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In a wonderful world and populated by delightful people of the FaeI was fortunate to win this in an online GiveawaySeries Spellbound Hearts Book 1Publication Date September 9 2014Publisher Mistral DawnGenre Fantasy RomancePrint Length 388 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More Review of Taken By The HuntsmanBy Mistral DawnCassie is a woman who s been on her own only worrying about herself Trust is something she s never had anyone to put into and no one has been in her life to rely She has only herself when things get hard but that is about to change She meets the gorgeous Erkling who sweeps her off of her feet Erlking is a

dominant alluring hero 
alluring hero will do anything to gratify his intended companion except release her She has an internal war going on especially since Erkling has kidnapped her She wants him but doesn t want the baggage or the heartbreak that can come with loving someone But then again how is she suppose to fight her feelings for this sexy fae She s survived a hostile world but love is something she may not survive emotionally anyway The ventures the two come upon promised a engrossing read and didn t let me down The love sceneswell ladies get ourselves ready for they are EXCEPTIONALLY sultry spicy HOT HOT HOTIf Undercover Pregnancy you love fantasy a land of Fairies and some eccentric romantic scenes this is the book forou I appreciated this decidedly imaginative story and its extraordinary and delightful characters Taken By The Huntsman follows the journey of Cassie a lonely woman barely coping in the human world and Cadeyrn the Elking and leader of the Wild Hunt Cassie is kidnapped and hidden away inside Cadeyrn s fortress in Fairie once he realizes that she is to be his destined soulmate Cadeyrn acts with good intentions and is the hero of the story despite the way my description makes him sound The story is a fairy tale no pun intended that reminded me of the mystery and wonder I felt as a child reading similar stories The romantic *and magical uality of this book may have appealed to my inner child but there were explicit aspects *magical uality of this book may have appealed to my inner child but there were explicit aspects could only be appreciated by my present maturity Taken By The Hunstman was engaging well written and thought provoking while remaining entertaining and erotic That combination is often rare in books standing out in the genre of fantasy romance The author does a terrific job of keeping our attention and walking the reader through the magical realm of the Fae with enough backstory and description to introduce the characters their language their history and their culture to those who love fantasy and those without prior experience to this world The sensual nature of the novel is handled with dignity and great care even though the sex is erotic and extremely steamy This is a feat in and of itself The sexual aspect intertwines with the romance and was presented in a way that is not heavy handed at all Even the introduction of bondage fits well with the characters and their struggle to come to terms with love and how it differs across the gap between the world of the Fae and the world of the humansI was pleasantly surprised with this book There were a few grammatical errors as to be expected with indie books none of which deterred me from falling in love with the story and the characters I ll be anxiously awaiting the author s next releaseThe reviewer received a free copy of Taken By The Hunstman in return for an unbiased review Erlking King of the Hunt Kidnapper a bit confused by his human mates reactionsCassie Kidnapped Human mate of the Erlking running from loveThis is one of the best spins on the ancient folk myth of the Wild Hunt and the Huntsmen I have read This is Mistral Dawn s debut novel which is such a shock because she nailed it We have an abundance of detail to not only help Cassie negotiate the land of Fairy but us as well We are given a wealth of information to process on the place flora fauna and its occupants It feels like we are learning to maneuver this land with her The story was enchanting and the plot I felt was uniue to this book because of the Erlking s job as well as the nature of the book itselfI enjoyed the fact that Cassie didn t immediately fall in love with the Erlking She has a mind of her own though at times that mind got her in trouble a few times The Erlking s confusion over her not falling in step with his wishes was amusing to me If ou like Hummer your books steamy this book is hot and as the Erlking works to convince Cassie to believe in love it just gets even hotter A little mild suspense some drama romance and a story lineou can t help but get caught up in It is a REALLY great read and a fantastic beginning to the series. Otect her from his many enemies He knows she will be angry and that he'll have to work to earn her trust but he finds his task to be even challenging than he had thought it would be due to Cassie's difficulty in opening her heartWill Cadeyrn be able to convince Cassie that the bond between them is real and earn her love.
