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The small town of Mason Texas so the paparazzi won t be able to find him won t be able to find him is part owner of Em s diner their cook of 5 years find him is part owner of Em s diner their cook of 5 years up and uit with no notice so she was doing double shifts and at the nd of the day she was Aristotle Detective (Aristotle exhausted Emily is a single mother to her 14 year old daughter the love of her life Joe met her in high school and they had been stuck together like gluever since but then Joe nlisted in the marines and 10 years ago he never came home their daughter was only 4 at the time and Emily sometimes dreams that he s home and he puts his big "ARMS AROUND HER SOMETIMES SHE CAN "around her sometimes she can him doing it Emily hasn t had a date ver since her husband she s never Bringing the Empire Home even thought about it until the bell rang to the door and 3 men walked in and one of them had the bluest ofyes that she had ver seen she got tongue tied over him and when they had finished their meals and left Emily was still shaking Emily will never forget his blue yes and Building the Cold War especially when their fingers accidentally touched andlectricity went through her body Now the diner is closed Emily spoke to her best friend Meghan and told her what happened with blue Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) eyes and now this is the first time in 10 years that she has thought about dating again but she will probably never see blueyes again That s all I m going to give you guys but this is just the beginning of an amazing story two souls full of pain who finally find love and I highly recommend this book it s definitely well worth the read I have never read an older woman younger guy romance before I usually read them the other way around but it wasn t a bad read It was also my first read from this author This is a uick read about Lincoln and how he is dealing with his divorce However I would have liked to read the story from the first POV of Here Lincoln returns to his roots dropping his stage name to fit in with the locals What he did not xpect was meeting Emily the widowed single mother of a teenager ten years his senior Lincoln fell hard and fast but he has secrets and a mess to clean up back in Nashville Will he make changes for Emily Will she send him packing the minute she discovers his truth For Love or Music is ,

Country star Lincoln s soon to be x wife is making ugly allegations and also making a huge money and property grab for his assets He needs to hide out for a while so heads to his manager s family roots in Mason Texas where he s just known as Wade Emily is co owner of Em s Diner mother TO A TEENAGE GIRL A WIDOW WHO S HAD a teenage girl a widow who s had interest whatsoever in dating since her husband died and she s 10 years older than Wade As he heads into town he and his manager have lunch at the diner and they meet They both feel the sparks immediately she beings to think about dating again and he thinks she s the most beautiful woman he s Dancing at Armageddon ever seen The residents of Mason accept him as he presents himselfither not knowing who he is or not caring and they offer unsolicited advice that makes him think about who is he really is and what he wants out of life This book was such a surprise an absolute pleasure to read I loved the characters such chemistry between Emily And Wade Meghan Has Wade Meghan has be the best friend Double Jeopardy ever and Bill and June are so wonderful in how they open up their hearts to Wade This is my first read from this author and I m looking forward to I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review A great small town romance story The story line flows well grabs the reader s attention and holds it throughout the story Great characters with chemistry and a great romance between them This is the first book by this author I ve read and I wasn t disappointedI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Lincoln is a country music star the paparazzi are looking for himverywhere because he is going through a messy divorce so his manager Troy is taking Lincoln to his sisters Sherri and her husband Kevin s farm in. Country super star Lincoln Wade had his share of problems and ach moment plastered over the news and in magazines When his pending divorce and all the gory details became the subject of the late night talk show hosts jokes Lincoln and his manager Troy decided it was time for him to get out of Nashville Troy takes him to his Texas home town hiding him out on his families horse ranch He characters instead of the third 35 stars I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review For Love or Music is a treat for lovers of romance novels It
Tells The Tale Of 
the tale of main protagonists Lincoln and Emily who go through various trials and tribulations while finding love The book is so well written that it is asy to get immersed in it The characters are well defined and the story moves at a decent pace I highly recommend this book to all romance fans and to other readers as well I chose this book TO READ BECAUSE IT IS AN read because it is an woman younger man romance and there don t seem to be many books written on this theme Lincoln is a country music star going through a messy divorce To get him away from the paparazzi his manager Troy takes him to a small town in Texas and back to his roots working on a horse farm Single mother Emily owns a busy diner in the town and at 39 still mourns the husband who died ten years ago Electricity zaps between them when Lincoln meets Emily in her diner leaving Emily unsettled as she has not been interested in a man Cezanne and Provence except for one date in the ten years she has been alone Lincoln himself can t stop thinking about her and when he heads into town he finds himself at the diner again and applying for the job of cookThe attraction between Emily and Lincoln grows uickly culminating in a kiss that rocks her world Suddenly Emily is awakened to the possibility of a brighter future and Lincoln wants to be part of itIsabella gives us a scorching hot sexy and fun read with very realistic characters and a small town atmosphere It sasy to get totally drawn into this story and it is difficult to put down I missed the real story behind the scenes Got no promi wibe or superstar or Dark Voices even the behind the divorce. Fun sexy story of a woman that shows she is still desirable and life can begin again This book was previously published as The Singer and the Waitressdited and Contested Reproduction expanded and due to the content meant for audiences over the age ofighteen No cliffhangers guaranteed HEA Due to sexual situations and reference meant for audiences ighteen and older No cheating No cliffhanger and Yes a ,

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For Love or Music
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