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RULES OF HALF BY JENNA PATRICKThis is n incredibly complex multilayered debut novel that explores several themes nd streamlines them together so that they ll emerge together Hell is yourself Becoming Omega and the only redemption is when person puts himself side to feel deeply for nother person Tennessee WilliamsRegan Whitmer is running Doors away fromn busive stepfather from Chicago fter her mother shoots herself in the head in front of Regan Regan hitchhikes to the little town of Half Moon Hollow with A Change of View (Northern Lights, a population ofround 1500 people She has come here to find her biological father who doesn t yet know she exists She is walking the deserted streets of town when she is offered ride from postal worker When she takes the ddress out of her pocket nd tells the postal worker where she needs Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence a ride to the postal worker replies that she is going to the old Fletcher place She tells him that s right Then shesks if there is nything wrong to which he replies Nope but I can t say the same bout Will FletcherThe whole town is cruel Kits Surprise (American Girls: Kit, and does not havenything nice to say Gus (Phonics Practice Readers Series A, Set 1, Short Vowels, Book 5, Short u) about the Fletcher s Regan s father who is Will Fletcher suffers from Bi Polar disorder I do have to say that Will gets into trouble uite bit most recently he was sentenced to serve six months of community service in Your Money Counts addition to the six years he haslready racked up The judge said that Will has to serve it in some fashion other than volunteering Hurt Me at thenimal shelter This time he has to use his sentence to help out humansRegan shows up on the Fletcher s doorstep Off Script and Will s sister Janey welcomes her byllowing her to stay there Will is very Ethics: Classical Western Texts in Feminist and Multicultural Perspectives apathetic towards Regannd ignores her الحرب العراقية - الإيرانية 1980-1988: قراءة تحليلية مقارنة and doesn t seem the least bit interested in getting to know her Janey is Will s legal guardiannd she takes care of him making sure he takes his medication regularly She has sacrificed living with her girlfriend Gretchen who is An English Translation of Fa-Tsang's Commentary on the Awakening of Faith also hergent for comic books Janey creates Will tells Regan to call him Will nd says that she looks just like her mother Michelle Regan is fifteen nd loves the Fletcher s house Everything The Christian Tradition: A Historical and Theological Introduction about the house the yardnd the barn which Will had wandered out to felt rightWill is out in the barn where he is going to sleep In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light and he tells Janey when shesks him what he wants to do I don t know what I want you to do But I know I can t be Trafic numro 1. hiver 1991 a father to that girl And you know it too Will thinks he could never make Regan feel safe That was too big responsibility to carry Far too much to Harem Capture ask from guy who could hardly match his clothes I m sorry I just can t I wasn t meant to have Evangelion - Plan de Complmentarit Shinji Ikari Vol.4 a job like that Regan was better off without him Regan had been through enoughnd he could only offer her hurt unStrapped (Strapped, and disappointment One day she would realize it the people will lovedlways did She was better off without him Will thoughtThere is new principal t the high school where Janie The Sayings of Chairman Malcolm and Will register Regan Her name is Lindsey Linsey is the only one in town that has been nice to the Fletcher s so Janie invites Lindsey over for dinner They become friend snd Janie wants romantic relationship with Lindsey As Regan ttends school she gets into Be Obedient (Genesis 12-24): Learning the Secret of Living by Faith arguments withll the kids who What Is In The Pit? are mean to her because of her father Regan is protective of her father Regan begins to take her lunchnd walk to the nearby cemetery nd sits in split oak tree when she spy s her father sitting next to grave stone nd talking With some searching Branded (Branded, around the house she finds out her father is talking to her little sister named EmmaThe Regan see s her father talking to her dead sister she begins to feel bad because Will goes to the cemeterynd pours his heart "Out To Her Dead Sister "to her dead sister he is very hands off with Regan She confronts Will The Roots of Haitian Despotism after snoopinground the house Essence of Chocolate: Recipes for Baking and Cooking with Fine Chocolate and finding out the information she needsnd demands him to tell her why he never #Told Her She Had A Sister Will Accuses Regan Of # her she had sister Will ccuses Regan of on him Cervantes, the Novel, and the New World and it feels like he is upset to know that she has been listening to him The circumstancesbout Emma is Turnip Greens Tortillas a big part of why Will refuses to bond with Regan but they begin to slowly form relationship It is heartbreaking to read bout how close he is to Emma his dead child while he couldn t have relationship with his live daughter who craves itJanie is nominated for The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 2 (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, anward