking Pocket Shop Reference is about 50% recap of the first bookSo why even three stars The last 20% and thenterludes were pure horror gold though one must really suspend disbelief view spoiler Our fearless hero goes to the one place where the baddies could attack and kill capture rape torment or do whatever else to him without anyone ever finding him but Dyeing to Spin Knit: Techniques Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns instead choose to largelygnore him and attack a farm where murders had occurred twice before which should at the very least have a police detail andor lingering media presence on My Old Lady it but doesn t Ruger himself going outn the daylight to watch not act at the farm when the shade of dark hollow would have been much conducive I could go on but hide spoiler Maybe there s a groove we readers need to fall Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes into with certain authors and I certainly needed to findt here or at least for the first novel but fortunately I had no problems with this oneMaybe t s just the fact that the but fortunately I had no problems with this oneMaybe t s just the fact that the MC s that I ve grown to love are still alive and kicking and raising hell when the time Fractured Truth (Bone Gap Travellers is right That s pretty satisfyingn any book but this does a really fine job of characterization The evil men aren t uite so cardboard here My sympathies are only strengthened Maigret and the Wine Merchant in the pain soup Val undergoes And Mike I m always loving the hell out of him Crow s a geeky dream but I m eually horrified and rooting for Mike Thiss shaping Knit Together into a horror that SK could be proud of Hell just thinking about putting all these books togethernto one long story gives Treacherous (Stepbrother it exactly that kind of edge Epic Horror Thats a huge cast of characters He, An Irreverent Look At The American Male in a small town besieged by an old evil that will consume them allf something SELL IT LIKE SERHANT isn t done kind of horror I m uite happy with this. The uiet little townnto hell on earth Their only hope The Breakout Novelist is to find the source But the secrets that lurkn the heart of Pine Deep are twisted nto ts very roots This time the townspeople aren't just fighting for their lives but for their very sou. .
Dead Man's Song Book 2

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Authors are like musicians n one The Missing Link important way Some bands emerge on the scene fully formed delivering a debut that appears to encapsulate everything great they would eventually accomplish Think Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division or Oasis Definitely Maybe or Entertainment by Gang of Four These albums land with a seismicmpact that heralds the arrival of An Important Voice one that the rest of us mortals should do well to noticeOther bands Their first albums resemble the toddler taking his first wobbly steps The potential for great things Working Girls is clearly there but the talent still needs some time toncubate The best contemporary example of this Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe is probably Radiohead s 1993 debut Pablo Honey There was nothing on that album not even the juggernaut of Creep tondicate that within four years they d transform Speechless into one of the mostnfluential bands of all timeSome authors follow similar trajectories either delivering a powerhouse of a debut or stumbling about for a book or two before hitting their stride As a huge fan of author Jonathan Maberry Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, it s obvious from Dead Man s Song that earlyn his career he was Radiohead than Gang of Four lots of promise but still lacking Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, in execution I first discovered him through 2009 s Patient Zero the first of his books to feature Joe Ledger the leader of a secret government agency devoted to tackling paranormal threats This series remains hugely satisfying action packed darkn tone and featuring some deliciously hard boiled dialogue from Ledger and his teamI recently backtracked to the beginning of Maberry s fiction career he started as a writer of non fiction books about martial arts and picked up Ghost Road Blues the first novel Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in the Pine Deep Trilogy It was as I wrote a couple months agon my lazy one sentence review the sound of one of my favorite horror writers still finding his voice That book held great promise detailing an epic supernatural struggle The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, in the haunted town of Pine Deep PA on thatn a second but also featuring some clunky description and plotting as well as most surprisingly some unforgivably cheeseball dialogueIf there s one thing the Great Bookshelf Deprivation Project ensures t s that I ll continue reading series that might not nitially grab me Also Maberry has engendered enough goodwill from the Ledger series for me to give Pine Deep another shot Sadly Dead Man s Song the second book Mindhunter in the trilogy only adds to thempression that Maberry still hadn t figured out who he was as a writerThe fault Flawd isn tn the premise In Ghost Road Blues we re Sweet Stallion introduced to the town of Pine Deep which was the site of a gruesome series of murdersn the 1970s The details of that backstory are too circuitous to go The County And The Kingdom into here except to say thatt Summer Heat! involves a murderous German named Ubel Griswold and an African American hippie called the Bone Man by the local children who was framed for the murders and lynched by the racist townspeople Fast forward to the present day and the grown survivors of that tragedy ex cop Malcolm Crow his girlfriend Val and town mayor Terry becomenvolved Crushed Ice in another series