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Kindle Ebook A Fish Caught in Time –

A Fish Caught in Time

Samantha Weinberg ë 7 Read

Ught to have been extinct until mind altering appearance in 1938 Since then have surfaced with their electrifying blue color and everything else They were supposed to be extinct How amazing Like Jurassic Park underwater I first became fascinated with this living fossil thanks to a National Geographic issue dedicated to this strange being This book continues that accessibility by not being very scientific and teaching the eader as much about the trade of the fishermen in the Comoros as about the fish itself What else is lurking down there Captain Nemo The Loch Ness Monster I believeBook Season Summer blue fish and green mojitos This fascinating history of the Coelacanth is beautifully written lighthearted and fascinating A brilliant yarn in every sense of the word it tells the story of how the Coelacanth went from being a fossil considered to be extinct for 50 70 million years to being one of the few distinguished living fossils of our timeThe story takes us back to East London South Africa 1938 when a young museum curator Marjorie Courtenay Latimer wen Who would think I would love a book about a fish I needed a book for Comoros in my around the world eading challenge and this was the best of
few options it 
options It fantastic I am a scientist and veterinarian so I do love animals and biology but this book was exciting had interesting uirky characters and told a emarkable story biology but this book was exciting had interesting uirky characters and told a emarkable story devoured it The story of the coelacanth fish I didn t know what this was but was completely hooked by the story so to speak ha ha Thought to be extinct fossils date back 400m years It may be humans ancestor in the evolutionary chain One was found in the Comoros islands in 1938 to huge excitement a uest ever since Loved the stories of the people involved especially the amazing Marjorie Courtney Latimer who saw its significance in 1938 Simon Winchester fans will enjoy I ead this for passportlitsy for Comoros It gave me a good sense of life in the Comoros islands and was a great ead as well All in all a winner I picked away the layers of slime to eveal the most beautiful fish I had ever seen she ecounts It was five feet long a pale mauvy blue with faint flecks of whitish spots it had an iridescent silver blue green sheen all over It was covered in hard scales and it had four limb like fins and a strange little puppy dog tail It was such a beautiful Truck He ecognized it as a coelacanth pronounced see la kanth a creature known from fossils dating back 400 million years and thought to have died out with the dinosaurs With its extraordinary limbs the coelacanth was believed to be the first fish to crawl from the sea and evolve into eptiles mammals and eventually mankind The discovery was immediately dubbed the greatest scientific find of the century Smith devoted his life to the search for a complete specimen afourteen year odyssey that cu. This is what I look for in a book on a scholarly subject The author handles the facts well but is able to make the people involved come alive allowing the eader to care about them Weinberg s good writing makes the transitions from fact to biography in such a manner that you never feel disconnected from the story of the search I found myself getting excited about the search and the trip to a far away island to collect a specimen was almost daring do And amidst all of This Publicity Concern For publicity concern for egos and political
machinations the coelacanth 
the Coelacanth its fishy business surprising us with its unusual makeup and behavioursThe compilation of known facts about the fish found at the end of the book was a bonus as was the video of it available on the website still being maintained by one of its enthusiastic admirers Imagine seeing a dinosaur suddenly appear This is as close as it gets to that A fish known only through fossils is trawled up from the depths of the sea by a fisherman in South Africa An extinct coelacanth He gives it to the curator of a museum who brings in a fish expert The internal organs of the fish were not maintained so the eccentric expert seeks out another specimen He journeys further up the current to Comoros where he believes the species may originate And finds some Is the coelacanth the missing link The species that paved the way from sea to land All this you will need to ead for yourselfThe book details all of the scientific information It also details the international ivalry and politics involved It is as much of a human story as it is about a emarkable animalThe information provided is written for the average person and adds some interesting facts that would interest people who know about fishThe end of the book provides technical information about the fishes morphology the fins the scales the eyes the legs etcAlso included is a list of all museums that possess a specimen on displayI enjoyed every single page Even though the book is sort of scientific it has such a lovely wistful tone about it that makes you want to seek out some favourite animals in an impossible egion I would ead this book again and wholeheartedly ecommend it to anyone who has a curiosity for animals Old Four Legs While that may sound like someone leaving a pub un it s eally the affectionate name given to the Coelacanth a fish tho. Just before Christmas in 1938 the young woman curator of a small South African museum spotted a strange looking fish on a trawler's deck It was five feet long with steel blue scales luminescent eyes and emarkable limb like fins unlike those of any fish she had ever seen Determined to preserve her unusual find she searched for days for a way to save it but ended up with only the skin and a few bonesA charismatic amateur ichthyologist JLB Smith saw a thumbnail sketch of the fish and was thunders. .
Ish like a big china ornament but I didn t know what it was Marjorie Courtenay LatimerI eally enjoyed this fascinating tale of the discovery in South Africa in 1938 of a live coelacanth see lo canth an ancient fish known from fossils but presumed until then to have died out 70 million years ago and of the ongoing esearch into its morphology natural history and place in the evolutionary tree elative to humansWeinberg skillfully weaves an easy introduction to the science into a compelling narrative of a cast to the science into a compelling narrative of a cast eccentric naturalists mercenaries undersea explorers and government officials cooperating and competing to catch dead and live specimens against the backdrop of colonialism World War II and civil war in South Africa Mozambiue Madagascar the Comoros Islands and IndonesiaShe touches on obsession ambition greed and national pride as drivers of the uest that could have esulted in a tragic and ironic modern extinction for this amazing survivor but also describes apparently effective efforts at conserving the species which emains little understoodI highly ecommend I tried to see if this fish was featured in the Jason Mamoa starrer film AUAMAN but failed to find it there some scenes were uite a blur though But maybe it wasn t eally there For this is not a violent fishI consider this fish the Coelacanth pronounced silly cunt as the ock star of all the fishes in our seas and oceans The world was shocked when a live specimen of this fish was caught in 1938 just before the outbreak of the second world war Utter disbelief and amazement was the initial eaction of those knowledgeable in fishes who first saw it Another 14 years passed before a second live specimen was caught an This was my second time with this one The first time was several years ago WHEN IT WAS A NEW ISH it was a new ish long before kids This time it was a morning ead aloud selection K gave it a 3 L gave it a 5no surprise there she loves the true stories of weird and wonderful things It doesn t get too much weirder than the coelacanth This is the story of the odd living fossil and how it was identified by the scientific community In particular I love the story of Marjorie Courtenay Latimer the head of a very small South Afri This is not eally about the coelacanth intself but South Afri This is not eally about the coelacanth intself but instead about the men and women involved in first ealizing what it was and what it meant when one wa. Lminated in a dramatic act of international piracy As the fame of the coelacanth spread so did umors and obsessions Nations fought over it multimillion dollar expeditions were launched and submarines hand built to find it In 1998 the umors and the truth came together in a gripping climax which brought the coelacanth back into the international limelight A Fish Caught in Time is the entrancing story of the most are and precious fish in the world our own great uncle forty million times emoved.
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