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Ace baiters like Waters and Cummings and I Believe By Corrupt Talking believe by corrupt talking like Maddow Sharpton and Brzezinski He details the destructive results of their policies and condemns the tools that they use to acuire their power in any way they can He presents not only the agenda he has designed for the Republicans during the Trump Administration to take back America and return it to its rightful place of respect in the world but he lays out the corrupt agenda of the Liberals Including Their Corrupt including their corrupt He clearly defines the criminality of Hillary Clinton so long ignored by the Justice Department and what has become a corrupt media that is inspired by their own opinions rather than by what is inspired by their own opinions rather than by what is and obviously the truth He alludes to the existence of collusion between the Executive branch of Obama and the Departments of Justice and the IRS Horowitz has very accurately identified all of the current problems facing the newly elected President who has been called many heinous names even as he is accused of being the name callerHe places a great deal of blame for the Democrats move to the extreme left on the policies and philosophy of Saul Alinsky a community organizer like Barack Obama who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals and George Soros a wealthy civil activist who has sought for ears to influence American politics to move to the extreme left using non profit organizations like his moveonorg Former President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton view those men as their mentors Alinsky s polices encourage the demonizing of anyone that disagrees with their agenda and it seems to be working for the progressives as evidenced by their angry protests and rallies against the President and his followers He accurately identifies the problems of the Republican Party and their lack of a common purpose a common stand on issues which is the lifeline and lifeblood of the Democrats They are unified right or wrong because they believe that the ends justify any means while the Republicans do not They will follow their platform like lemmings and not break ranks Hillary Clinton said that when they go low we go high but that is an oxymoron in her playbook and in the policies of her followers who march in lockstep with her Even when the GOP controls all of the branches of government they cannot seem to come together as the donkeys can and remain loyal to their party they cannot even though they know that the Progressives want to place the power in their own hands so they can rule and will do anything they can to disrupt the current government and are able to disrupt it in their weakness because they remain united as the Republicans divide into disparate groups fighting each other instead of promoting the policies they ran on and promoting the ultimate goal of greater justice and freedom for all Americans as they make America great again They are once again snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory and helping the Progressives accomplish their goal of regaining power and continuing to bring America to its knees in the eyes of the rest of the world Is there any way to defeat the far left that lies while they are actually lying themselves cheats while they cheat openly name call while accusing others of name calling calling others sexist while covering up sexual deviants within their own ranks screaming racism as they only give lip service to the needs of those less fortunate as they feather their own nests as they deny the history of their own party which was and still is steeped in racism and sexism Horowitz suggests that the deplorable right examine and concentrate on the big picture and go fearlessly into the fray to combat the goals of the hypocritical left but he has not presented any viable way for them to do it History has proven that they will seek their own level and that level has not been a very high bar in the past They are too conciliatory and afraid of ramifications afraid of losing their jobs and so they fail in the performance of their duties Let s hope that they will suddenly decide not to go gently into that good night to coin a phrase for it will surely be the death knell of the party. Eology a progressive one with a radical agenda to stop Trump in an effort to reduce America’s power and greatnessBig Agenda is a rallying cry and indispensable guide for how to claim ultimate victory for the conservative causeHorowitz writes “One battle is over but there are many to come This book is a guide to fighting the opponents of the conservative restoration It identifies who the adversaries are their methods and their motivationsIt describes their agenda not merely the particular issues with which they advance their goal but the destructive goal itself And it lays out a strategy that can defeat them?.

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Return and it is time that they had to do something says author David Horowitz The book concludes with a battle plan for the first 100 days of Trump administration that includes restoring Guantanamo Prison defunding sanctuary cities promoting energy independence nixing illegal immigration administration that includes restoring Guantanamo Prison defunding sanctuary cities promoting energy independence nixing illegal immigration attacking IRS malfeasance and dismantling the failed Obamacare The publisher sent me a review copy I didn t reuest it I thought it was a good opportunity to learn a different view There s very little substance or evidence to support Horowitz s idea Just the conclusions Very Post truth book In that sense this book was helpful to me to learn them I snatched up Big Agenda President Trump s Plan to Save America by David Horowitz with the hope of learning about President Trump s goals and methods for mending America The book contains than just President Trump s plan and in addition exposes Democratic corruption My review is pertaining to the book and not my political Views In General The Book In general The book divided into 3 parts and concludes with the 100 day planPart 1 talks about challenges for President Trump in dealing with the opposition including Republican Never Trumpers and the progressive movement It also talks about race and hate among the Democratic party I found the description of the Democratic party s character assassination to be compelling Most of what ou see and hear in the media portrays President Trump as being the ultimate hateful and racist person He reminds readers that Democrats and progressives are just as hateful against their political adversaries One statement made by Hillary was that Trump was a racist for reuesting Obama to produce his birth certificate to prove he was an American citizen Yet this was something Hillary herself attempted to expose during the primary fight with Obama in 2008 His writing is very argumentative Horowitz also discusses Hillary s actions which were conveniently overlooked by so many during the 2016 election Here is one example of his bold writing Hillary Clinton violated the espionage laws she broke her oaths of office she lied to congress and the FBI about her illegal server which exposed classified secrets to America s enemies she lied to the general public to hide what she did and repeated her lies over the course of