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Against Love Poetry PoemsEntional too risk free too boring The code word for that is variations of suburban But let s stick to love and marriageThe first poem sets the tone Hester Bateman made a marriage spoon And then subjected it to violence beat it Scarred it "and marked all in the spirit of "marked it All in the spirit of darkest century Bateman is an 18th century English silversmith who made the spoon for an Irish couple Later it states Art and marriage now a made match The poem concludes History frowns on them et in its gaze They join their injured hands and make their vows This sets up the second poem the collection s title poem which concludes It is to mark the contradictions of a daily love that I have written this Against love poetry What follows #is a mix of portraits that shine under the frowning face of history #a mix of portraits that shine under the frowning face of history national and cultural that nonetheless provides testimony to love and love s commitment Here is one randomly chosen from the book s second section called Irish Poetry We always knew there was no Orpheus in IrelandNo music stored at the doors of hellNo god to make itNo wild beasts to weep and lie down to itBut I remember an evening when the skywas underworld dark at fourwhen ice had seized every part of the cityand we sat talking the air making a wreath for our cups of teaAnd Von meinem Daddy versohlt you began to speak of our own godsOur heartbroken pantheonNo Attic light for them and no HerodotusBut thin rain and dogfish and the stopgapof the sharp cliffsthey spent their winters onAnd the pitch black Atlantic nighthow the soundof a bird s wing in a lost language soundedYou made the noise for meMade it againUntil I could see the flight of it suddenlythe silvery lithe rivers of the southwestlay down in silenceand the savage acres no one could predictwere all at ease soothed and uiet andlistening toou as I was As if to music as if to peace Code is a standout for me enj. An in these poems are husband and wife custodians of ordinary aging human love They are not figures in a love poem Ti.

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Oyable but hard to imagine myself coming back to these poems Boland is a master at sparse language and deep emotion Boland is a master at sparse language and deep emotion Boland the first half of this collection to set out her thoughts on the nature of love and the remaining poems display her mastery of diverse topics She uses her Irish identity to good effect as also her experience of migration and it is always clear that the poet is a woman with things to say from that perspective the collection as a whole has the air of a mature reflection over a life lived fully Her poems are serious and often profound her ideas are original and uite inspirational her imagery is kaleidoscopic and she can tell fantastic stories in the most simple #TERMS SHE HAS A VERY ACCESSIBLE #She has a very accessible nothing is dry and many poems are light hearted Most of all her poetry is gobsmackingly effective I am so delighted that I stumbled upon this beautiful collection Worth it just to read OnceThe lovers in an Irish story never had good fortuneThey fled the king s anger They lay on the forest floorThey kissed at the edge of death Boland knows how to subvert the conventions of love poetry She positions herself outside the male gaze and desire into a historical place of invisibility and visibility at her own terms This is "such a finely crafted collection of poems a meditation on the ordinariness of love on the "a finely crafted collection of poems a meditation on the ordinariness of love on the that exists between womanhood and the servitudes of custom Boland s observations are keen picking apart not love but the conventions of love poetry the expectations that lie behind relationships Irish Poetry Thanked Be Fortune and especially uarantine are the stand out poems for me uarantine startled me into near tears I m a generation or so further removed from the Famine than Boland is but it s still a part of the landscape I grew up in and Boland s writing about it always has a fierce power for me. Me is their essential witness and not their destroyer A New York Times Notable Book and a Newsday Favorite Book of 20. Eavan boland the genuine irish poet with the irish style of writing we can found her irish mark ups in several poems she than adeuate to impress me in the first sentences shamrock the durrow all are in compact shape unfinish us in final world i thirsty of her words in the end of her poetabsolutely enigmatic The perfect combination of what can be done with words and what can be said with words while seeming effortless and capturing the ordinary i "love that this collection of poems about love and the transformations "that this collection of poems about love and the transformations love the surface and texture of it is entitled Against Love Poetry because it is the collection stands against the thousands of poems ABOUT LOVE AND ITS EVANESCENCE ITS love and its evanescence its and its fickleness boland writes about the dangers of love and the risks of love but about the shifting swaying unlocatable let alone undefinable center of love it transforms and transforms and boland shows us the passage of time and the transformations of life and love in small and powerful ways a spoon a plate a desk the color of her hair beautiful i read this woman s writing and i need to hug someone Published in 2001 and therefore stuck in my To Read pile for over a decade Shame on me it s a fate the poems didn t deserve Against Love Poetry is a mere slip of a collection divided into two sections Marriage and Code The first section is a single eleven poem seuence The second section holds sixteen individual poems thematically linked not just to each other but to Marriage as wellSo the title Ms Boland is against the feverish strand of romantic poetry that is all roman candle passion that ignores the deep measure of love that history takes on a relationship Similarly she rejects the notion that some lives as in most lives are not fit subjects for poetry lacking the integrity reality life that we seem to deny to mainstream lives too conv. These powerful poems are written against the perfections and idealizations of traditional love poetry The man and wom. ,