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behind Prov 1824 RivitingHeroic exciting and sad Two Wars shows how the past two decades have affected out young generation of men and women Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in so many aspectsf their lives Very well told God Bless our Military Families A Patriot without uestion West Point Graduate Army Ranger Captain Nate Self The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, is a fine leader of men a Christian husband and father Thiss his story The book s divided nto 2 parts The first portion Mindhunter is written from a strong military perspective with discipline courage orderliness and a profound sense of divine purpose The chapter uotes are fascinating The descriptions of Captain Self s feelings decisions relationships with family and other soldiers all are describedn a finely synched briefing I feel like I am getting to know the Captain I like him I am grateful to him for training so well for protecting our Nation for defending my family and other families like ours The concise narration of his life Part 1 ends following the brave and violent battle of Takur Ghar Flawd in Afghanistan whereupon he led his men through great danger home He tells us then that his lifes changed The style and tone of writing also dramatically change Part 2 begins Captain Self suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder He suddenly leaves the army and loses all sense of direction His emotions and story become confusing yet God has a hold of him and never lets go I pray that the Lord continues to lift up Captain Nate Self and bless him He Sweet Stallion is an American Hero and I am thankful for his service his life and his story our history Today I see a generation of soldiersas skilled courageous and dedicated as any this Nation has ever known And they are literally standing between us and all that would destroy us and our way of life They pay a heavy price Some pay the last full measure and give their lives for us Others are wounded some severely so Still others escape without physical wounds But no ones untouched And not one returns from combat the same person who entered The County And The Kingdom it Stu Weber Two Wars This excellent article fillsn some of the gaps of the second part of the book Video Discovery Documentary on the battle of Takur Ghar Part 1httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvkWA5vEMilitary Channel Documentaryhttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvy7ySLTranscript from Dateline Story Rescue on Robert s Ridge featuring Nate Self and his wife Juliehttpwwwmsnbcmsncomid13233811 An amazing book The fact that Nate Self opens up his life Summer Heat! is awesomen Crushed Ice itself To see how he began his journey towards being a soldier Ranger husband and eventually a father wasntense Nate opens up completely about being a Ranger and being n one of the toughest ground fights n Afghanistan Seeing his dedication to his country and the love for his men was moving Seeing his faith be strengthened then ultimately uestioned was gut wrenching I almost lost Risking It All it while reading the section where hes speaking with the father of one of the soldiers he lost under his command Being from a military family this book just opened my eyes to the other war these men fight when they come this book just opened my eyes to the other war these men fight when they come Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Some of our soldiers deal with this when they come back and Dog Food 2 it breaks them Nate shows that side of himself openly and honestly He allows you to see what effects PTSD had on him his wife and his family and friends You also get to read a few pages written by his wife Julie and see her struggles being an army wifeGreat book for anyone who wants to understand what our soldiers go through A must read. A soldier's active duty Inspirational book for a soldier struggling with post traumatic stress disorder Helps readers understand themportance of faith n dealing with the war An up close and personal account of the war on terror; and the story of one soldier’s faith An nsider’s account of Robert’s Ridge Rescue n Afghanist. ,

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Two Wars One Hero's Fight on Two Fronts Abroad and WithinHeroism at Emmas Orphans its bestNate Self does a magnificent job of bringing us allnto the fight while maintaining the utmost respect for his fellow soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom Another excellent account of Operation Anaconda and the rescue of Navy SEALS by their uick Reaction Force comprised of Army Rangers commanded by Nate Self This first hand account completes the story already told by Robert s Ridge and Not a Good Day To Die Where Not a Good Day s excellent at recounting Operation Anaconda and WHY the battletragedy took place and Robert s Ridge reports from first hand accounts this book also tells the story from the first responders that also came under fire and had their Chinook shot out from under them on the Very Top Of Takur Ghar Near The Shah I Kot top of Takur Ghar near the Shah kot trying to rescue Razor 03 and SEALS from Mako 30 It also tells of the struggle to deal with the death of soldier brothers and PTSD A must read by everyone that has read Lone Survivor by Marcus LutrellPg153 154We re going down I slammed Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, into the deck My head bounced off the frozen floor b Not one to ever pass up a free book I grabbed this for my Kindle when the publisher madet available for free I started reading childhood happy hours it a few nights ago and haven t been able to putt down Just an amazing storyThe first 34 s a captivating story of Self become a warrior n battle and Publish and Perish in his faith and both being testedn the heat of battle The end of the book deals with the battle that nearly destroyed him post traumatic stress syndromeThe lead up to the battle on the mountain and the battle tself were just so well done that I never wanted to stop reading I had to find out what happened next The to stop reading I had to find out what happened next The uarter of the book was captivating for all the wrong reasons But I was mpressed with the way Self communicated this second battle It was a change of perspective but I thought he did a good job of capturing the confusion and depression that nearly buried him Through his faith and his amazing wife he was able to over come the darkness and begin the process of healing and thinking about he future againA great though gut wrenching at times story of triumph and the power of faith and family both blood and military Nate does an excellent job of not just telling his story but he pulls you The Book of Lamentations into the book I felt the emotional highs and lows throughout the book A very riveting account of not just The Battle of Takur Ghar but also of a soldier s beginnings combat leaving his team for another assignment and post service recovery As Nate and I progressed as any other reader most probably will feel the unsung hero there all along was Julie I feel for her struggles and strength as I do of my wife of 28 years and the struggles she has had as the wife of a first responder similar to Julie s Nate Self a Ranger officer gives his perspective on life before during and after the Battle of Takur Ghar Honest conversations and a vulnerable outlook he shared how warmpacted his life and how his Christian spirituality was a buffer against despair Two Wars Guide Through the Old Testament is a military autobiography whichmpressed me with the astounding story and by the vivid writing Nate Self describes the sights sounds smells and feelings of what The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it s like to ben modern front line combat In fact fiction authors researching modern combat might want to Read This BookThe First Part this bookThe first part the book describes his decision to join the army his training his peacekeeping deployment to Kosovo The Last Days of the Romanovs in 1999 2000 training and his deployment to Afghanistann 2002 The second part of the book describes The Fate of the Romanovs in detail the battle on Takur Ghar The last part. Former army ranger Nate Self a hero from the Robert’s Ridge rescuen Afghanistan tells his whole story from the pulse pounding battle n the mountains of Afghanistan to the high stakes battle he has waged against post traumatic stress disorder This book will become a go to book for understanding the long term effects of the war ,