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Tart until we reached about 50% of the bookI also noticed that there wasn t much *3DNESS TO CASSIE S CHARACTER I *to Cassie s character I like that there was effort in the Erlking aka Cadeyrn but also hats off for being a well thought of character as well as majority of the side characters I will recommend this to anyone who enjoys an awesome worldbuilding of the Fae and character driven stories as opposed to plot driven stories This can be enjoyed read in a slow pace But that of course would depend on how ou roll Fantasy readers will surely enjoy this Wow I absolutely loved this book I haven t read any books based around the book I haven t read any books based around the before but I will definitely be following this Author and her stories I enjoyed her writing style and felt that I was actually within the story watching it unfold and I really didn t want it to end I loved the main characters Cassie Cadeyrn and I m really looking forward to reading the next bookRomance Action Suspense and Hunky MalesDo ou really need anything else Taken By The Huntsmen is the first novel by new on the scene author Mistral Dawn The book is a fantastical tale of romance between a human named Cassie and the Fae Erlking Cadeyrn Cassie is kidnapped by Cadeyrn as he engages in the Wild Hunt for a murderous Fae While conducting the hunt in the human realm Cadeyrn spots Cassie and instantly identifies her as his soulmate Knowing his enemies can identify their bond Cadeyrn takes Cassie from the human realm to better protect her The rest of the book focuses on the journey of convincing Cassie they are meant to be together and Cassie discovering the ways of the FaeMistral Dawn introduces her readers to a world filled with magical creatures and situations Half the fun of this novel is witnessing Cassie navigate an unknown world and in the process learn about herself One of her main struggles involves her human world belief system in relation to the Faes moral code At core this is a conflict concerning the values and expectations of differing cultures The author nicely balances the points of view from both Cadeyrn and Cassie as they struggle to understand each other s cultures and one another as individualsAs a person who isn t a fan of romance novels I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed this book The combination of romance and fantasy are nicely blended together The characters have depth struggle with difficult social and personal issues in an interesting environmentAlthough I want to give this novel another star because the story genuinely held my interest I do believe this book needs another round of editing by a really good editor A few scenes could be better fleshed out there were missing words in sentences grammatical issues and some of the scenes were too verbose and repetitive without advancing the storyline Nevertheless there is really good storytelling at the core of this novel and I look forward to see what this new author comes up with next For most of her life Cassie was invisible to those around her Shortchanged on love happiness and joy she had no idea where she fit in Could it be that Earth really had no room for her in its realmCadeyrn is the Erlking the Leader of the Wild Hunt a Fae whose job is to capture and punish Criminals in the Fae realm It was on one of these hunts that he was forced to travel to the human realm to in chase of his prey It is then that he saw Cassie and knew she was his eternal mate Thinking this could make her a target for his enemies he kidnaps her and can only hope that she will forgive him and learn to love him Clearly NOT his best move and Cassie is not about to let his actions go unpunished even if he does set her heart on fire Headstrong trying to make the best of an awful situation she finds herself learning the way of the Fae and that their kindness and warmth knows no bounds The loyalty his subjects give Cadeyrn must have been earned and she soon sees a side of this man that is both endearing because she sees his kindness as genuine and terrifying because he is cracking the wall she has built around her heart Will he be like everyone else she has ever known or can she trust him with her mind body and soulSo clearly Mistral Dawn lets us know kidnapping may not have been Cadeyrn s smartest move and rest assured she allowed Cassie to assure he had no doubts about it TAKEN BY THE HUNTSMAN is a fantasy romance lover s dream Slow building romance that will boil over with passion fabulous banter and bickering and one completely clueless Fae when it comes to human women There are brutal moments dangerous moments and moments that will have ou completely enraptured From start to finish for me this was fresh reading built. Ce tracking the criminals of Fairie and punishing them for their crimesWhile hunting for the murderer of a child who has escaped to Earth Cadeyrn comes across Cassie and realizes that she is the one that the great mother goddess has designated as his soul mate He kidnaps her and takes her to his fortress in Fairie to pr. ,

