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[ [BOOKS] First American ArmyThe Untold Story of George Washington and the Men behind America's First Fight for Freedom ] Author Bruce Chadwick –

D fortitude to stick it out will surprise many I also think that it does a very good job of highlighting the state and practice of medicine in that time Of interest though is the role of the chaplains in all of this Their short terms of service can be understood when you read about what they did and how it was received by the troops The sections which feature the chaplains are a very good pastoral primer ven todayNot all of the story is told from the even todayNot all of the story is told from the of view of the nlisted soldier there are diversions into the role and xperiences of Chaplains Doctors and militia leaders These seem warranted as ways to carry Doctors and militia leaders These seem warranted as ways to carry story forward and in reflection on the observations made by these men about the soldiers they were treating and leadingThere are near the Building the Cold War end of the book several chapters touching on the plight of prisoners of war women home life blacks and the war at sea Some of these are masterfully integrated into the narrative and others seem like stories stuck into to meet an obligation I do applaud the inclusion though as this is one of the few general histories to include those aspects of the story Most general histories focus on Washington and his troops ignoring other operations and peopleThis is a very good general history for the average reader and anxample to the scholar of how to incorporate both social history and the big picture of history in to a readable and approachable text The use of social history is an Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) excellent way to personalize or create relational ties between subject and reader The inclusion of the big picture narrative provides the context for thexperiences and prevents a narrow myopic view by a subject matter Counter-Amores expert which to often renders social history unreadable to the average reader 5 stars for our badass citizen soldiers minus one star for the authors presentation Chadwick skips around the timeline so much it detracts from the subject matter This was a decent overview of thentire war and gave me some interesting threads to follow for further reading This book tells the story of the Revolutionary War thru the Dancing at Armageddon eyes of the common soldier It follows the battles and the trials faced by the common soldier The dangers like starvation smallpox dysentery and other items that affected them Great way to tell the revolution as a narrative from the soldiers perspective I chose this book specifically because it mentions Washington s Life Guard andlite group of men chosen specifically to protect and defend General Washington Not many books are written about or mention his Life Guard which is unfortunate because of their very special role and duty My interest comes from the fact that an ancestor of mine was along with his friend hand picked by Washington himself to join this guard My ancestor John Knight is not mentioned in this book and neither is his friend John Cook however that s not why in this book and neither is his friend John Cook however that s not why m interested in this particular book I want of the historical context There was a book written about John Knight and his family and ancestry and in that book we have detailed information of my John Knight and his service towards democracy I look forward to completing this book and giving a detailed revie. Atkins scaped unscathed from the bloody battles in New York and when a doctor and a minister shared the misery of the wounded and dying These intertwining stories are drawn from their letters and never before uoted journals found in the libraries belonging to the camps where Washington uartered his troops during those desperate yea.

