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In 1974 two men in Iceland ten months apart seemingly vanished While the two men ived miles apart were nearly 20 years apart in age and had different professions Iceland had never experienced anything Dark Intrusions like it This is the story of Out of Thin Air where the author Anthony Adeane seeks to reconstruct what happened to these men the people eventually charged for it and Iceland as a country It is also the story of theimits of human memory and how susceptible it is to coercion and suggestion When the police eventually settled on a group of suspects in their early 20 s they all were adamant that they had nothing to do with the crime As time passed and they spent increasing ong hours in isolation one suspect spent well over 600 days in isolation before finally confessing and under duress from constant interrogation the suspects began to believe they were in fact guilty each one construct a different story of their involvement until the police coalesced them into one narrative It s was disturbing and frightening to read two of the suspects kept a prison journal that provide a kind of og to the daily disintegration of their minds the fragility of the brain and how uickly under stress it can produce false memory The police under enormous pressure to solve this case resorted to several glaring examples of misconduct in one case a plaster bust was made of a person of interest in the case for the public It was Decade of Despair later discovered the police provided the sculptor with a photo of the person they wanted Perhaps the most interesting part of this fascinating book however is its insights into Icelandic society It was a country in the 1970 s where television was banned on Thursdays the alcohol content of beer was not allowed to exceed 25% aaw that existed until the early 90 s and a prison system so small that to this day the total number of inmates so small that to this day the total number of inmates a country of 300000 people fluctuates around 150 many of whom are under house arrest until the space for a cell opens up In such a homogeneous country perhaps it is no surprise that of the suspects the one most reviled by the police media and public was a young man in a country where most male names end in son and female names in dottir had a foreign sounding name Saevar Ciesielski His story was inextricably inked with a rapidly changing Iceland where hippies drugs new music and an American military presence were making the Icelanders of their day uncomfortable Cleansing society of Saevar was in many respects also metaphorical CLEANSING OF A SOCIETY UNWILLING TO ACCEPT A CHANGING of a society unwilling to accept a changing This is a short but fascinating book with multiple evels to it that I highly recommend for those interested in true crime the Go-Go-Go! limits of human memory or how societies adapt or don t to rapid change This should have been two different books one on economic history of Iceland the other on the mystery of a missing person Both combined it is an incoherent messFrankly the material on the main theme mystery and wrongful convictions itself is thin and not extraordinary The wikipedia article on the trials is a much better read since it is succinct The book rambles on and on about how Iceland evolved economically before the murder how it was evolving during the trial and how it evolvedater and frankly it is all unnecessary and unrelated I found myself skipping the pages A solid true crime book that doubles as a short history of Iceland The interaction of changing attitudes and thinking of Icelandic society with the progress of an insolvable case is attempted although wrapping that up with effect of memory issues poor policing and political motivations makes for a somewhat confusing narrative The cases become secondary to the author s view of Icelandic society and throwing in a silver bulle I knew a ittle about this case before reading as of Icelandic society and throwing in a silver bulle I knew a ittle about this case before reading as ve seen the BBC Storyville documentary about it It s a pretty interesting true crime case that still to this day has people baffled The book does a great job of giving you all the facts and information it s also really well written and set out. In 1974 two men vanished without a trace under suspicious circumstances shocking the people of Iceland where serious crime is almost non existent More than a year ater there seemed to be a breakthrough when a small time crook named Erla Bolladottir described a dream to police that they interpreted as a sign of trauma related to the men’s disappearanc.