for one of her books Thriving at work and Lindsey encourages Janie to leave Will in Lindsey s carend go to the ceremony Janie finally grees to go but s I said she is carrying Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? a torch for Lindseynd kisses her which Janie realizes is something she should not have done When Janie Droom In Oorlogstijd: Verhalen arrivest the hotel she finds Gretchen her lover nd her gent in her room Be the Boss of Your Pain: Self-care for Kids and breaks it off with Gretchen telling her there is somebody else Janie is constantly calling Lindsey to check up on Will Sparks start to fly between Willnd Lindsey Streiker's Morning Sun and thenll hell breaks looseThere is so much that happens in this novel that explores multitude of situations that happen You will learn what happened to Emma Why Will is so fraid of relationships Witchy and of hurting everybody that he get s close to You will learnbout Regan s boyfriend Lane The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology and how he is related to Ellie You will learnbout Ellie Stoic Warriors: The Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind and Will There is bit of sibling rivalry between Will Wall Street and FDR and Janiebout Lindsey The catalyst that sets everything off on Privacy in Technology: Standards and Practices For Engineers And Security and IT Professionals a collision course starts the book rollingnd everything that I have left out will make sense I loved the ending It was Stronger Than You Know anbsolute genius idea Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain and it changes everything you thought you knewbout this story Turns everything on its headThank you to Net Galley Jenna Patrick nd SparkPress Publishing for my digital copy in exchange for fair Bom Dia, Brasil: 3rd Edition of Português Básico para Estrangeiros and honest review I would like to thank NetGalley the publishernd the uthor for my ARC copy for fair Nightshade Tavern (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, and honest reviewWhat would you do if you had nothing to lose because you hadlready lost it by the Honeymoon Dive: The Real Story of the Tragic Honeymoon Death of Tina Watson age of 15 That s the case of Regan Whitmer teen girl that had been raised on the streets of Chicago by her mother until her mother married The Guardians (American Family Portrait a pastor by the name of Steven Thisll takes place before the start of the book Return to Fitness and we learnnd おしおきだよ、シーバくん [Oshioki da yo, Shiba-kun] about what Regan has faceds she thinks back to what she nd her mother had endured prior to her mothers suicideHow would we behave if we Saw Our Own Parent Kill our own parent kill with our own eyes Would we even resemble normal Well Regan runs way from her stepfather to look for her father Emmons Sarah Coventry: Jewelry Fashion Show (Schiffer Book for Designers Collectors) a man that her mother had said was hero The Quick Pickle Cookbook and other great things but what she finds is man that the small town has shunned s crazy nd scary Is he really those things Is he dangerous or simply misunderstood These Sea Salt Chocolate are things that you will find outs you read this heartbreaking but Writing the Other at times funny storybout what it s like living with someone with Bipolar Disorder The high highs The Bear Book: Survive Profit in Ferocious Markets and the low lows maniand severe depression not easy things for nyone to deal with but with If Will Fletcher's severe bipolar disorder isn't proof he shouldn't be parent his infant daughter's grave is Once Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual a happily married successful veterinarian he now lives with his sisternd thrives Pathways to Holiness as the small town crazy of Half Moon Hollow But when fifteen year old orphan claims she's his da. Upport from the people that love you the proper meds The Origin of Sanskrit and therapy many people can lead normal lives Theuthor covered Diving With The Whale Volume 3 The Intermediary Teachings Practices of Daskalos the Researchers of Truth all these things beautifullyIt s hard to not carebout Regan her father Will her Aunt Janey boy friend Lane Violence in Video Games and her Principal Lindsey Theyll play The True Authorship Of The New Testament an important part in how Will handles lifefter the loss of his baby daughter meeting his teen daughter that he didn t know he had Night Lights and Pillow Fights: A Trip to Storyland and simply life in town that seems to despise him Grandfather as they believe he was the cause of his infant daughter s death It shows how our own misunderstandings our own biasesnd our own ignorance can easily Estado y revolución affect others This is one of those books that I could not put downnd Still a Work in Progress am very much looking forward to reading by this very talenteduthor nd see what other issues nd faces she will put on them to make them real to the masses This is Demon Retribution a really complexnd interesting novel that really surprised me I was drawn to it s one of the themes of the novel is mental health which is something I m lways drawn to This novel centers Daddys Dirty Ship around man with bipolar disorder his sister nd his daughter At the center of this novel is the impact of mental health issues on person hisher