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Ve environmentIn this book we meet Silver Matilda a bird with silver feathers known for her beauty and graceful *FLIGHT THE STORY FOLLOWS MATILDA AS SHE LOSES HER *The story follows Matilda as she loses her feathers and ashamed hides away from the world until ne day an Ceux de la posie vcue owl comes and sits with her Thewl shows Matilda empathy and stays with her whilst she recovers and watches as she becomes stronger through her experienceThis book was written with children with depression in

#Mind Providing An Opportunity #
providing an pportunity The 'Get to Know Me' series is aimed at children with additional needs and those who support them in the classroom Developed by child psychologist Dr Louise Lightfoot and illustrated by Catherine Hicks the resources in
#This Series Include Activities #
series include activities to anxiety depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD This book Silver *Matilda Has Been Designed *has been designed support the individual child but also to be used in whole class teaching to encourage an empathetic and inclusi. ,
Relate to Matilda's thoughts feelings *behaviours and experiences However children a range f needs may benefit *and experiences However children with a range f needs may benefit the story book is written in a narrative style so it does not use diagnostic labels and is not intended for this purpose Instead the focus is n creating A COMMON LANGUAGE WHICH CHILDREN CAN common language which children can and use to make sense f how they are feelingA practitioner guidebook ISBN 9780815349433 and draw along version ISBN 9780815349464 are also available.

Summary Silver Matilda

Silver Matilda

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