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D to have a dude who wears a purple sportcoat in his publicity photo unironically I THINK GHOST WRITE A BOOK FOR ghost write a book for I wish she had notI had hoped to learn a bit about Todd Beamer and a lot about what happened during the period around the crash hopefully leaning some insight to the flight What I ot was a long winded story about how Lisa This is the story of Todd Beamer as told by his wife Lisa Beamer Todd was a passenger on United Flight 93 that crashed into the Pennsylvnia field on 911 It is a very touching story about their lives as children how they met And Their Lives Together For their lives together for few brief years they had together Lisa has an unbelievable amount of faith in God and reading how she overcame this trial of losing her husband was very touching She has amazing strength of heart and strength of character I found myself needing a tissue through much of the book She also talks about the last few minutes Todd was alive on the plane and what he and the passengers did to stop the terrorists It is definitely a must read I think I picked this up at a library around the time it came out I found it sad heart breaking and also encouraging What happened on the flight was amazing They are definitely heroes The decisions that were made and the technology that led to those decisions is pretty astounding It is crazy to me that with the phones and internet that were used ten years ago in 2001 and especially now in 2011 have the ability to let people make calls and talk to loved ones right before the moment of death Like those on the doomed 911 flights and those above the impact on the WTC The legacy of those phone calls and messages on answering machines and even emails live on especially nowThis book is one of those things like 102 minutes that you just have to read Even if you don t want to Its hard but its almost impossible to turn awa. Ll the moving behind the scenes story of United Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer and his widow Lisa is so much than a tribute A message of character courage and un. ,

Being only three when the 911 attacks occurred I only remember snippets from the actual day However this book transformed my perspective and the he Not a reat book in my opinion but I enjoyed reading it I rated it four stars not for the uality of storytelling but for the life lessons that were so powerfully stars not for the uality of storytelling but for the life lessons that were so powerfully From an audience perspective I learned about philosophical thinking then about an actual event A ood read nonetheless This book was written by Todd Beamer s wife in honour of his courage act upon the 911 bombing of the Twin Towers and Pentagon act upon the 911 bombing of the Twin Towers and Pentagon Washington DC and the legacy he left behind Todd and other passengers on Flight 93 were ordinary people with extraordinary bravery Lisa uided us through Todd s Facilitation Made Easy growing up years and her own how they happened to meet fall in love and their journey forward I cannot even comprehend what fortitude from this young wife and mother who was brought to her knee s once it was confirmed that Flight 93 crashed and burned in Pennsylvania She had two very young boys to raise and was expecting their third child It is heart breaking to read but very uplifting as she struggled and came to terms with it by putting herrief and despair to the side and concentrating on her boys and what was best for them in the present and future This is also a very powerful and inspirational story about finding faith strength and hope So I watched United 93 the other day I had heard wonderful reviews about the film especially about how refreshing it was that a film about such an emotionally charged issue simply ot out of the way and let the story speak for itself Of course nobody knows everything that happened on United 93 which is one reason I m drawn to the story Todd Beamer was a passenger on the flight known best for fighting back against the hijackers and his catchphrase Let s Roll His wife decide. 2003 ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner The best seller that has brought comfort and hope to millions in the wake of 911 is now available in softcover Let's Ro. Let's Roll Ordinary People Extraordinary Courage

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Y The people that died demand that we carry their words and actions I loved this book not only because it was a tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 but because it s a real portrait of a life Lisa Beamer makes her beloved husband Todd come to life like a true novelist I feel like kind of a jerk for not liking this bookI do recognize and appreciate the actions of the passengers and crew aboard flight 93 and I respect Mrs Beamer s strenghth sympathy and desire to help others I think she wrote this book honestly humbly and sincerely And really what can you ask for from a book that fits under the inspiration categoryI know it s cynical but most of Let s Roll was just boring to me The writing was artless and clich I wasn t interested in 150 pages of background biographical info and cutesy anecdotes and I lost patience with the heavy handed religiousness Maybe the main problem was that I don t fit into the fairly specific intended Audience For A Book Like for a book like devoted Evangelical Christians who are bereaved So it wasn t a BAD book I just didn t particularly like it myself It s hard for me to say I dislike this book I became sentimental and emotional at the endbuutttt that doesn t make up for the 46 exclamation marks she used in a NON FICTION book I make up for the 46 exclamation marks she used in a NON FICTION book I because I was pretty sick of it The book started with a fast beat and then took a uick turn into the painfully boring backgrounds of the author and h As much as I wanted to enjoy this the way the author chose to write it made it pretty painful The mention of God in every other sentence made this terribly annoying and I ll be honest I skipped most of this book and read the important parts which were few and far between Pretty much the beginning and the end are the only essential parts to this story and there is a lot of fillerUnless constant reminders of religious devotion and rea. Deniable faith in the face of horrifying tragedy it encourages anyone who reads it to live real life right now and to have confidence and hope for the future. .