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Out of Thin Air

Summary Out of Thin Air

E novels surprisingly is already the story of a MAN WHO MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE COMMITTED A who may or may not have committed a Some may criticize Adeane for spending a fair amount of time dealing with descriptions of Icelandinc Animal Babies landscapes and giving us details on the history of Iceland I do not after all heimits what he says to what is important in relation to the crime story he is Offenders and Detainees looking into and does not narrate the entire Icelandic sagas for the fun of it When he has one of the realife characters shipped to Akureiri the Nordic city he does not tell us the story of the town History however is essential and not only because we need to understand the mindset of 1970s Icelanders but because we have to realize the story told here has uite possibly a ot to do with things that happened in other parts of the world under the auspices of the US empire and its attempt at ruling the world This is a book you read and the re read slowly You re surprised after all it seems to be devoted to the story of two people who disappeared one probably swept up drunk in a blizzard during a dark night close to "A Freezing Ocean The " freezing ocean the one in the small town of Keflavik uite possibly drowned in the same ocean and pull One cold January night in 1974 a young man eaves a nightclub and is never seen again Months ater another man receives a telephone call ate at night and Dead-End Road Mysteries leaves his home He too never returns One murder in Iceland is unexpected two in short succession almost unheard of Police are uick to arrest suspects Confessions are obtained and convictions followed But those confessions may not have been as they seemI ve beenucky enough to visit Iceland It is a wonderful country with a close knit feel There is beauty in its stark Hear the Wolves landscape and a wonderful sense of history permeates it This essence of Icelandeaps from the pages of Out of Thin Air There is something mysterious and slightly magical about the country and the book echoes that It was also great to read a book where I recognise the places and have actually been to themAs well as being a fascinating Valors Measure look into Icelandicife Out of Thin Air is a study in how criminal investigations shouldn t take place Forty something years ago investigative methods were different to today s policing Unfortunately violence was rife as was the use of persuasive tactics to elicit confessions Add into the mix a police force unused to dealing with major investigations such as murder and it was a recipe for disasterMany of those who were involved in the case including those convicted remain in Iceland They have had to ive under the shadows of events from over forty years ago each one dealing with it in their own way I found myself searching the internet for information on the six suspects It was truly fascinating to read about what they went through and how they dealt with the fallout of the case The book ooks into investigative methods of both the Icelandic police and the German investigator sent to assist It is a study in detection at the time and the Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan limits placed byack of experience It is also a study in the phenomenon of false confessions of suggested memory and the effect that solitary confinement can have on the human mindThe book reads very much وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله like a documentary which is apt given the author Anthony Adeane was researching the case for a documentary Interviews with those involved form the bedrock of the book bringing the cases even toife As with most non fiction crime books there is a sense of unease in that the complete truth will never be fully known But such is Fiend lifeIt s hard to not go into too much detail without giving anything away so I willeave it thereThe cases of Gu mundur and Geirfinnur still causes much discussion in Iceland today And it s easy to see why A fascinating Voice of Conscience look into a dark part of the country where the Northern Lights shine Not sure who recommended this book or how I ended up picking it up but it wasong drawn out and not terribly interesting Kept waiting for some major revelation but there was none Probably the worst book I ve ever read Dry and boring. Hey hadn’t done it Out of Thin Air joins Bolladottir in the present day as she pursues her exoneration exploring the many facets of this bizarre and bewildering case and the social and cultural history of Iceland a country of vast andscapes extreme weather and strange folklore where than eighty per cent of the population believes that elves might exi. ,
For people that may not have had previous knowledge The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, like myselfI really enjoyed how it was also at times aittle bit of a history of Iceland normally I don t Marvins Room like when books go off track but I rather enjoyed it with this All theittle tidbits about Iceland were so interesting and even though this is a book about 2 murders I would move there in a heartbeat if I couldIf you dig a true crime take to get you thinking and inspire your inner armchair detective then you should definitely check this one outAll in all it s a great read I read this book because I m participating both in Book Riot s Read Harder Challenge read a book of true crime and the ATW80 challenge to read a book set in each country of the world I did not anticipate that this would be a five star read for me but it was wonderful Adeane discusses the still unsolved mystery of two men who went missing in 1974 in Iceland as well as telling us a Roberto to the Dark Tower Came lot about the recent history of the country Iearnt a ot about why people might confess to crimes of which they may not be guilty the unreliability of human memory and the influence of confessions on our perceptions of criminal cases I also earnt about the globalization of Icelandic society the growth of the Icelandic media and the country s 2008 banking crisis The author also throws in references to elves volcanoes the growth in tourism and Bjork Somehow it just works Very interesting non fiction book about a famous case in Iceland where a group of people wrongly accused of two crimes confessed to them and spent many years in jail only tk be cleared decades Pink Ribbons, Inc. later It is well written and besides the case itself it also provides a vivid and insightful account of Icelandic society and how it changed in theast few decades The phenomenon of memory distrust syndrome is fascinating and uite scary and this book provides some insight into how it can occur A good read not only for true crime fans but also for people interested in human psychology or in Iceland Iceland went in less than a century from the situation of an island colony than a century from the situation of an island colony the North Atlantic to the situation of a modern island attracting not only tourists in huge numbers tourism today represents 13rd of the national income but also the interest of world powers who discovered between 1939 and 1949 that it represented a major geopolitical goal given its geographical situation Extremely poor for a Star Cookies Comfort long time and having to count on fishing in frigid waters as its main resource it is also an amazing island where the whole town of Reykjavik as well as huge greenhouses are fed by natural heating where tradition hased to one of the richest Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies literary heritages in Europe despite the fact Icelandicanguage is not an easy Scandinavian Doros asin mga Anghel language It is a friendly but expensive island where you will enjoy socializing by soaking in huge warm communal baths and discoverandscapes that evoke Mars than this planet and where trolls are considered real without a shadow of a doubt It was the starting point of some Vikings arrival on North American shores way before the Basues the Portuguese the Spanish French English Dutch It has been the site of one of the oldest Parliaments in European history only gaining its independence however in the 20th century after having been a colony of several continental Scandinavian kingdoms Ireland today has than 300000 inhabitants and most tourists however much they realize than on an island you will only find what you bring there will not notice any difference compared to neighboring The Other Alice lands whether you come from Scotland or from Nova Scotia You will in many places find workers who have come from other parts of the European Union or even other parts of the world In the 1970s the island had about 200000 inhabitants and few foreigners had reached shores where most people were in some way related or part of aimited group of settlers The Inside Text linked by theiranguage and community history At the same time this tight knit uniue identity had produced at The Connected Home least one major world writer Nobel prize winner Haldor Laxness one of whos. E Afterengthy interrogations investigations and courtroom dramas Bolladottir and five acuaintances confessed to killing both men and were given prison sentences ranging from three years to ife But over the years the case against the convicted six began to disintegrate and one major uestion remained unanswered Why had they all confessed to murder if .