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[BOOK] ¹ Sergey Love Me Harder #3 AUTHOR Serena Simpson –

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Sergey Love Me Harder #3Sergey the uiet oneSo far I have read each one of the series and not been disappointed The storyline integrates characters from the other stories giving you a context to understand

the characters in 
characters in story Sergey comes from a A Star Is Born planet where birth orderlays a major role in their lives When his younger brother finds his mate before he does Sergey fears that there may never be someone for him But life throws him a curve ball when he meets his mate in unusual circumstances And so the adventures beginThis is a in unusual circumstances And so the adventures beginThis is a seriesso when you read oneyou get the ending as well a good story with ties to the other books So try it and then go get the series Great read Love the brothers SergeyYeah another created finds a worthy mate In each book the mates become interesting Lorali is in the army when she meets Sergey She knows about the created and wants to help Sergey rescue some kidnapped children The action was very intense in this book and the romance is amazing In my opinion not as good as the first two Aran and Niko This story lacked the element of surprise from the heroine of the story as the first two As a reader I like to visualize the reaction of the when she finds the man that she is interested in is not what he seems In Sergey there was no surprise This may be my favorite of this series so far Sergey and Lorali s story is beautiful She has had a retty crappy life dealt to her but instead of whining she makes herself carry on and has found something good in almost every art of her story The night she meets Sergey she is trying to save the lives of young kids who have been abducted in a human trafficking ring She and Sergey both immediately are drawn to one another and she sees who he is from the beginning What they do is go save the children anyway What she doesn t realize is that he has made her able to feel things again literally after being numb for several years She had been unlucky enough to have been used as an experiment for On the world Sergey came from everything happened in birth order as the second born he had been skipped and there would be no mate for him Lorali use to believed in sunshine and roses until her world came Weapon to exterminate the Created When she was there though the ones with her gave her a shot and when she came out she could no longer feel things because her nerve endings were dead That is how she knows what he is What she doesn t know is that she is dead That is how she knows what he is What she doesn t know is that she is mate Over the next month of first finding out that once he has left to go back home she can no longer feel she then helps find the kids good foster homes and is finally taking him up on a job that he has offered her Or at least she is standing outside on the corner of the street across from the building trying to decide whether this was a mistake She finally decides to go check it out She uickly learns that it decides to go check it out She uickly learns that it t a mistake and he did mean it when he said she would have a job waiting for her in a month She also finds out that if she wants them she has a new family The uestion now is does she want to be art of this familyIt takes a lot for me to give a 5 star rating in for a book I don t give out 5 unless it is close to Rant perfection for me Does that mean I won t No I hold back because of lulls too many errors things of that nature What gets me about this series is you know what theurpose is but how the author will take you there is to be determined So far I am really impressed with the change from one book to the next and each individual story while even having components of the others in them remain different Each time they are getting closer to finding the ones who hunt them but the journey of the couple is different It s on to Nicolas This book was Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM provided by the author in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this and and therevious two books in the series This author knows what to do to make you feel apart of the story A big thumbs up If you like aliens then this is definitely for you Get an editorI actually like this series The remise is interesting the storyline is decent but there needs to be better character development and less grammatical errors It s so frustr. Rashing down With nothing left to do she enlisted she might as well be all she could be Then one day the military let her down also Now she was damaged goods destined to live a long and lonely life What hap. .
Ating to read a book and get into the story only to run across a grammatical error a middle school child would make Ie theretheir mistakes and an overuse of contractions that are inappropriate Not every I have needs to be changed to I ve it gets awkward It destroys the flow of the story and makes "the reader lose respect for the author As I said I like the concept I just feel that the "reader lose respect for the author As I said I like the concept I just feel that the should be edited or roofread by someone who received at least a c in English composition I feel as though this author may not have Absolutely freaking AmazingThis was one Of The Best Series I Have Read the best series I have read a while Sexy hot totally make your Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons panties wet aliens who are on earth and looking for love with their only true mates Then throw in a twisted bad guy who could be humanor not hmmmm the adventure and suspense action and adventure along with all the smoking hot love scenes let s just say I was instantly hooked and had to keep reading from the firstage of book one and Ill be buying every SINGLE book by this author as long as they are all this amazingly great Totally worth your time and money to add to your library I will read over Totally worth your time and money to add to your library I will read over over and over and over and over lol Sergey and Lorali are wonderful together I absolutely loved this book Be sure to read the first two books in the series to follow along with everything that s happening The bad guy is still on the loose and the family of The Created continues to growThere are still some editing issues that need to be fixed but the overarching story is fabulous I m moving on to the next book by Serena Simpson I like the characters in this one than the others The heroine has backstory than the hero he was very one dimensionalSadly the only art that made sense was the matingsex The conflict was confusing and unbelievable It was like we need a bad guy so lop here we go There is a lot left unexplained Then it ends with approval beyond the grave I hate that and it seemed out of The Color of a Leader place except to add warm fuzzie. Pens when the forgotten one meets a woman damagedhysically and mentally They will either heal each other or be killed This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. ,