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Temeraire In the Service of the King

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M my friend and I couldn t put "it down only on chapter 2 but so "down Only on Chapter 2 but so I m really enjoying it I was wary of talking dragons and dragonriders since I hated Pern but I like the different historical milieu and the characters so far are way likeable than Anne McCaffrey s loooove love love this series these dragons are lovable funny smart the adventures both the riders and their dragons face had me p all night literlly could not sleep ntil i finshed the book i read the first 3 books in a weeks time its been along while though since i did but i remember temaraire and the rock well still giggling Can T Wait To Finish t wait to finish 7 and enticipating publishment of 8 in 2013 only reason i have not read them all yet is i am not rich enough to support my reading addictionlolto many other books to be read i read and listen audiobooks to at least 1book a week but this story is one of my all time favs The Napoleonic Wars is my favorite time era in Britian sp after the Victorian Era so imagine my surprise when I found a book series that basically just adds dragons to it I was hooked from chapter one It was amazing This particular book incorporates the first three books in the series I love the writing and the main character Temeraire He s an amazing dragon and I love what Naomi Novik has done with him and all the other dragons she created I also love that his captain Will Laurence sed to be a Navy man so that when he goes into harness with Temeraire he s just as new to the whole experience as the reader I look forward to the second half of this series as it looks to be just as good I would recommend this series to anyone who likes dragons the NAPOLEONIC WARS OR JUS BEING A Wars or jus Being a of Patrick O Brian and the AubreyMaturin series as well as Bernard Cornwall s Sharpe books I was intrigued with Naomi Novik s Temeraire series On the whole I would give it a CB First to the good stuff Novik is a good writer She manages to capture the flavor of the Napoleonic era often than not though she can t hold a candle to O Brian s evocation of early 19th century Britain She s also created likable characters in William Laurence and Temeraire From the skies Laurence must take the beast in hand and join the aviators' cause thus relinuishing all hope of a normal lifeTHRONE OF JADEThe dragon Temeraire was meant to be the companion of the Emperor Napoleon and not captained by a mere officer in the British Air Corps The Chinese have demanded his return and the British government cannot afford to provoke the Asian superpower into allying with the French – even if it costs them the most powerful weapon in their arsenal and fo. .
This is three books in one volume and I read straight through all three as one I shall attempt to discuss them both singularly and individually here but straight through all three as one I shall attempt to discuss them both singularly and individually here but no promises as to the cohesion of my promises as to the cohesion of my My sweethearts 3 3 3 I generally do not review my books in writing I am a speak about the book fan but honestly for those of you into alternate history fantasy BTW this has been only my second foray into it this series was amazing Novik has a way of captivating you with her writing and this series hooked me When I finished the last book I wanted Time to find out what she is working on next I think I have another favorite author Once I got started I couldn t put it down You can tell because I effectively read it in 1 2 days I got sucked into the fantastical world where dragons talk Laurence s affinity for Temeraire is so sweet and endearing as is Berkley s camaraderie with his dragon and Captain Harcourt with Lily I want a talking dragon Watching Laurence and Temeraire s relationship evolve throughout the book in a time of war no less was fascinating U learn with Laurence about dragons and their peculiarities The one thing I thought this book didn t need was to be in a historical setting with Napoleon It was ite jarring and didn t even really seem to matter to the plot Overall though an enthralling beginning If this collection had contained only the first book it would be way p there in the five star range Instead it s a collection of three books with an nfinished storyline and Books 2 3 aren t especially satisfying in of themselves As much as I love books set in this general timeframe not to mention Temeraire himself for me those two books were simply too caught p in the exacting presentation of the larger story arc The first book however was self contained and a delight in every way and is the reason I finally settled on four rather than three stars From the book s voice to its thoughtful consideration of the dragon logistics to Laurence s nabashed adoration of his dragon companion not to mention the wonderful Temeraire himself it was a sorry it ended page turner Go read it I borrowed this fro. A collection of the first three novels in Naomi Novik’s stunning Temeraire series following the global adventures of Captain William Laurence and his fighting dragon Temeraire as they are thrown together to fight for Britain during the Napoleonic WarsTEMERAIREAfter a skirmish with a French ship Captain William Laurence finds himself in charge of a rare cargo a dragon egg bound for the Emperor Napoleon himself Dragons are much prized properly trained they can mount a fearsome attack. Ow the bad stuff and bad here is only relative There were two areas that spoiled my complete enjoyment of the novel First
the physics of 
physics of flight There are no fantasy elements in the novel beyond the existence of dragons but even here they are naturally occuring animals not magical beasts and there s even a faux scientific report to the Royal Academy about dragons So one expects that the accepted rules of physics gravity etc are going to be obeyed But I couldn t really accept the idea of whole crews of men climbing over flying dragons like seamen in a ship s rigging even allowing for air sacs that reduced the dragon s weight the sheer tonnage should have kept them on the ground or at the very least extremely nwieldy in flight on the ground or at the very least extremely The Cattlemans Ready-Made Family unwieldy in flight that s another thing these air sacs are mentioned several times but never explained Are they full of hydrogen Helium Some other lighter than air gas God knows if they re full of hydrogen then these dragons are flying Hindenburgs and no sane person would ever go into combat with them particularly combat where guns are present The second thing that bothered me about the series was that the implications of dragons and men interacting with each other are not really explored Essentially Novik has lifted British seamen from ships of the line and put them on dragons of the line If humans have been dealing with dragons and vice versa since at least Roman times there s no specific mention of Westerners dealing with them any earlier than that though you would imagine they did it would have had to profoundly change society In religion alone do dragons have souls Did Christ or a draconic Christ minister to dragons In a Medieval society theseestions would have mattered Would a highly intelligent species which dragons by and large appear to be really have put True Colours (Somerset, up with humans manipulating their breeding etcntil Temeraire comes along in the 19th century I just can t help but think that the dragons are simply window dressing a cute twist on the Napoleonic Wars theme Those two caveats aside however I would recommend the Temeraire series to interested readers but don t expect too muc. Rces Laurence and Temeraire apart foreverBLACK POWDER WARBritish flyer Will Laurence and his extraordinary dragon Temeraire gratefully anticipate their voyage home from China But before they set sail they are waylaid by The Year of the Beast urgent new orders the British Government having purchased three valuable dragon eggs from the Ottoman Empire now reuire Laurence and Temeraire to make a perilous overland journey instead stopping off in Istanbul to collect and escort the precious cargo back to England.

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