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My ReviewCassie is a twenty eight ear old gal who s use *to being on her own and only having to worry about herself * being on her own and only having to worry about herself s never had anyone to rely on or trust in when things got hard It was only her for her entire life so when a hunky Erkling sweeps her off of her feet Cassie doesn t know what to make of it She wants him but doesn t want the attachments or the possible heartbreak she knows that ll happen because it always happens to her How is a girl suppose to fend off a sexy fae survive a *Hostile World And Keep Her Clothes Away *world and keep her clothes away a old fashioned brownie touting around dressesCadeyrn is the Erkling He s judge jury and executioner in Faerie If ou commit an evil He Ll Hunt You Down That S Been His Life ll hunt ou down That s been his life hundreds of thousands of Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah years until he spots a raven haired beauty navigating a dark alley Cadeyrn knew from the moment he saw her that she was his soul mate she would take priority over everything else Only problem is he needs to kidnap his princess before someone else gets to her first This is the first story I ve come across that focuses on The Erkling entirely which I must admit totally won me over As soon as I heard about this book I bought it without thought I m so glad I wasn t disappointed The Erkling is of a sweetheart than I would have thought possible I was kinda expecting him to be a total jerk but he wasn t I enjoyed the changing point of viewtoo It was nice getting both Cassie and the Erklings POV while also getting from the surrounding characters My favorite part of this story though would have to be the fact our heroes didn t just fall into bed together Cassie kinda made him work for it and took it slow which was a nice change of pace specially with this being a soulmate type story I did think some parts of the story were a bit long winded but I think the author was just trying to world build an give extra info There were a few typos as well and a few grammar things that bugged me however they didn t really detract from the story I noticed them for a second or two an then moved on The story really kept my attention and kept my curiosity going I definitely want this to become a series it has a ton of potential to keep going My Rating4 of 5 It was a good story and I am glad Cassie did find her soulmate however I did not like the repetitive dialogue and also the way certain things were written I could almost guess what was going to happen and to me that took away a lot of the suspense for me But the story was very good to read But I wish it was a bit suspenseful packed to keep me guessing Cannot wait to read the next book This was a great story that I enjoyed even than I expected I read almost exclusively historical romance but the cover and intriguing description were enough to pull me in for a read I m so glad they did One of my favorite aspects of historical romance is the opportunity to be immersed in the societal norms traditions and expectations of the era written about I went into reading this story assuming I would have to temporarily set aside my desire for such content Not true I loved loved loved the way this clever author had me pondering everything from the true meaning of justice to environmentalism to cultural tolerance It was brilliant the way the subjects were approached too not in a preachy way but in a things that makeou go hmmmm way Even the intimate scenes broadened my horizons I must admit that I don t share in the particular preferences of this couple That being said the way the author cleverly introduced described and explained the scenes gave me an opportunity to at least walk away with an understanding of the appeal I think had she handled the writing of those scenes in any other way I would have been uncomfortable and put off Thank Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian you so much Mistral Dawn for sharingour imaginative tale and I anxiously await the next in our series The Erlking aka Cadeyrn is on Earth hunting for a criminal with a death sentence when he comes across his Anamchara his destined soulmate He decides that it s too dangerous for her to stay on Earth and so he takes her brings her back to his fortress in Fairie Taken By The Huntsman is a first in a series by new author Mistral DawnWhat I enjoyed most about this novel is the worldbuilding uite vivid and the author s depiction of the Fae What I did not enjoy was how wordy it was I found myself having to skim some pages due to some scenes that I thought was a little unnecessary to the story such as internal ramblings by the side characters including the villains and the main character s pet cat But other than that it was uite enjoyableThe plot is uite slow paced the romance between Cassie and Cadeyrn didn t Discarded and ignored by those around her for most of her life Cassie is a lonely human woman struggling to find her place in the world and meaning in her life Cadeyrn is the Erlking the leader of the Wild Hunt a hundreds of thousands of ears old Fae who has always known his purpose He has spent his entire long existen. .
Taken By The Huntsman

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