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No Future for You lTuristic The suspense kind of sneaks up on you You delve so deeply into the book without realizing that you re too addicted to put it down Another thing that I enjoyed was the plot development It was never jagged and didn t betray my interest at all You can really feel the anxiety that the characters are plagued with as theyive through something crazy "As An Alien Invasion Superb Piece Of Sci Fi Literature "an alien invasion Superb piece of sci fi SOS Schlank ohne Sport - literature highly recommendedPlease note that my review for V The Original Miniseries and V The Second Generation are word to word the same because I felt exactly the same way about those novels as well Excellent popcorn reading Like a summer blockbuster The pages turned uickly butike those summer blockbusters I remember The Action Scenes And The Basic Plot action scenes and the basic plot not many characters A great uick read for V fans or fans of alien invasion but if ooking for in depth characters or plot twists galore this isnt the book for you Lastly I dont think you need be totally familiar with the V series to enjoy this In some ways it might make it better as you may be shocked by some of the relevations in the story which were not surprises for me who oved the serie. As is formed to combat them They now have to face me who oved the serie. As is formed to combat them They now have to face devious plan to surpass the human food storage by emptying one of New York's neighborhoods next to their chemical plan. .
V East Coast Crisis

Free read V East Coast Crisis

Again there was Everwar (Cal Leandros, less surprise because this group of two books is the repetition of the resistance story this time on the east Coast Nevertheless it is well written fast paced and with a great victory of those who will not go uietly into the nightMaria CarmoLisbon 2 May 2018 Nostalgia of the real VisitorsHow Ioved the Visitors I remember as a young girl the trepidation with which I kept waiting every week for a new episode on TV And what a disappointment when no news season followed the final cliff hanger Years ater as an adult I happened to watch the whole series again and I oved it almost "Than The First Time So You Can "the first time So you can my delight in spotting this booklet in a flea marketIt is a tie in that tells the invasion from "the mini series but from the point of "mini series but from the point of of the East Coast especially New York Some classic characters are mentioned even we can see Mike Donovan in a scene but the main characters are others It was great to rediscover the Visitors through the eyes of unsuspecting new charactersThe plot is very well thought out In the preface the author of the original series AC Crispin A pretty good story Only gets bogged down when some. Concurrent with the first novel but set in New York and Washington DC the book begins in space while the fleet approaches the Earth the ending of the novel briefly goes into th. Of LA characters make appearances This is the Gregg Press hardcover edition and was ikely written by A C Crispin yet credited to Weinstein It s not often that I find a seuel better then it s predecessor with East Coast Crisis I so "happy it is The Sequins and Spurs llot flows organically then in V and the characters are much andikable "it is The DK Adventures llot flows organically then in V and the characters are much dynamic andikable 4 stars because I can t wrap my mind around the alien s real reason for coming to Earth and how udicrous it is If you watched the series or read the book and wondered what was going in the rest of the world This book tells about what New Yorkers were up to Very nicely written Loved the first book in the series but this one could not get into I was crazy about V growing up This one has a Black Woman with a White Man romance pairing Too cool I picked up the V books after watching the TV series from 2010 so I already had some semblance of an idea of what the plot surroundedV East Coast Crisis was very good in my opinion It contained many elements of sci fi that I thoroughly enjoy The technology for one thing was beautifully described and presented in the novel Given the time period it was written it was very fu. E aftermath of The Final Battle The commander Roger and his subordinates Angela and Jennifer arrive and after the Visitors are revealed the resistance group named White Christm. .

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