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Eroine when he should He also makes a decision that a power craving man would only make if he really loves a woman although he is in no way manipulated #or guilted into doing so by Aliyah He was told some things about Aliyah that were definitely lies and #guilted into doing so by Aliyah He was told some things about Aliyah that were definitely lies and own misgivings and fears based on an vent in his past made him push her away Aliyah had some personal issues that affected her health and personality and made it The Real Witches Kitchen easier for Kamal to believe the lies he was told and made his rejectionven devastating I also loved that Aliyah was strong in her own right and was an incredible ueen and this was realized fully by Kamal and those around her The first scene between Aliyah and Kamal was great She didn t turn into a ball of mush because of his awesome masculinity She told him off and didn t back down from his imperious manner Bravo I was thinking At the same time she made a choice to marry a man she thought she hated for the good of her country and his she hated for the good of her country and his took some bravery and The Preachers Kid emotional strength As characteristic of Ms Gates novels the writing is deeply involving andmotional as you see and O Testamento experience the love and anguish that her characters feel There are also vivid descriptions of Judar and its customs and the beautiful surroundings that its characters inhabit The wedding ceremony is one of the best I vever read It practically played like a scene from an Gangbang Slut exotic movie The love scenes are scorching and passionate as well If you are a fan of sheikh romances and want to read a romance with three dimensional characters who take anmotional journey from desolation and loneliness to a deep abiding love you should read this book Kamal goes from brutal to passionate to sincere His atonement gesture nearly melted me Aliyah was sharp tongued and had a come back for One Con Glory everything She was hisual and made the perfect ueen to sit beside him on the throne Since this is book three in a series about three brothers there is no way to choose a favourite brother All three pocessed individual characteristics t This has got to be one of the most powerful Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows emotional androtic love stories I ve The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) ever read OK make that THE most powerfuletc Kamal is GORGEOUS He s dark and overriding and witty and passionate and I could just feel all this virility and charisma radiating off the pages Aliyah was the only woman who could withstand all this tame this force of nature and own this incredible man and king s heart and soul forever But watch it while you re reading this book NO reading it in public places The love scenes will have you breathing hard and flushing like crazy and the dark ones will leave you sobbing youryes out Don t say I didn t warn you Fantastic Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ending to a fantastic series As Preeti says vague Oh the descriptions of the wedding and induction ceremony were detailed andxhaustive Same with the clothes and interiors But characterization motivations timeline of the backstory were vague Heroine had a misdiagnosis of ADHD as a child and got addicted to the drugs so she gave them up cold turkey making her unstable Hero had a sexual affair with the unstable virgin for six months before he brutally A Fairly Honourable Defeat ended it calling her a sluttcSeven years later by a series of twists and turns hero is going to be king and must marry heroine to stop a civil war The Hh agree to marry but torture ach other with banter a black wedding dress and lots of sexAfter a few weeks of marriage the hero has second thoughts about his view of the good old days and discovers the heroine s friend lied to him about heroine s promiscuity and drug addiction Hero s sorry She s sorry and pregnant for an HEAThe hero in this one had little personality beyond tough guysexual athlete Heroine s drug addiction and instability didn t make a lot of sense There are a lot of ways to wean someone off the wrong meds without the horrible side ffects she suffered She was a runway model and then an artist but I never got a sense of her character If you re in the mood for a pageant or just want to see how the series nds then this is the story for you. Nly a fool allowed his actions to be ruled by his heart And only a woman like Aliyah would dare to challenge a king in a passionate battle of will.

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The Desert KingKamal Aliyah s StoryKamal Aal Massood Aliyah MorganThis is the third and final book in the Throne of Judar TrilogyThis is the story of Kamal and Aliyah This story will keep you in suspense from beginning to nd Unlike his brothers Kamal was a man referred to in the region as out of control Kamal and Aliyah have a history At the point of the story they don t The Man Without a Face even likeach other Passion will make
two forget the past and future will take care of itself Years arlier these two star crossed lovers parted in hatred for ach other Kamal when he sees Aliyah again he still feels the connection He will marry her and he will save Judar Aliyah has no intention of going meekly to the marriage bed Their wedding is like a scene out of The Arabian Nights No one has ver witnessed a ceremony like this one It is a wedding for the ages These two volatile individuals go to flames Throughout Their Relationship Neither One Wants To Back Down They their relationship Neither one wants to back down they want to win In the nd they find out that what they have is never Threads Of The Shroud ending Kamal finds that the feelings he had before for Aliyah is nothing to how he feels here and now At first he can t believe the brothers he thought were the most in control amongst men were tamed by a woman He now understands why his brothers abdicated for their love of Carmen and FarahMuch of the problems of the past come to fruition and it doesn t matter who relinuishes the power struggle within them In thend all that matters is that they have All Seated on the Ground each other Love will conuer allTheir story is about the forgiveness and starting over In thend no amount of wealth or power matters without love They know that love is never Untitled. easy but that when it works its all that mattersA MUST read This has got to be one of the most powerfulmotional and Wiring erotic love stories I vever read OK make that THE most powerfuletc Kamal is GORGEOUS He s dark and overriding and witty and passionate and I could just feel all this virility and charisma radiating off the pages Aliyah was the only woman who could