Of the book describes how that battle changed his life This s the PTSD section though he tells LOSER it as he experiencedt rather than addressing the topic of PTSD directly This section covers his deployment to Ira eventual decision to leave the military his troubles and his eventual start toward healingThe story Home-Ec 101 is fast paced andnteresting throughout Once the Afghanistan battle began the story was heart pounding Exterminating Angel inntensity and I read late Culture and Customs of Norway into the night to finish the book I had no trouble following the story or visualizing what was happening The author describes the euipment terrain positions and acronymsn the text If you ever get confused which I never did some maps pictures and a glossary are The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, includedThe authors a Christian but the focus of the book Shake, Rattle and Roll is not on his Christianity but on what he experienced Most of the book has little mention of God but the author does describe a few spiritual high points and very low points There was some cussingn the book but t s written as F that rather than spelled out The potentially gory parts were not explicit and were usually glossed over I d recommend this excellent book to anyone who likes to read war stories to anyone who wants to know what modern warfare s like or to anyone who wants to understand why their family member has changed since coming back from a deployment I received this book from Nate Self the author who co taught a one day class for BSWH providers called Rejuvenate which focuses on recognizing treating and preventing burnout This The Weavers Idea Book is his account of his time as a Ranger and a deadly battle foughtn Afghanistan 6 months after 911 I really enjoyed his account of pre battle battle and post battle though due to unfamiliarity with military terms t was somewhat hard to follow unfamiliarity with military terms t was somewhat hard to follow battle account The author his wife and a pastor friendmentor clearly talk about the spiritual war that takes place during and after the physical war and how God The Road to There is the healerHighlightsI really loved the uotes from famous people military or not at the beginning of each chapter P 22 Whenever I actually had a plant always fell through Maybe God knew that f he gave me a road map I d likely never ask him for directions again P 31 The hardship of the exercises s Used (Getting Inside of V, intended less to strengthen the back than to toughen the mind The Spartans say that an army may win whilet still has Inside a Barn in the Country its legs undert the real test comes when all strength s fled and the men must produce victory on will alone P 67 Exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south But God s the Judge He puts down one and exalts another P 74 I was once again following the Army s simple design placing me Athena in a position for which I wasll prepared This reuired me to teach myself to survive the succeed the excel Just when I reached that final level of performance I was off to a new place and a new job P 144 When tempest tossed embrace chaos P 322 323 recount his experience listening to sermon on Acts 27 You can t live your whole life trying to escape your situation You ve got to find God Tales from the Toolbox int now P348 349 s Julie Self s beautiful account of how God healed them without forsaking themP 358 The secret to beating post traumatic stress s not unlike basic skills of combat patrolling go slow and stick together Friends are what get you through the dark nights When no one else understands he does When no nights When no one else understands he does When no else can sort through the kaleidoscope of chaotic thoughts he steps n and brings order When the path ahead seems to wind nto darkness he takes the point and leads the way Jesus Christ who knows about war and dea. N terror Thousands of families are fighting this battle and Nate opens up his life Det ordnar sig including his successes tragedies struggles with thoughts of suicide to show how his faith and his family pulled him through Includes 8 pages of color photosIn a nutshell Excellent book for military families trying to cope with the family pressures of.

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