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Ar He was also a devoted Christian During the battle that he fought at Chancellorsville He was "accidentally shot and wounded by his own men where his left arm was amputated that "shot and wounded by his own men where his left arm was amputated that wounded He later developed pneumonia which he died from A great accounting of Stonewall Jackson s activity during the Civil War The AUTHOR ORIGINALLY WROTE THE BOOK IN THE LATE 1800 originally wrote the book in the late 1800 after corresponding with members of Jackson s staff in order to get primary source material Interesting but verboseI m no student of military strategy and history so I found maybe half the book ninteresting comparing Jackson to Napoleon and English generals I did find interesting the portrait of Jackson and description of the actual battles A slow reader I rarely tackle 800 page tomes but this was the second one for me in less than a year and it was well worth the lengthy visit G F R Henderson was a military man as well as an author and this detailed account of Stonewall Jackson s Civil War efforts is a masterpiece Henderson from England amazed me with his detailed descriptions of geography and Americanhistoryspecially the politics of the Civil War eraThis book was educational for meI learned much about how the war was fought and much about the folks that fought it Jackson of course was killed fought and much about the folks that fought it Jackson of course was killed 1863 at Chancellorsville accidentally by friendly fire I was amused to learn that a story circulated throughout the nation that God had wanted the Union to win but knew they couldn t so long as Stonewall Jackson was on the other side So the Lord took His faithful servant home so the United States could be preservedJackson was an amazing man who became highly regarded worldwide for his character faith and military strategiesThe author fully appreciates this The best account of Stonewall that was ever printed Published close to the time frame of his life this 2 volume work was also compiled by a good British Officer the outside view looking in is simply astounding Anyone interested in the War Between the States and either sid. Homas Jonathan 'Stonewall' Jackson For the South Jackson was the greatest military ico. E of the war should read this book This is a very large and thorough two volume set of some 940 pages Probably too much for a casual Civil War buff The depth of detail on Stonewall s battles is amazing There is also a good bit of personal history of Jackson s early life and his experiences at West Point My only concern is a serious one however The author an Englishman was an overt Lee and Jackson worshipper His bias I believe subjects his entire narrative to estion by the devoted Civil War student One must keep this caveat in mind when devoting a prolonged period of time reading this book A first rate biography of one of the most important military figures in history At nearly 1000 pages this book examines every facet of General Thomas Stonewall Jackson And Shows Why Thomas Stonewall Jackson and shows why was the most important cog in the Confederate war machine ntil his death in 1863 Although the book is ite lengthy every page and paragraph has a purpose and provides incredible detail into the life of this man The book is a little biased in that there it rarely finds fault with Jackson s Actions Or Motives But It or motives but it a great job of dissecting the whys and wherefores of his decisions for good and ill It also offers some striking analysis of some of the Civil War s greatest battles and the examination of the battle of Fredericksburg is ite intriguing I ll let you discover what I mean for yourself but I have rarely seen such detailed analysis of why a battle was not the convincing victory that most writers would claim it as as Henderson s description of this battle I was a little daunted by the book s length when I started it but once I did I could not put it down I highly recommend not sing the Kindle version as none of the maps come through but still a fascinating read Excellent book on all fronts Great information on the Civil War from the point of view of a British general written close to the time of the eventsInsights to the genius generalship and solid Christian character of the man Stonewall Jackson. N of the early Civil War years and a larger than life legend This book tells his story.

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Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil WarTwo contradictions stuck me while reading this
1 Henderson belittles Union generals throughout the book yet at the same time attempts to make the case that Jackson is a great general Would Jackson have been as successful had he faced Grant Sherman or Sheridan 2 Jackson is devoutly christian yet he can t wait devoutly christian yet he can t wait kill Yankees He is oted saying as much I guess god told him it was ok to kill his enemies Foote called him a religious fanatic He was probably right I believe it was General Bee who told his men There stands Jackson like a stone wall Whether he meant it as a compliment or an insult is p to you to decide This is a worthwhile read but Henderson overstates the case The gushing goes on and on BTW I read the kindle edition from Gutenburg the maps were difficult to read I suggest that you read This Book In Conjunction With This Web Site A Very book in conjunction with this web site A very look at the career of Stonewall Jackson This was written 120 years ago and the author refers continuously to events of the 19th century of which I know little The leadership alities of Jackson as well as his tactics and strategy are discussed at length and compared with great leaders from the Napoleanic Wars and many others The author Marrying Well undoubtedly has a bias in favor of Jackson and the south but aside from the Peninsula Campaign Jackson did had remarkable success It would be interesting to hear Henderson s thoughts on the idea of post traumatic stress being the reason for his failure in the Peninsula Overall this is a great book for learning about what makes a good leader and the vast amount of military knowledge that Henderson lays down on these pages makes for some compelling reading for a student of history Excellent biography of Thomas Stonewall Jackson One of the greatest Confederate generals during the American Civil War He fought in the Mexican War then became a professor at the Virginia Military Institute He studied artillery tactics which he latersed in the battles that he fought in the Civil In the great constellation of Confederate heroes no star shone brighter than General

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