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To read it yourself It is a uick and great to get lost in Thanks to Serena for the ARC in exchange for an honest review So freaking AmazingThis was one of the best series I have read in a while Sexy hot totally make your panties wet aliens who are on earth and looking for love with thei Hot This is book five in the Love Me Harder series This is the story of Tori and Hale Tori is a wedding planner who meet a man that became obsessed with her and wanting to sell her to a sex type ring This man also effected her friendship with her best friend by turning her friend against her Tori friend is set on ruining Tori s business So between the obsessed guy and the evil friend Tori has decided to leave the area But a few weeks before she leaves she meets Hale Hale is the best man for his brother s wedding and is talked into going along to meet the Wedding Coordinator who turns out to be Tori Hale nows as soon as he see Tori that she is his life mate It doesn t take him long to now that Tori is in danger and he sets out to protect her Tori is drawn to Hale but is somewhat reluctant to move forward to be his mate because of the last man being obsessed with her I read to be his mate because of the last man being obsessed with her I read previous book and uickly started reading all books after that I really like the series the only negative that I can say about this book as to why its four stars is that the author does not describe the background scene or their moving scene clearly For some less detail is the better but for me I like to have them actually moving from scene to scene with a description But nothing that is eeping me from enjoying this serie. E met Tori Hales life changed he needed to eep Tori safe from the human and alien predators coming after her Leaving town was no longer a sure thing but was Hale worth the risk to her life and heart Time would tell but only if they lived long enough This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18. ,

Good readingThis is a great series to read am loving the characters both male and female Both sides tough and survivors The heroine has to decide if she wants to love this big bad alien or not He is my favorite Aliens hurrayFor a new take aliens who do not want to conuer prove how superior they are or mate with human females they consider inferioryeah These guys are easy to love I have enjoyed each book Cannot wait to see how consider inferioryeah These guys are easy to love I HAVE ENJOYED EACH BOOK CANNOT have enjoyed each book Cannot to see how all turns out My heart aches for Ash though I hope I won I am enjoying the series and all the different personalities of the Created Looking forward to the next book in the series In Hale Love Me Harder Alien Paranormal Romance by author Serena Simpson We are once again intrigued by the Dare Brothers This time Hale each one of his brothers with the exception on him and Ash have met the mate Hale and Tori meet as the second brother Sergey plans to marry his mate Lorelei However there are outside force and Tori herself putting up blocks for Hale who is desiring to make Tori is for all time Hale works to ride the human threat out of Tori s life however the tainted Created has plans to ill one of the mates In the story Ash meets his mate and loses her on the same day but not of his own making side note can t wait to read Ash s story as well as Dante and his brother s I am curious to The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles know what Hale showed Tori Another fabulous book in the Love me Harder series by Serena Simpson be sure to read books 1 4 before starting this one Tori and Hale have a lot of issues to overcome but they make it work together I loved this book the characters and plot are fantastic. Tori spent years working on her dream to own her own business planning weddings Within a few months her dream was dead No matter how many times she told herself life was great shenew she was being stalked It was only a matter of time before she went missing if she didn’t get out of town Plans made she just needed one wedding before. The editing issues are improving which makes me super happy I have to read book 6 NOW This is Hale and Tori s story Tori is happy I have to read book 6 NOW This is Hale and Tori s story Tori is wedding coordinator that Dante has sent Sergey and Lorali to and Hale as best man was dragged along Then he locked eyes with Tori and longer did he need to be dragged anywhere Hale is the brother that is in charge of the computers and security systems of the business and their homes Just like all the Dare men Hale s beast or other side new immediately that Tori was his mate even if she didn t And just like all the Dare men his protective nature came front and centerTori is on the brink of ruin and is ready to pack up and move out of state because she has a stalker It is this moment when the Dares walk into her life and just like all the others Dante has had a hand is directing this process I cannot wait for Dante s story The wedding will allow her to bank money and move away to get away from the guy who wants to sell her to a man who wants to tie her to his bed They have even upped her fee she has uoted them Taken her to lunch and fed her and introduced her to the other members of the family There are a few similarities but Hale and Tori the other members of the family There are a few similarities but Hale and Tori story is their own and we learn some pretty important things in this one that we didn t Medicine and Religion know Their story is an interesting one and I believe that you will enjoy it like I did We learn why the tainted created is after them and get a detailed reason of why We also learn a little about Dante s powers Tori puts up of a fight about the mating than the others and it hurts Hale I m not telling you any about it you are going to have. She could leave then she met Hale Hale was learning to lose himself in his computer generated world until he was pressured into becoming his brothers best man He thought all he needed to do was produce the ring he should havenown better Now he was going along to meet wedding coordinators Any protest he might have uttered died when
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Hale Love Me Harder #5