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Crossing The Line The GEG #3

Free read Crossing The Line The GEG #3

Rdness that includes I liked both Declan and Maddie themselves a great deal and I enjoyed that they both had occupations we don t typically see themselves a great deal and I enjoyed that they both had occupations we don t typically see main characters They were very human well rounded characters with both strengths and flaws and both felt very real to me due a lot I think to the writing styleThis is a dual pov story with both Declan and Maddie freuently breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader It was a style that made me feel like I was having a conversation with these characters and their comments were freuently a source of lol moments throughout the book Besides the laughs though there were some unexpectedly poignant moments particularly in the second half of the book In fact it almost seemed as if there were two separate books the first half which was fairly light with tons of humor including jokes about Aussie kisses and where there is a lot of will theywon t they as the issues Declan s ex left him with caused a tendency to jump to wrong conclusions as well as several usually comedic missteps on both sides and the second half where the relationship is strengthening and where there were much serious tear filled moments along with the humor While I liked the first half a great deal I really loved the second half I m looking forward to books about the GEGs 45 to 5 stars You know when ou go from Oh and fanning Lindsay and the Lifeguards yourself to laughing out loud all within the first couple of pages thatou re on to a really good thing That s just how I felt starting Crossing the LineFirst we start out with Maddie and Declan going at it thenWhat on earth were ou thinking about He chuckles lightlyI could easily tell him that I was lost IN THE THOUGHT OF OUR IMPROMPTU the thought of our impromptu earlier but he probably won t remember it to reminisce along with me That s because he wasn t really here He was only fucking me in my mind He fucks me there every day at some point Always on my desk My own little made for my mind pornoThis was an awesome read I love the characters es even though I hadn t met them before it wasn t a big deal They didn t make me feel left out at allI absolutely LOVE the way Jacuelyn Ayres writes It s like she s having a convo with The Value of Optimism you complete with little side notes uirky sayings and forehead smacks This was funny sexy and full of feelsI know right Who d have thought that what comes across as a rom com is gonna be full of the warm and fuzzies Well whenou re talking babiesIf it was me all over againI d start at book 1 Oh which I will for sure and then move on up just like the Jeffersonsbut if ou don t have the timeor ou wanna get a taste of the top floor Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, you can start with Crossing the Line and then I KNOWou ll go grab book 1 Under Contractmatter of fact La Chanson de Jerusalem you can click the little linky thing down about 4 inches LOLHer writing in phenomenalI was laughing out loud and then I d have tears streaming down my face Without a doubt I ll have to check out her other books as wellIfou wanna get a good gauge of her writing read the about sectionI promise ou won t be disappointed Not to mentionshe s an author I ve decided I would LOVE to meet because if she s a uirky as her writing we d LOVE to meet because if she s a uirky as her writing we d along fabulously Favorite uotes I like to hand out my dose of crazy in small increments build a person s tolerance upA cactus Because nothing screams romance like a plant shaped like a phallus that has tiny needles all over to prick ou withI like kisses on my neck Most importantly though I love Australian kisses Oh it s the same as a French kiss only it s down underPatience takes a lot of work it s utterly exhausting at times There should be an acceptable cap for the amount of patience The Book of the Honda S2000 you give someone on certain matters This way whenou ve finally had it. S been so busy helping everyone else through their challenges over the The Story of Rose ONeill years including her best friends the GEGs that she never even realized she had any of her own true fears Then again she didn’t have a reason to until he came along Cellist Declan Pierce can hit all the right notes as long as he’s hitting them on stage When he’s off well he’s off So he keeps his head down and tries to stay focused on his career and his son Hunter They have shared in a trauma that would bring most closer However theirs has only weighted th. And tell them to fuck off people don t look atou as if Minibeasts Under a Stone you re some sort of monsterI want to turn the next page withou I already like our story much better than the other one I was in I have to say Jay it s a real honor to be bringing it up the rear I meant to say bringing up the rear but my buzzed performance was better received I believe as Jay is in hysterics Because this is what happiness and love is about holding onto the joy of the little moments inside the big ones they re the glue that keeps it all together When ou lose sight of these little moments that s when ou can no longer see the big picture My ReviewI want to throw myself at the feet of Jacuelyn Ayres in worship as well as erect a monument of computer parts I seem to have a lot of those to honor her skill I am in total awe of her craft Crossing The Line was deftly written and brimming with naughty humor heart sueezing insights moving tenderness clever sass several sweet love stories smoking hot sensuality and smart and witty banter It was nothing short of perfection I smirked snorted and barked aloud and in between said barking I also had a bit of