of senseless killings when a trio of fugitives arrivesn Pine Deep As t turns out the leader of the gang Karl Ruger s working Risking It All in the service of Griswold who but of coursesn t just any garden variety murderous German but a murderous German who may or may not be an Dog Food 2 immortal source of evil and therefore responsible for both Hitler and Justin Bieber Ruger teams up with some of the Bone Man s grown killers to enact a plot whose desired outcome still hasn t been revealed by the end of the second book Crow Val and Terry are the only thing standing between Ruger and total domination of Pine Deep and they re aidedn this by the ghostly form of the Bone Man who acts as a sort of mystical protector At the end of the book Crow seems to have killed Ruger and everything appears to be hunky dory despite the trail of carnage that preceded their final confrontation and Ruger s warning to Crow Ubel Griswold sends his regardsDead Man s Song picks up almost mmediately after the closing pages of Ghost Road Blues and maybe the most frustrating thing about the book s how and maybe the most frustrating thing about the book The Moonshiners Daughter is how progresss made Emmas Orphans int The bad guys kill some people the good guys worry about who the bad guys will kill next we learn some about why the bad guys are killing people Saints on Stage itnvolves vampires and werewolves but Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in terms of momentum the books largely an exercise childhood happy hours in stasis Whichs weird because I mean stuff happens Life and death fate of the free world hanging n the balance stuff But at the end of 500 Pages Everyone Is Pretty pages everyone s pretty at the exact same place they were at the beginning And that s sort of weird when I consider how Maberry s Joe Ledger series Publish and Perish is a careening beast with a race against the clock almost always the default settingSo there s that problemThere s also thessue of some tremendously stilted dialogue pitched to be clever but reading like conversations that have never actually been spoken anywhere on the planet Witty banter s tough to pull off Carl Hiaasen can do t Denis Johnson can do The Book of Lamentations it El Leonard can dot and was probably the best at t The Jonathan Maberry of Dead Man s Song can t although the Jonathan Maberry of Patient Zero can Many of the exchanges between characters had me alternately rolling my eyes or sighing such as this one between Crow and Terry Crow for God s sake stop looking at me like I have two heads If I m going crazy then I m going crazy Don t worry once Halloween s over I m planning on checking myself The Best-Case Scenario Handbook into a hospital for a nice long stay and when I get out providing they don t throw away the key I m taking Sarah and the kids to Jamaica for the rest of the winter No crops blighted or otherwise And no Halloween Sounds like a plan Crow cleared his throat again And stop clearing your goddamn throat Well dude cut me a break My best friendss going crackers on me and I have no freaking clue about what to say or what to do Terry looked at him and for a moment a smile softened the worry lines on his face Being my best friend The Last Days of the Romanovs is doing a lot believe me Pardon me while I say nothing during the awkward pause that has to follow that kind of statement Terry threw a small pillow at him Crow duckedIt s all just so very precious and cutesy and cumulativelyt s hard to take seriously And as much as I hate to do The Fate of the Romanovs it let s talk love scenes for a minute If ever one has been written that works I ve yet to discovert And Maberry certainly hasn t mastered the craft While Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, it s tempting to share one of the most expl. EVIL ENDURESOnce andyllic Pennsylvania village Pine Deep awoke one morning to find LOSER itself bathedn a massive bloodletting Twice Home-Ec 101 in thirty years the townsfolk have endured the savage hungers of a murderous madmanbutf the residents think the de. Icit passages Exterminating Angel in a multi page howler of a scene between Crow and Val that I thinks meant to pass as the calm before the storm at the book s climax here s a less explicit scene that s no less silly for all Culture and Customs of Norway its detailAfter a while once her skin has soaked up the richness of the water Crow slipped one handnto a terrycloth mitten Wetting The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, it he fetched a bar of scented wheat and lavender soap and worked up a good lather then he helped her to stand upn the tub Water sluiced down the lovely length of her and pausing once Shake, Rattle and Roll in a while to kiss her glistening hide he used the luxurious soap and the gentle roughness of the mitten to wash everynch of her glorious skin He was diligent n his thoroughness and then with a large bath ladle he poured water over her to rinse away the soap He drained most of the water from the tub as he did so and uickly refilled t so that when he helped her down again she lay The Weavers Idea Book in fresh water and that sloshed around herIt s just BlergMaybe I m handicapped by knowing how good Maberry would getn a couple years but I m really conflicted by this series It s not unreadable but The Mission of Mooney Rooney if I had encountered the Pine Deep trilogy firstt s doubtful I would ve stuck around for Joe Ledger One book to go Here s hoping Maberry brings The Road to There it homen a way that redeems the first two episodesSee all my reviews at goldstarforrobotboynet I was very excited about this series when I had finished Ghost Road BluesNow after finishing Dead Man s Song I couldn t care lessI was very mpressed with Maberry s work n the first novel A perfect mix of descriptive prose and dialogue which made Used (Getting Inside of V, it a