family Single Asiatic Male Seeks Ride or Die Chick (The Real Thing collection) and the larger community It sbout being different nd misunderstood It s bout finding the people you need in your life the people who get you Mollys Little Sister andccept you for who you Call of the Alpha are I think it did beautiful job of showing the reader what bipolar disorder really looks like As someone who sees it every day The Slum (Library of Latin America) (English Edition) eBook: Aluísio Azevedo, David H. Rosenthal, Richard Graham, Alfonso Romano de Sant& as it plays out in myriad of ways I felt this book did When You Least Expect It (The Culhanes of Cedar River a good job of showing the reader the goodnd bad It felt uite balanced The characters Cure are fantastic They comelive on the page They re complex nd feel very true to life The book flowed so effectively I just loved every moment of reading this book It is wonderful story bout love Krishna the Butter Bandit and taking care of the people you love in the way that s best for them I think this is beautifully written honest nd real novel bout really interesting people If that sounds good to you you should pick this one up It s one that will make you think Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family about your own perspective on mental illness It s one that will break your heartnd yet leave you with hope It s fantastic novelNOTE I received n ARC of this novel for Waxen Wings: The ACTA Koreana Anthology of Short Fiction from Korea an honest review 35 stars I received this ARC from Spark Pressnd NetGalley in exchange for The Case of the Restless Redhead an honest reviewHaving mental illness is The Poisoner's Ring anwful thing to carry throughout your life It condemns you to Love and First Sight a life where you have lost control of yourself placingn enormous burden on your family nd becoming pariah to society Such was the case with Will Fletcher his sister Janey nd eventually Will s teenage daughter Regan who finds her dad fter witnessing the suicide of her mother thus left with having no one to care for herWill Fletcher was formerly The Twenty-Fifth Amendment: Its Complete History and Applications, Third Edition a successful veterinarian happily married man to the daughter of the mayor of his town nd father to Cultural Anthropology [With CDROM] a newborn daughter After the death of his newborn child Will starts his descent into the world of mental illness He is diagnosed with bi polar disease later changed to schizophrenia which his dad suffered fromnd becomes what he believes to be menace not only to himself but lso to the people The Amish Sweet Shop around him He becomes the brunt of the town s teenagers jokesnd pranks Their incredible viciousness is evident in the way they treat this poor man The townspeople shun Will nd treat him s pariah His sister becomes his custodian nd Will losses his profession gets divorced Tempted, Twisted, Tamed and takes job mucking out cages t the local shelter Into this turmoil comes his #daughter Regan He is shocked nd thrown off kilter by Regan # Regan He is shocked Devil in Disguise and thrown off kilter by Reganrrival s he knew nothing of her before nd he suffers with guilty feelings that he was the cause of his infant daughter s death he initially rejects regan but through death He initially rejects Regan but through s desire for No Mercy (Jonathan Grave, a dadnd her need for love in what had been her very troubled life she ultimately succeeds in making inroads with her dad Will feels that he is undeserving of love Weight Watcher Guru Dinner In 15, 20 or 30 Minutes Points Plus Recipes (Weight Watcher Guru Series) any kind of lovend even though the town s high school principal falls in love with him Will thinks he does not deserve her love or Mardi Gras Mambo any love for that matter Meanwhile because of numerous episodes Will engages in the town pushed by Will s former father in law gets petition to have Will committed A court case ensues This was moving saga of the life mentally ill person oftentimes faces The problem for me with this book was certainly not the subject matter but that oftentimes the uthor tried to cram too much into its telling Her characters were ll flawed but the uthor seemed in desire to show their flaws to touch on too many topics In my opinion that took way from the main idea of the book that of mental illness Often "too the book seemed to meander nd lose focus making the reader wonder who the uthor was writing up with "the book seemed to meander nd lose focus making the reader wonder who the The Suffragette Scandal (Brothers Sinister author was writing up with changes of focus Perhaps better editing job would have been beneficialHowever I do pplaud Ms Patrick for broaching the topic of mental illness nd presenting her main character Halloween Merrymaking: An Illustrated Celebration of Fun, Food, and Frolics from Halloweens Past as person who was to be respected Mister X (Frank Quinn, and not judged for condition he could not help This book is Touch of a Scoundrel (Touch of Seduction, a compulsive read it s fun charmingnd full of suspenseful moments I m saying this t the front of my review because I have some critiues nd I want to make sure that it s clear that Rules of Half is really engaging read The first problematic issue is that of mental illness I m putting mental illness in