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Logan Author Lane Hart

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Brayden has been a problem child since she was eighteen Now that she s thrown into a Mexican jail her father could pretty much care less When Logan s sister asks him to help get her out he eluctantly agrees What he finds there is the stuff of nightmares and the conditions Brayden experienced left her with a panic that she can t shake Add
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the fact that man who has controlled her life for the last five years is the eason she found herself arrested and is a threat to anyone in her life she s a bit gun shy about getting involved with another man Even if she does find Logan deliciously attractedLogan was uite a bit different than most heroes I enjoy He was a bit nerdy with his high grades in school and his complete absorption with his job His general outlook was not what one would call alpha but not what one would call alpha But Brayden s situation is exposed Logan goes all Hulk alpha hero and I loved that this gentle and kind man had Logan Davenport is a workaholic who has spent his entire life trying to get ahead in his career When his new boss is too busy to deal with his delinuent daughter’s latest downward spiral he sends Logan to bail her out of trouble and bring her home Brayden Chambers took off to Cancun with her college friends to try and get away from her possessive and abusive ex boyfriend Rather than spend her summer break partying and having fun she finds herself locked in a filthy jail cell scared an. Uch deep feelings for the young woman who
In A Few Hours 
a few hours turned his life upside downThis is a fast paced Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read with a steam level and some dirty talk that absolutely singed my eyes Hot doesn t even begin to describe it The plot is well developed and the characters eually so Secondary characters are a bit few and far between as this story had noeal need for them but we do get a uick glance at a few favorites from the seriesOverall I loved this story and it was the perfect ead for a lazy morning I need LogansDual POVSafe view spoilerom drama as the h is being stalked and controlled by an ex hide spoiler FREE on today 542018 BlurbLogan Davenport IS A WORKAHOLIC WHO HAS SPENT a workaholic who has spent entire life trying to get ahead in his career When his new boss is too busy to deal with We first met Logan in Jax the first Cocky Cage Fighters series He s a perfectionist with only one goal at the time make partner in a espected D left alone for days When Logan swoops in and saves the day freeing Brayden from her imprisonment she comes down with a Bad Case Of Hero Worship case of hero worship the sexy lawyer who is much older than her and unfortunately off limits because her father is his boss Logan was certain that Brayden would be a handful but he never expected to unravel the secrets she’s been keeping from her friends and family ever since she was a teenager As Logan and Brayden grow closer Logan becomes determined to pro. ,

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Aw firm The least thing in mind was fall for the Indistractable rebellious problematic young woman that was about to change his world This story was emotional funny and super sexy Theelationship between Logan and Brayden had the perfect amount of anguish sweetness and passion and it s that perfect balance that makes the story feel Jacques Prevert real Brayden s backstory had me hating everyone that ever mistreated her andooting for her to find eal love with Logan With a well written plot and complex characters this is the book to to find eal love with Logan With a well written plot and complex characters this is the book to if you ve ever wanted to try an older manyounger woman story but didn t know where to start This book is from the A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 11 series that is entertaining emotional action filled and drama The characters have great chemistry I enjoyed eading this book Lane Hart is a great writer and she definitely proves it with this book It s a spin off from the Cocky Cage fighter series but it. Tect Brayden from her psychotic ex boyfriend whatever the conseuences even if he has to lie to his boss and jeopardize his career And although Logan’s never played the part of a hero before he’s pretty sure he could get used to the new job title and all the perks that go along with it – like finally getting the girl Logan is a full length standalone novel with an HEA intended for ages 18 As a special bonus you’ll also eceive two additional steamy stories featuring hot older men.