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It s an okay book about the Revolutionary War through yes of Composition and Literature everyday soldiers The writer has greatnthusiasm but what he s War through the Cezanne and Provence eyes ofveryday The writer has great Dark Voices enthusiasm but what he s is write a book in a style that would be like the documentary he wants to make of it It feels Ken Burns y but withoutnough maps and other visuals to assist the reader in the understanding of the story There is nothing that makes the story or book compelling to people who aren t already fans of the subject It s fine but not special Good info but to much repetition of vents Wow Chadwick using the journals of ordinary soldiers in the Revolution takes us back in time We see hear and feel vividly what went on It was like alternating between MASH and Glory Yes the African American Regiment from Rhode Island is given its due with 2 chapters devoted to it and its phenomenal bravery in holding off the superior British forces in Newport RIA Robert Altman wannabe could have a ball making this into a movie The Americans were a randy bunch In staid Boston soldiers bathed nude in the Charles River many displaying full frontal views to hapless young ladies out for a stroll Wherever the militia marched sentries with spyglasses preceded What they spied first wasn t nemy positions It was the sentries with spyglasses preceded What they spied first wasn t nemy positions It was the of young women Gorgeous they d announce probably going into greater detail although Chadwick doesn t dwell on that Then there was the newlywed who left camp regularly for a few days of marathon sex His wife must ve loved it too as she visited friends in whatever town was near his campsite Soldiers wagered on outcomes The scene of men frantically flourishing their money is lively and if they didn t have money they bet silk stockings and chocolate I wonder why they had thoseThen there were inept generals who so screwed up marching orders that regiments found themselves facing ach other not the Creating Country Music enemy Some regiments marched away only to find themselves back to where they started Complete with fife and drums playing scenes like this would be hilarious in a filmAh Then there were the hangings and whippings George Washington believed in discipline He also believed in drama As the drummers drummed the death rolls and the hangman put his hand on the lever to send the men toternity a courier on a horse would race in shouting Stop By order of His Excellency Of course some men were hanged or flogged anywaysBut it wasn t all fun and screwups The descriptions of the men afflicted with smallpox are not for the sueamishoozing pustules maggots feeding on them horrible pain and death The horrors at Valley Forge as described by the footsoldiers are vivid That the farmers blacksmiths and artisans who made up the Colonial Army stuck it out because they believed in The Rights of Man shows what idealism can Blacklands endure What ideals are being fought for in Ira and AfghanistanIf this is made into a movie and it should be the scene of Cornwallis defeat at Yorktown is made for cinema The finest professional army in the world was defeated by ragtag amateurs There s a lesson in that for us todayThe defeated Brits had to parade to the fifes and drums of their bands as the victors watched Cannons boomed victoryAmerican soldiers shot. This is the first book that offers a you are there look at the American Revolution through theyes of the Evolutionary Patterns enlisted men Through searing portraits of individual soldiers Bruce Chadwick author of George Washington's War brings alive what it was like to serve then in the American armyWith interlocking stories of ordinary Americans hev. Their muskets in unison then shouted slogans Of course the American bands also playedWar in those days was fought to music Marchers kept time with their drummers Even in the heat of battle bands played to Evolution As Entropy encourage those who were fighting At night bandsntertained with soldiers singing along Singing together is a powerful bonding activity Chadwick also describes the naval battles and merchant ships And I finally found out why George Washington was so great The soldiers diaries tell why Without George Washington there d be no USA I think he d be appalled at what we ve become and how freedom has come to mean unbridled greed Would have been five with better Forging Gay Identities editing I also think that maps would have been very helpful It does do a good job ofxplaining what life was like for Revolutionary War foot soldiers and I really njoyed the account of using sleds to attack Staten Island during the only time that New York Harbor froze over Borrowed but didn t read 2009 08 First American Army The Untold Story of George Washington and the Men Army The Untold Story
#Of George Washington And The #
George Washington and the America s First Fight for Freedom Author Bruce Chadwick 416 pages 2005This book had been sitting in a To Read stack for about ight months before I decided to pick it up and read through itPrimarily this book follows the travails and Fiche Blian ag Fás experiences ofnlisted men during the American Revolution It is not the first book to address the service and conditions of the common soldier But unlike specialized histories this remains a general history of the conflict through the Esteem Enlivened by Desire experiences of the rank and file Thisxperience is highlighted through the interweaving with a basic narrative of Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith events and the stories of a few soldiers who wrote their memories for posterity This notion of posterity was a reoccurring theme in commandersxhortations chaplains sermons and soldiers diariesThe primary soldiers featured in this text nter and leave the story as their lives and services dictated Their xperience is They Shall Be One Flesh enhanced by observations from others who were there or who went through similarxperiences When put together these lives give the reader a very good sense of the basics in regard to what it was like to live in those times and be a part of those The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning events from the inside The narrativelements framing the recollections are important for the reader to understand the context of the remarks Too often when dealing with combat narratives of a single individual you are reading only that persons Hereward (Hereward, experience which has a very narrow field of vision The book chooses to focus on the main army under Washingtonxcept for two Under One Sky exceptions The first is the Battle of Saratoga for reasons of historical importance The second was the invasion and retreat from Canada in 1775 1776 This later tale is one which is largely unfamiliar to the casual reader and too many students of the American Revolution It is a tale of great daring courage and suffering Much of the focus is on the trek through the wilderness with Arnold and on the horrid conditions during the retreat back to Fort Ticonderoga The descriptions of the work done by the doctors the chaplains and the suffering of the common soldier are very sobering indeed The misery an. Okes what it meant to face brutal winters starvation terrible homesickness and to go into battle against the much vaunted British regulars and their deadly Hessian mercenariesThe reader lives through thexperiences of those terrible and heroic times when a fifteen year old fifer survived the Battle of Bunker Hill when Private Josiah.
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First American ArmyThe Untold Story of George Washington and the Men behind America's First Fight for Freedom

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