a ear she lied about the number of illegal unsecure handheld devices she used and she destroyed or lost all of them to hide what she had done she obstructed justice a felony by destroying her emails days after Congress had subpoenaed them and warned her not to destroy them she lied to the American public and the world about the deaths of four American heroes including an ambassador who was her friend and whose demise came about as a result of circumstances in which she had played a significant role she lied to the mothers of the dead over their coffins Yet through all this disg Once again David Horowitz has written a fantastic book Horowitz is bold and straightforward outlining the methods and ideology of the Democratic party He cites detailed examples including evidence and references I found myself shocked and enraged at the depth of Democratic machinations Horowitz concludes the book with a section on what the Republican party should be doing to offset the lies and unjust accusations of the liberal progressives and ways in which Republicans should be taking note of and supporting President Trump s agenda This is definitely a must read book I saw this trash being advertised during Lawrence O Donnell tonight during one of the breaks I bet Lawrence was blanching It s laughable thinking that this propaganda got published and that it s blatantly being advertised on the news channels There s no way in hell I m reading this shit And MSNBC and any one who is advertising it really should be ashamed of themselves for advertising this shit Oh and Trump and Putin bots don t bother commenting You ll be blocked and deleted This is a uick read Horowitz paints a devastating but accurate picture of the progressive agenda and the ultimate goal of the Democrats who are now led by extreme leftists who disavow capitalism like Obama Sanders Warren and Clinton by L appointments Supreme Court and the federal judiciary• Radical changes to federal rules regulations Obamacare EPA overreach and a New Deal for black AmericaWith the White House and Senate in GOP hands and a Supreme Court soon to follow President Trump will have a greater opportunity than even Ronald Reagan had to reshape the American political landscape while securing the nation’s vital security interests abroad“No president since FDR and his famed ‘100 Days’ has the chance Donald Trump has” Horowitz arguesBut he writes that the GOP and Trump must recognize they are not fighting policy ideas but an id. I did not know what to expect beginning this book some weeks ago Did not read it in one session either And almost forgot to add a review on GRI expected a Trump story from a former Democrat and Was Hoping For An Interesting View On hoping for an interesting view on current situation on American politics It surely was a totally different angle than I expected It was soon clear that the author used Trump as a springboard for his own ideas and only at the end concluded with the first 100 days of the new administration The rest of the book explains the recommendations the author makes to the new administration in addressing the communistnow called progressive agenda of the left and provide ample information for his arguments The author explains the real meaning of the American Constitution as a birth certificate for every citizen and how it differentiate America from the rest of the world He also explains why millions of people try to enter America and not swim through shark infested seas to reach Cuba or China or even apply for refugee status in their millions in other Communist countries for that matter To understand the author s arguments I went on to find information on David HorowitzA staunch Democrat and supporter of Communism until the 1970s the author was born to card carrying staunch Democrat and supporter of Communism until the 1970s the author was born to card carrying parents Publishing numerous books in his career as a Leftist and since around 1973 as an apponent it is clear that the author brings a very different and certainly highly interesting insight to the new dispensation in America His journey from left to right can be read in the National Review article This book explains why Trump won the election There is so much that can be said about the content of the book but I will refrain The weak points of both warring parties are discussedThe author is a prolific writer and certainly adds much needed dialogue to the American debate I will read of his books since I find his insight into world politics valuable and needed despite the nature of his openly anti leftist philosophy His honesty is refreshing A very easy and enlightening book I found the title misleading though It is not so much about Trump s plan to save America as it is about the Democrat s plan to destroy it A plan that has been in effect for many ears now and would definitely have destroyed it had Clinton been elected instead of Trump This book exposes the truth behind just why the Republicans have allowed and continue to allow the Democrats to get by with their liberal agen This would have been a pretty bad book pre Russia investigation because if this is what passes for fact in republican land it s probably hard to fight that kind of belief system It is much like trying to debate a religious person by presenting them with scientific evidence They cannot and will not ever take it in In fact their beliefs often become stronger Post Russia investigation this book is simply one that a very small number and growing smaller each day of loyal Trump supporters can appreciate You could file it under Now that s a face only a mother could love This is a good and simplistic explanation of the last Presidential election cycle and the plan that won it It s about the present division depth and the why of it Muslims would have prevailed in America if Trump did not win The author is the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an aggressive conservative strategist In this book he narrates how Donald Trump won the election Trump posted a moral victory over the Republican Party that failed to fight the destructive agenda of the left that threatened America s future The progressive movement divided society into two groups the oppressive white males Christians and heterosexuals and oppressed groups like African Americans Muslims and illegal immigrants While addressing a possible presidential run at the Iowa Freedom Summit Trump criticized Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as potential 2016 presidential candidates At that time no one but Iowans knew that Donald Trump is the man who will defend liberty and freedom from liberals encroaching Sharia and Muslim dominance Conservatives were justifiably worried that America s decline was reaching a point of no. Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was than a historic upset It was the beginning of a major political economic and social revolution that will change America and the worldOne of the nation’s foremost conservative commentators New York Times bestselling author and a mentor to many of Donald Trump’s key advisers David Horowitz presents a White House battle plan to halt the Democrats’ march to extinguish the values America holds dearBig Agenda details President Trump’s likely moves including his• First wave of executive orders restoring Guantanamo Keystone XL nixing amnesty• Surprising judicia. Big Agenda President Trump's Plan to Save America