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142 Ostriches

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Ed with the endingI enjoyed it and would like to read from this authorA sincere thanks to April Davila Kensington Books and NetGalley for providing me an e ARC in exchange for an honest review 142 Ostriches is nlike anything I ve read before Wholly Her Brooding Italian Surgeon uniue this cinematic novel exposes readers to the relativelynknown industry of ostrich farming In Davila s skillful hands the desert comes alive and the ostriches are as compelling as the human characters Tallulah herself is a memorable strong willed protagonist Her struggle to negotiate family obligations with her own desires feels both singular and highly relatable I loved following her through the pages of this fast paced and lovely novel Four days after Tallulah s Grandma Helen dies her mother s mother a woman she hasn t seen since she was 13 years old when her grandmother drove to the apartment her mother was renting and drove back to the desert with Tallulah leaving Tallulah s mother behind everything for Tallulah begins to fall apart even She s lived there for eleven years and is angry with her grandmother for dying and leaving her there alone Left to tend these 142 ostriches and now the ostriches have stopped laying eggs She had plans Plans to leave to join the Forest Service in Montana to leave this place behind How strange that one phone call from a man I barely knew could all but erase my grandmother from my life Days after the funeral service Tallulah s mother arrives nexpectedly She had said she d be there for the funeral and in not being there she only justifies Tallulah s feelings about her She knows her mother is only there because she wants a share of the money the same as Tallulah s Uncle Steve an occasionally recovering addict whose anger over Tallulah being the sole recipient of her grandmother s estate has triggered that need And then there is her Aunt Christine whose faith in God grew as each child arrived and now she has another on the way any day Her faith creates issues among them since Grandma Helen s believed that the desert was her church the perfect rhythms of nature her Hymns The Elegant Wisdom Of The Ecosystem Her Bible She the elegant wisdom of the ecosystem her Bible She her trust in the shifting sands that surrounded her and said that if there was a God he resided in the wind and the moon and the nrivaled yellow of a desert marigold Tension builds slowly in this story Tallulah s life spins out of control for a while her desire to sell her grandmother s ranch to an adjacent landowner who has had his eyes on it for ite a while A desire that seems dangerously close to not being fulfilled as the ostriches have stopped laying eggs a situation which needs to be remedied so she won t lose the one prospect that is interested in buying it She tackles one problem and then #another and time after time her efforts seem in vane Still angry with her grandmother # and time after time her efforts seem in vane Still angry with her grandmother can t seem to see her feel her everywhere she turns Every doorway held an echo of her footsteps Every bit of wire fencing had been strung by her hands Every bird in the corral had grown p nder her care There s so much to this story that just needs to be read the story begins at a somewhat slower pace and like a runaway train suddenly everything is nfurling When is all a runaway train suddenly everything is The Ranchers Surprise Marriage unfurling When is all and done it s then she can see things clearly Finally the sun cleared the horizon and blasted everything with its full light Shadows stretched out well defined against the sand and all the pale greens of the desert shrubs emerged completing the vast daytime landscape There wouldn t be mornings like this in Monta. Ert After eleven years caring for the curious graceful birds Tallulah accepts a job in Montana and prepares to leave home But when Grandma Helen diesnder strange circumstances Tallulah inherits everything just days before the birds inexplicably stop laying eggsGuarding the secret of the suddenly barren birds Tallulah endeavors to force through a sale of the ranch a task that is complicated by the. Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the Arc I will try to keep this review as Kensington Books and Netgalley for the Arc I will try to keep this review as The Ancient Central Andes uick as this novel wasI loved this novel Never would I think I would be so enraptured and invested in ostriches A short work of fiction with a plot that moved along at a steady pace but the author still had time to develop a complex cast characters My favourite read of 2020 thus far I would recommend this book I feel so lucky to have neighbors that like to share books with me Our local library recently started to lend books again c When the year is over there is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of my Top 5 books of the year Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for sending me a free advance copy of this book in return for an honest review So much goes on in this book that one is hard pressed to comep with Have you ever been in love with an ostrich before I never thought I would Lover Extraordinaire (Extraordinaire, until I read this book This debut novel by April Davila was so beautifully written about a family operating an ostrich farm in the California Mojave dessert Davila s plot and characters are what made this booknforgettable and such an amazing read for me Tallulah our protagonist was such a well written character that was an inspiration and considerable my heroine in this story Tallulah s character will be one of the few Christmas With A Hero unforgettable characters I will ever read about Davila wrote with amazing clarity and vividness in a trulyplifting story that I enjoyed thoroughly I highly recommend this book for a relatable and fast paced story that could be read in one sitting This turned out to be ite a nice novel of self discovery Though I am reading some lighter reads when I first started this I thought it might be too light Yet how many chances are there to read a book that contains 142 ostriches Not many or maybe none It does start rather slowly but add a dysfunctional family and the