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DauntlessFor thatRecommended Wow this was really good I oved every single detail about this storyIt is a pirate themed gay Romeo and Juliet with a historical spin that I found uite uniueDauntless Island is a remote island in the Pacific off the Australian coast It was founded by the crew of *the dauntless a marine ship that got shipwrecked *Dauntless a marine ship that got shipwrecked the island s shoreLegend goes "That Captain Hawthorne Was "Captain Hawthorne was cruel tyrant and an officer named Joseph Nesmith ed a mutiny against him and Hawthorne was hanged on the islandNow 200 years Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality later the small island population stillives their historical roots keeping Red Joe Nesmith the great great whatever grandson of the famous Nesmith in high regards Joe is the Learning and Development lighthouse keeper on the island and a rather solitary characterOne day a student shows up on the island wanting to write a thesis about Hawthorne and Nesmith and how history needed to be corrected because not Hawthorne but Nesmith had really been the bad guyAnd the student s name is Eddie HawthorneJoe is desperately trying to prevent a new modern day mutiny on the small island when the Islanders are trying to defend their version of history at all costs some of them even willing to kill fo 35 starsIiked this much better than The Dreams You Made in the Dirt The characters made sense for starters and I Arduino Development Cookbook liked the dynamic between Joe and Eddie when we got to see it The isolated island atmosphere was ever present and the history of the island s initial inhabitants was interesting The current residents all kind of ran together but they were basically of the rustic but kooky variety And I adored Hiccup the dogThere was a bit too much repetition for such a short story Don t worry if you forget the island was founded by mutineers and that Hawthornes are bad blood and Nesmiths are awesome sauce Youl be reminded every five pages or so if not sooner The mystery was once again not very fleshed out and pretty obvious but I guess there had to be some sort of conflict so it was better than nothing A Mastering Gephi Network Visualization little time spent with the MCs when they just got to be goofy and together would ve gone aong way to nudging this one up to a full four stars Thank you Peaches McJingles It s murder But it s fluffy murder There s two guys a dog and a tiny tiny murder on a tiny tiny island It s a short fluffy read and I hope you guys enjoy Ight It’s just a fling But while Joe find himself wishing and that Eddie could stay on Dauntless it’s clear that somebody else wants Eddie gone permanently And when the attacker escalates to murder both Joe and Eddie find themselves in danger of Dauntless Island’s bloody history repeating itselfDauntless is a 30 000 word novella. .

With Child Trust Me (Men of Steele,
Ystery wasn t particularly convoluted or surprising but it was interesting
"because it allowed "
it allowed author to explore the island s history and how it still affected the The Canadian Regime lives of the islanders The MCs and the relationship had as much depth as you can expect from a short story and they get bonus points from me for not falling into too obvious instaove territory despite the ength of the book On the other hand I was never all that interested in the relationship Eddie didn t really come alive for me maybe because we don t have his POV On the plus side some of Joe and Eddie have his POV On the plus side some of Joe and Eddie exchanges made me augh and Joe s dog and her name which I m not saying to not spoil the surprise were one of the best thing in the entire story Rounding down because *gr says i have to choose between 3 *says I have to choose between 3 4 stars and from a purely emotional perspective Dauntless didn t make as much of an impact as the other Lisa Henry short I read a few days ago and I want my rating to reflect that Also there were a ot of typos and missing words in this book much than I m used to see by this author Oooh shades of PitcairnA murdermystery A uiet but sweet romance no on page steamHumorous Two ikeable MCs Told through Joe Nesmith s eyes the great great great whatever grandson of the founder of Dauntless Island this is a uaint snapshot of a remote fictional island off Australia s coastline which resembles Pitcairn complete with uirky characters Hiccup the ab was adorably there with her humansNice reading that s a ittle different to my other Lisa Henry readsReview at This is an imaginative new take on a Romeo and Juliet theme the keeper of the island s Un Cadeau pour ma Femme lighthouse and a direct descendant ofocal hero Josiah Nesmith is another Joe Nesmith a young man whose island pride is firmly invested in the story of how Josiah and his crew took down their cruel ship captain George Hawthorne in a righteous mutiny for their freedom He values his tiny island his ancestor s heroism and their connected heritage But then graduate student Eddie Hawthorne comes to Dauntless with a tale of having a historical document that proves it was George who was the real hero trying to keep a awless crew headed by Josiah from comm A really cute story and I enjoyed every page I wouldn t say it brought all the feels but it did make me augh and awww and there s a Shadow Bound lot to be said. Islanders have ever believed into disarray and one of them might even resort to deadly measures to make sure that Eddie’s research never sees theight of day When Eddie is attacked Joe is drawn in to helping him discover which of the islanders could have done such a thing The rising attraction between them doesn’t mean anything

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A Joyfully Jay review 45 starsLisa Henry admits that Dauntless is a fluffy mystery one centered on romance and sweetness than any darker elements Yes there is a murder and yes there is a mystery aspect that keeps this novella moving swiftly but it s really the interactions between *joe and eddie that take center stage here *and Eddie that take center stage here make this story sing Both men are really very attractive character wise and almost make you want to see them happy together from the get go Joe is a Mapapansin Kaya? lovely introvert who also has such uiet strength and a deep sense of duty making him the perfect hero Eddie is a book nerd young and enthusiastic a bit bumbling when it comes to saying the right thing to keep himself out of trouble and just really adorable overall In other words they are relationship gold togetherRead Sammy s review in its entirety here Anotherovely read from Lisa Henry Dauntless is a ovely short novel set on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean inhabited by the heirs of a bunch of British Ocean inhabited by the heirs of a bunch of British Part Cabot Cove and part Midsomer Dauntless island is populated by eccentric characters often identified by their nicknames that are essential to distinguish them given the constant repetition of the same surnamesKeeper of the island s ighthouse and "a direct descendant of ocal hero Josiah Nesmith Red Joe Nesmith finds himself in the middle "direct descendant of ocal hero Josiah Nesmith Red Joe Nesmith finds himself in the middle a mystery when a young historian and heir of the despised villain George Hawthorne shows up on the island claiming that the whole story of the mutiny is based on falsity and テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] liesIs Eddie Hawthorne telling the truth And who was the real villain in the story of HMS Dauntless and its crewLisa Henry combines the tone of a cozy mystery with overtones of social comedy and the result is a truly enjoyable reading experienceThe MCs areovely and well rounded and the cast of secondary characters provides a very intriguing network of social relations and uirky behavioursI ve now read three books by Lisa Henry and I really enjoy her ability to change pace and tone with ease from intense When All the World Sleeps to melancholic One Perfect Night to the Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники lighthearted and delightful Dauntless If you reooking for a relaxing and rewarding read this might be the right choice 35 stars I The Herd from 93rd loved the setting and the atmosphere of the island with all its inhabitants and their dynamic The Joe Nesmitheads a peaceful Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) life as theighthouse keeper on Dauntless Island a small island off the coast of Australia where the occupants are proud of their mutinous history and have very ong memoriesWhen graduate student Eddie Hawthorne comes to Dauntless he brings with him a historical diary that might just throw everything the. .