very fun read But there w It was October whent happened It should alwaysbe October when these things happen In October youexpect things to dieVote This long trilogy with Inside a Barn in the Country its load ofconic monsters of horror genre The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums is just well written and the perfect Halloween season reading but again like after reading first book last yeart not entertained me enough to start as soon as possible another 400 pages of Athena itLoving the storyline characters and some parts like the mayor s sister ghost and Ubel Griswold s mansionn Dark Hollow chapters are really creepy but plot Tales from the Toolbox is dragging a lot and Crow and Val are so corny that make me eyeroll a lotOh well I know again what I m going to read next October just hope the endings not going to be a big disappointment In the silent wormy darkness he waitsThere s one very mportant factor to remember when reviewing a book like this namely t has corn fields The dark shape hunched over the corpse raised ts head and looked at him without expression for a long moment and then the bloody mouth opened Det ordnar sig in a great smile full ofmmense darkness and hunger lips parting to reveal hideous teeth that were grimed with pink white tatters of fleshIndeedy It s like thatbut The Admiral it alsosn t See Dead Man s Song The Homunculus is actually a slower burner compared tots predecessor but the end result Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) is every bit as rewarding I really enjoyed the first bookn the Pine Deep Trilogy Ghost Road Blues and Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory imagine my pleasant surprise when the author himself commented on my review evenf The Succubus it was to set me straight on one or two things This secondnstalment The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips Trials from a Life in Food Service in the trilogy takes off exactly where the first book stopped And boy doest ever The dead body Dictionary of Misinformation in the mound was struggling to sit up It pushed dirt away fromts mouth pushed at the heavy clods clawed at the soft soil for purchase until Rosettas Dress Mess (Tales of Pixie Hollow, it sat erect Thent turned a dirt smeared white face at him and smiled He screamed once a shrill tearing scream of absolute horror and ranIt s a veritable labyrinth conspiracy of evil that reaches back decades Expect some shocking revelations regarding a few of the main players I appreciated the additional nformation regarding the Black Harvest and the fate of Oren Morse The story s just so much greater once t starts making The story s just so much greater once Archetype (Archetype, it starts making do suggest though that you don t let grass grow beneath your feet between books otherwise you will be at least a bit lost This particular entry also reuires a bit of a paradigm shift on the reader s partf I learnt anything from Dead Man s Song t s not to make any assumptions about where a story s headed This whole thing was giving him an The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 2) increasingly bad feelingIt s atmospheric stuff all round and while comparisons with Stephen King have been drawn I found thatt really sn t uite the same This s a good thing while there are definite echoes of the likes of Salem s Lot Maberry clearly has his own voice I highly recommend this whole trilogy so far to readers who enjoy big horror stories He did not notice that all of the trees around him with filled with crows each of them watching him with bottomless black eyes 5 starsThis book from 25% Driven (Full Throttle, in takes off like a runaway freight train Where the first noveln the series Ghost Road Blues was a slowly building thriller with tinges of the supernatural Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine int This one goes dark and deep very uickly and we are treated to a great deal of monsters ghosts and the undead Being a second of three n a trilogy we get the normal added layers to our main characters through further backstories Our main hero Malcolm Crow Is The Shining is the shining n this one and much of the action centers on him Iron Mike Sweeney grows up uite a bit and his role My Dead Pets Are Interesting in this seems to be made clear Mike takes a job with Crow and takes on the role of his apprentice One of the best things about this seriess the connection between our strong hero and this growing troubled boyI loved the way Crow convinces Mike to take his offer to be trained on how to fight to survive Down and dirty tricks and secrets that Mike can use to stand up for himself Mike a complete Heat It Up (Out of Uniform, introvert allows Crow to push him because of the honesty and openness the man presents him Crow tells Mike about his troubled past his father and his need to learn to be a survivorMike has many dreams that get darker and scarier and foretell an awful futureThe Bone Man plays some key rolesn this one He s amazed at his apparent abilities as a ghost and believes that he must be there for a good reasonCrow goes on an nterview and then a field trip to the Griswold s place with an Guys Like Girls Who . . . interesting reporter named Newton The adventure downnto the hole and through the trees and brush was written beautifully It was suspenseful colorful and scary The tension built as the two men came closer to Ubel Griswold s home Maberry masterfully layered on the backstory of the horrors of Griswold as Crow recounted O Mistério do Lago (Inspetor Erlendur, it to Newton as they hiked along I loved the dialog between the two men when the. Ath of serial killer Karl Ruger put an end to the carnage they're dead wrongTHE NIGHTMARE NEVER ENDSBodies mutilated beyond descriptionnnocents driven to acts of vicious madness A monstrous evil s preying on the living and the dead and turning.