pace is sure to move right alongPlus I enjoyed the main character Tullulah her searching for self and all the trials and tribulations she has to go through first Loved the descriptions of the desert as well Just beautiful Enjoyed seeing her growth as she confronts various issues and finds the nderstanding to move forward One ostrich is an amusing character in her own rightLove this cover the cover definitely gets a five It s simply gorgeousARC from Netgalley It was the title that got me on this book And then it takes place in Imperial Valley California a very specific familiar place in my lifeThe Ostrich farm is plopped far out on the end of a road in hot hot hot Imperial Valley and there are exactly 142 of these magnificent birds who call this farm home Some like to trot alongside cars motoring p the drive or hover track the humans that tend them They have mega nests and mega eggs or did names for each It was fun to learn about the personalities of the ostriches and I was hoping to learn about them But the pull of the story is Lula s family and all the characters they are and her situation what to do with her life Everyone has plans for her and none of them jive with her plans for her Meanwhile each family member has their own set of tangled messed p situation that seems to reuire some part of Lula to help with or participate in the management of Grandma Helen is just trying to in the management of Grandma Helen is just trying to the best of it when Lula joins her Readers are invited to trot alongside the ostriches and stay A Ta Place up please It got a little long in the middle and I was confused by the on again off again love interest but was mighty pleas. Set against thenexpected splendor of an ostrich ranch in the California desert April Dávila's beautifully written debut conjures an absorbing and compelling heroine in a story of courage family and forgiveness When Tallulah Jones was thirteen her grandmother plucked her from the dank Oakland apartment she shared with her nreliable mom and brought her to the family ostrich ranch in the Mojave Des.
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Na I couldn t believe there was anywhere in the world with sunrises so spectacular as in the Mojave Many thanks once again to the Public Library system and the with sunrises so spectacular as in the Mojave Many thanks once again to the Public Library system and the Librarians that manage organize and keep it running for the loan of this book When the year is over there is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of my Top 5 books of the year Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for sending me a free advance copy of this book in return for an honest review So Much Goes On In This Book That One Is Hard goes on in this book that one is hard to come p with a favorite part of the book OK for me it was the Ostriches Visited an Ostrich and Emu farm in Aruba and was fascinated by those birds and this carried over with my reading of this wonderful debut novel Found out a lot about those birds but there is so much to this book April Davila fills her book with an interesting story that has both great and flawed characters and an Tallulah Jones How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose use to live with her alcoholic mother in a pathetic apartment in Oakland but at age 13 her grandmother took over the caretaking and moved Tallulah to her ostrich ranch in the Mojave Desert in California Tallulah hadn t seen her mother at all for 11 years Talluluh loved working with the birds and on a ranch for many yearsbut she was growingp At age 24 she was planning on leaving to join the Forest Service in MontanaButGrandma Helen played a dirty trickshe went and died strange accident knowing that Tallulah would be the only person who could run the ranch in her absence Grandma Helen had left the ranch to Tallulah knowing she was the only one who could run it Her other three children hadn t any interest in it Tallulah had to keep p with the work on the ranch by herself The flock would lay dozens of eggs every day in the hot summer months of the peak season Each egg had to be collected washed polished and stacked in cold storage for eventual shipping out to specialty grocery stores all over the country Without grandma Helen it was difficult to keep it p Tallulah planned on selling the ranch had a buyer and everything but almost instantly the ostriches stopped laying eggs Not exactly a good sign for the buyer Houston we have a problem The story moves in several directions Tallulah had grown p with an alcoholic father a very distant mother an aunt Christine who embrace God and an Uncle Scott who had lost himself in drugsbut the resilient Tallulah learned that one step leads to another one idea connects to anotherand if she wanted to save herself from following the footsteps of behaviors that didn t enrich or empowershe had to trust that moving forward would save her Sweet messages and symbolism throughoutTallulah had an honest voice she struggled against daunting odds to find her place in the world a place she could call home Sweet touching storythe power of the ostriches are felt symbolically throughout this story in relation to a young likable woman coming of age Though they can t fly Ostriches are fleet strong runnersas our powerful young protagonist was The ostrich was large as was its feathers and eggs In fact the ostrich spiritual totem lays the largest eggs out of all birds on the planetSince they were so large they were a symbol for wealth abundance and fertility A ick readwith writing that oscillated with true feelings By the end of this story the thoughts that came to me werein the end nothing was behind Tallulah had gathered her feathers tilted her wings Bijoux en origami upward and gazed forwardGorgeous book cover Thank you Kensington Books Netgalley and April Davil. Arrival of her extended family Their designs on the property and deeply rooted dysfunction threaten Tallulah's ambitions and eventually her life With no options left Tallulah must pull her head out of the sand and face the fifty year legacy of a family in turmoil the reality of her grandmother's death her mother's alcoholism herncle's covetous anger and the 142 ostriches whose lives are in her han. ,

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