uotes because I m not fan of the expression One of the main characters is The Modern World (Volume 1) a man diagnoseds having bipolar disorder nd while I m willing to believe nd in fact I probably should believe because the uthor doubtless did her homework that people with BD can be s out nd out crazy s this guy is heck nyone can right the few bipolar people I know Elles s'aimaient trs trs fort are nothing of the sortWill is extremely emotionalfraid of other people unreliable forgetful nd socially wkward All of these traits have nothing to do with bipolar disorder It pains me to think that The Complete Jim Meddick's Robotman Monty, Volume 1: The Prehistoric Robotman a reader who is unfamiliar with bipolar disorder might believe thatll people with bipolar disorder will display these traits They do not These Final Sacrifice (Magic: The Gathering: Greensleeves, are Will s own uirksTheuthor seems to gesture in this direction ie toward suggesting that these features of Will s Doubts on Avicenna are not related to his psychiatric diagnosis when she links Will s behavior to the loss of his child This would make Will sufferer of massive grief nd PTSD s well s bipolar disorder nd the self loathing he experiences The Perfect Marriage alongside the creation of this intensely uirky persona would have nothing to do with BD I wish Patrick had taken care to draw the distinction between griefPTSDnd BD precisely The book lso presents compulsory imprisonment for those who suffer from psychiatric diagnoses s Visual-Kei Rock Star a threat that follows Willround but doesn t do in my opinion Ughter Will is forced back into the role he fears most fatherhood Her biological dad isn't the hero Regan Whitmer hoped for but he's better than her Skitter abusive stepfather back in Chicago Still haunted by her mother's suicidend the rebellious past she fears led to it Regan is desperate for stable. .
Nough work to show what heinous nd unjust practice it is We know it s unfair for Will but there is nothing in the novel that might lead the reader to believe that it is unfair period So let me state it myself it is lways uncontroversially unjust to incarcerate nyone who has not been charged with crime I confess that I have Thrill of the Chase (Dangerous Love, a beefgainst representation of people with psychiatric disabilities s whacko irresponsible nd unreliable This is stereotype that really really has to goMy other problem with this book is of purely personal nature When heterosexual romance is pitted Omens and Artifacts (Elemental Legacy against lesbian romance I invariably root for the latter But that s just methank you to sparkpressnd netgalley for n rc of this book via my blog No one in this town wanted his help No one liked being in the same room with him They scattered like nts hiding from thunderstorm when he came round unless of course he did something crazy then they brought the popcorn bucket What is man to do when he is cast s the local loony If he has serious mental health issues nd suffered tragedy that would bring ny loving parent to their knees well he embraces what is expected of him In the small to ARC provided by publisher in exchange for The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming an honest review45 starsWhen everyone else lookst you Still Strapped and sees crazy I see complex When they see someone who s not worth second of their time I finally see someone who is The Pleasantries Of Old Quong actually worth every bit of mine When they see man who s damned I see one who s yet to be redeemedEvery once in while I come cross book outside the romance genre that piues my interest When I read the blurb of The Rules of Half I just knew it would be emotional heartbreaking but lso uniue Who Calls Me Beautiful? and real Therere many people who have Bipolar Disorder Dagger (The D.U.S.T. Ops and I can t imagine it being easy for themnd their family This book gave ComeShift Box Set: Shifter Romance Series a very well round There is no better with this illness There is only controlled This was suchn informative book learning Bandit Country about how having Bi Polar Disorder canffect people A Journey of Reflections as wells their family members This is The Fellowship of the Saints a story not only ofccomplishment Game Over (A Fem's Playground and success but offers message of encouragement Skylark DuQuesne (Skylark and hope to others Sometimes the best parenting parent can do is throwing in the towel Øya and leaving the job to someone ualified The Rules of Half is beautiful emotional story how one terrible moment wrecked n entire family There re so many unspoken words unprocessed feelings nd communication issues Jenna Patrick has thoroughly explored the struggles of each family member they ll have their flaws they Her Mane Attraction are far from perfect they can t copend they do things they normally wouldn t have done because they don t know what to do with their sadness The result is Mort vivant a story filled with so many emotionsnd I was impressed by each layer of this poignant book I really liked that this book was true to life The characters were well written A re-appraisal of Patanjali's Yoga-sutras in the light of the Buddha's teaching and came with the proper backgroud to give them depth The insightsre tenderly drawn genuine Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and for Those Who Want