ugly cry damn it I wish to issue a reuest for Ms Ayres to award me honorary GEG status as I do believe I ualify I have green eyes I swear creatively I can hold my wine I can sing I know how to wind my husband up and I am rather spunky with a naughty sense of humor But alas I am far too old to be a full fledged member as I am well past the childbearing The Prince with the Silver Hand (Tale of the Eternal Champion, years thank the goddess Hurry Ms Ayres I am already greedy for book four I seriously swear Jacuelyn Ayres has been listening to mine and my sister s conversations every morning She just nails humor I have loved every book I ve read of hers They re full of solid friendships humor serious sht and mainly love Maddie and Declan s story might be my favorite After all the crap Declan has been through he needed someone patient like Maddie Their story is rocky but its so worth it The transformation in Hunter is amazing too I just love how the story is written Like the characters knowou re reading them Breaking the 4th wall I just want to be Jacuelyn s friend Is she like CiCi Or a combination of them all Whichever it is I bet she s the Captain of her group LEEANN S REVIEW5 STARSThis story is a little bit different to the 1st two books in this series This is Maddie s Story Well Maddie Declan s story I have to say as an Aussie I really got Declan because his character is from the land down under This book contains the usual Jacuelyn Ayres humour but it also has a serious tone to it at times we i received a free at times We I received a free to read review for Wicked ReadsThe third book in the GEG series did not disappoint This series is funny romantic and relatively realistic I love reading about these girls and their friendshiprelationships This book finally features Madelyn and THE VIKING Honestly I couldn t wait to read this If Haram Lokma you ve followed the series thenou know the build up between these two has been relentless Two people from two totally different walks of life are brought together with hilarity of course tragedy and heart felt sincerity Perfect together they weather so much in #So Few Pages There #few pages There t a dull moment actually there were many HOT moments Australian kisses The Keys To The House, Tree, And Person yes please but overall it wasn t sickly sweet it really was the perfect amount of everything I will mention that even though I did laugh out loud there was a moment that I was uncontrollably sobbing so much so that my ENTIRE family had to come check on me I m talking UGLY cry This may be a trigger for some so I will say to take the author s warning very seriously Love this series love the characters and I am totally ready for Julie s story. Eir bond down slowly causing them to drift further and further apart That is until a beacon of light shines through That beacon is about five foot nothing all curves heart brains and no BS But that is only part of this story It’s a long road to Happily Ever After Maddie and Declan learn that it takes than just the two of them to get there and it’s not a smooth stroll It’s not meant to be though is it Life can giveou whiplash Buckle in and hold tight to those closest to ou because honestly It takes a village to make love ep. What another home run from Jacuelyn Ayres Crossing the Line is the third book in Ayres GEG series and I can t say enough good things about this series After picking up the first book in say enough good *Things About This Series After Picking Up *about this series After picking up first book in series Under Contract I was completely addicted to Ayres writing style and these characters Crossing the Line focuses on GEG captain Maddie and the Viking This book is so much than a romantic story there are times when this book will leave ou in stitches from the antics of the GEGs and at other times it will completely slay ou Both Maddie and Dec the Australian Viking come to each other as broken people but to each other as broken people but growing together there broken pieces fit together in the most beautiful way I just could not finish this book fast enough it was so good I hated to see the ending but I hope that Ayres will give each of the other GEGs a story as I can t stand to think that this is the end of the GEGs This is a book that could be read as a stand alone but I really recommend that it be read after first reading Under Contract and in the Mix as the stories of each character in those stories continues in Crossing the Line I fell in love with this series when I read book one Under Contract and I ve never looked back I was waiting rather impatiently for Maddie s story and when it finally released I couldn t get started fast enough I was rewarded with a book that made me laugh and cry and reminded me of the definition of true friendshipThis book is all the things we ve come to expect from the GEG s It is laugh out loud funny and full of WTF moments But it is also so much This story is heartbreaking and even gut wrenching at times Yeah ou will l This may be my favorite book of this seriesMadelyn like most of us lives to help her friends and her patients get their affairs in order but forget to take care of herself I love her fighting spirit and sense of humor also the sensibility and vulnerability that lives inside of her Declan is a talented musician and a single father He lives for his boy and Black Brothers, Inc. you can feel the love he has for him and how worried he is for his boy They both went through a traumatic episode in their lives and little by little are picking up the broken pieces and starting to live a normal life again I thought Jacuelyn did a fantastic job of developing these two characters as well as their relationship But when they are so many insecurities and fears there is a I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Oh this may have to be my favourite of the series and I love them all Without a doubt a three tissue read possibly and laugh oh out loud and from the heart Ifou have not read the previous books then please do read them first There is a whole level of information which ou will miss if ou don t Let alone two also fabulous reads which it would be a mistake to miss I am not going to give Daddy Daughter Incest 2 Series Bundle you any of the story than is in the blurb becaus 5 stars Great characters The third book in the GEG series this is Madelyn Maddie St Claire s story A therapist specializing in phobias she meets Declan Pierce in the waiting room of the office she shares with other therapists and promptly nicknames him the Viking Actually Australian Declan plays the cello for the Boston Pops Orchestra and his son has been seeing a therapist in Maddie s office Listening to Maddie talk about her crazy group of friends gives him a much needed sense of normalcySpeaking of crazy friends the GEGs Green Eyed Girls club and the men in their lives make a great cast of supporting characters though this could be read as a standalone there s a lot of background to be gained from reading the first two stories These are friendsou can be completely ourself with no matter what wei. Warning This book contains serious and sensitive subjects such as mental health issues and unimaginable loss Although this is a standalone I do recommend reading the series in order because all characters subseuent stories continue on in each book even though they are not the main focus Psychotherapist Madelyn St Claire has all the answers At least that’s what the plaues on her wall say There isn’t a fear she’s met that she hasn’t helped a client blast through So why can’t she work through her own Oh that’s right She’.

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