withstand all this tame this force of nature and own this incredible man and king s heart and soul foreverBut watch it while you re reading this book NO reading it in public places The love scenes will have you breathing hard and flushing like crazy and the dark ones will leave you sobbing your Against All Odds eyes out Don t say I didn t warn youFantasticnding to a fantastic series It s hard for me to rate this I gave it four stars the first time around but the second I just don t know I couldn t tell if he was celibate for one thing and that is a definite trigger for me and he was just so cruel to her when he broke up with her I hated that he misjudged her so badIT was interesting because she was addicted to prescription drugs because she had been diagnosed with ADHD and they pretty much made her a zombie He thought she was just an addict He also thought she was a slut and she wasn t She had only been with him He took her virginity and he didn t Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage even know it This book was very passionate hot and steamy I am not going to lie The scene on the wedding night where he opens the roof is unbelievable I really like the wedding and the sword fight the drums the wedding gown the dowry presentationverything The DOS except for the hero Did he grovel kind of She forgave him of course She almost lost her mind when he left and for two years she was suicidal and anorexic He was doing hell knows what I just wish he had been celibate while apart Then I would have loved it I am leaving the four stars for now but I may have to think a little bit about it It definitely touched me and made me tear up in a couple of places and I loved their passion just little tiny things are holding me back fromndorsing it whole heartily And the Against All Odds epilogue didn t move me likepilogues normally do Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism either Maybe it should be three These Sheikh romance books are fast becoming my guiltily pleasureThis was a great book Beautifully written andngaging with a strong plot richly developed characters and a spicy romance The hero Kamal is one of Their farce of a marriage will save his kingdom And in return for an heir Kamal Aal Masood will give his new wife Aliyah anything – xcept the ,
He cruelest characters I ve read The things said out of vengeance to Aliyah the heroine were down right spiteful I hated him for at least half the book However when Kamal finally learns and accepts the truth about what happened years ago and how his own behavior played a role in the situation he is
with himself I ve never a contrite character The only
role in the situation he is appalled with himself I ve never read a contrite character The only that stopped me from giving this book 5 stars was the Heroine Although Aliyah is an admirable and likable character she was a bit too snarky and tenacious for my tastes I also wished for a few tender moments between the couple To help offset the predominantly contentious feel of the book Other than that I thoroughly njoyed this story With some SpoilersOne can jump from the first 1 2 chapters to the last two and not lose much of the story All that wedding preparations details and woman bonding only made me skim skim to get to the juicy part beneath it all the hH and how they ll deal with Payment Due each other post the wedding The sudden conflagration of the wedding night was understandable and I loved the consummation drumming thing but then the story just floated around not giving us time frames real conversations or actualmotionsthoughts that foggy treatment which is so annoyingThe scorching angst promised by the author never really materializes unless you count the past and a 6 6 alpha male doing a weepy grovel as nuff angst cringeThe reason and catalyst behind that brutal severing of their relationship in the past was made out as if someone deliberately set out to poison him against her a royal Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, enemy or conspiracy So when the actual person gets revealed and the way it happened made the H look weak and tstl imoThere are hints that she begged and plagued him to take her back after the dumping but I m not completely sure So many things are hinted and whipped up but never given a solid shapeHer personality issues and medical drug abuse are also treated in a very perfunctory and unsatisfactory way The way Khol and oaths of divorce are mentioned so casually was brow raising Divorce in MuslimAsian societies and western world cannot be used interchangeably or Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, even synonymously at times Even mere utterances of these words can be binding morally and legally in some muslim societies That s the reason I don t uitenjoy reading these Sheikh stories as they sometimes annoy on factuality Unintentional I m sure but there you have it OTT lush and romantic in the old style where passions overwhelm The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, etc and so forth Honestly sometimes when I read Olivia Gates I have to look away as her characters are so overwhelmingmotional and wrought with angst I feel like I m intruding and THEY ARE FICTIONALSame thing here but I was disappointed this time The hero Kamal is SO in over his head in lust and soul binding love with the heroine Unfortunately he bought into the idea that not only was she on drugs but was a slut of the highest order He literally destroys her when he leaves her That s just the prologueThe story picks up where they have to marry or the streets will run with blood in the imaginary kingdom of sheikdom As usual the wedding is so over the top and wowza the wedding night and wedding morning and wedding next afternoon are Turbulence eually OTT Kamal slowly grows a brain and thinks that m a y b he was a little hasty in his assumption that the h bedded the western worldOnce he finds out he is writhing the word writhing is used a lot in shame and pain and self disgust and all I could think was Yippee we have a grovel coming on view spoilerOkay he grovels and she just rolls over This chick has given him red hot heck all along and now that he apologizes for ruining her life drove her to contemplate suicide she s Oh that s okay hide spoiler This was my favorite of the Throne of Judar series because we see a hard immovable man brought to his knees with the realization that he did wrong the woman he loved and who loved him Not that I like to see a person suffer but this hero does grovel and does make amends for the horrible way he treated the Rust and intimacy she desperately wantsWhen Kamal abruptly Tropical Bioproductivity ended their blistering affair years ago he vowed Aliyah would nevernsnare him again ,

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The Desert King