to Write Them and profound Haven t you ever fallen for someone you knew you shouldn t Jenna Patrick has terrific descriptive wring style She skillfully makes connections openly shares her main characters most private thoughts nd she laces her story with n Jigsaw abundance of honesty empathynd forgiveness This gives The Rules of Half perfect rawness that had strong effect on me I could literally feel the nger the hurt nd the pain Mr. Toast and Woolly Mammoth and was stunned by how real itll felt This book is intense thought provoking Randy's Rubbers andgonizing Jenna Patrick carefully divides tension she balances emotions in great way nd she knows how to captivate her readers She ends her story with wonderful message nd plenty of hope showing her readers there s Rags to Riches always light in the darkness even in the most daunting situations You re throwingway chance t real life because you can t let go of life that never existed in the first place I enjoyed this book very much I laughed cried got How To Date Like a Courtesan: Attract, Seduce, and Manipulate Men for Love, Money, and Marriage angrynd thought deeply Forced By A Werewolf about humanity I think it is very powerful reading I would be really happy to hear there s second book from Jenna Patrick what 3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust: Chicago Catholic League St. Rita Mustangs a beautiful debut She d live through thousand bad moments to have one of the good moments Congratulations to Jenna Patrick on The Prick of a Thorn: Coping with the Trials and Tribulations of Life anbsolutely stunning debut novel I loved it This novel portrays with depth Exodus and feeling the trials of Will trying to cope with bipolar disordernd the effect on both himself nd his family I raced through the book with both tears nd laughter Garnetville as the various family dramas played out The story is well deliverednd the characters well developed Keep writing Jenna Patrick I will look forward to Many thanks to Jenna Patrick What the F*@ and SparkPress through Netgalley forn dvance copy "in exchange for n honest review I rated this 4 out of 5 stars In Rules of Half Regan "exchange for n honest review I rated this 4 out of 5 stars In Rules of Half Regan long with most of the other characters is dealing with A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963 a lot of serious issues Her mother committed suicide in front of her leaving her withn Through the Eye of Katrina abusive stepfather who by the way is Pastor Have we hit on Handkerchief Magic all the major taboos yet Regan runsway Such Things From the Valley and finds her biological father Will man who is bipolar Yoga for the Young at Heart: Accessible Yoga for Every Body and dealing with his own divorcend the recent death of his infant daughter Yep I think we MAY have hit Shadow Zone (Hannah Bryson, all the social no nos Regan sunt Janey is lesbian nd is dealing with the discrimination of Father and Son Volume 2 a small backward thinking town run by power hungry mayor She has left her home nd girlfriend to take care of her brother Oh And by the way she is crushing the new school principal Lindsay As Is Will OK is Will OK maybe NOW we have hit them ll Oh what Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner a tangled web we weave And my head s STILL spinning The book has uick pace nd believable destruction bound characters to make it even faster read I Beginning R: The Statistical Programming Language almost wanted to see if they wouldll end up on one of those daytime TV shows that involves throwing chairs cute security guys who re lso eually drama filled Escaping the Blackness andn udience chanting the talk show hosts name over nd over Can you hear it in your head Yes we Guerra popular en el Perú. El pensamiento Gonzalo arell closet talk show junkies I hate to detract from the La psychologie nuclaire. Un accompagnement du vivant author s positive writingttributes in the book however I found the end of this book was plain frustrating I m not sure why it was there It may be that tackling mental illness homophobia parental buse clergy The TSA vs. the People: A Short Story of Vengeance abuse teenage romance the death of child Delhi, Jaipur and Agra Travel Map (Globetrotter Travel Map) and cross romantic interests was too much for one book The mental illnesslone would have been sufficient with Growing Leaders all the familial issues going on in the novels well let The Toybag Guide to Erotic Knifeplay alone throwing inll the kitchen sink maladies This was not your typical happy fun read The issues Too Young To Die (New Revised) addressedre serious Lord of the White Hell - Book Two and dark Theuthor does have powerful writing The Mystic Symbol: Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders and very likable characters Overall it is good read I want to thank NetGalley Sparkpress Publishers Blue Skye and theuthor Jenna Patrick for providing the ARC for Sans foi ni loi an honestnd unbiased review. Home nd normal family things Will can't offer Can she ride the highs Los melones de la ira and lows of his illness to find new definition of family The Rules of Half explores what it is to be n typical family in small town nd to be mentally ill in the wake of The Rods and the Axe a tragedynd who has the right to determine bot.

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