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[Three Times Blessed Belles of Timber Creek Book 2 KINDLE] ☆ Paperback BY Lori Copeland ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

This book was a continuation of Twiced Loved and it was okay but Cooper s complaints against Josh got old and Willows concussion was oddly handled The actually accident was relayed by hearsay and her condition hovered in the background of most of the story I Lori Copeland but I didn t this book This was really a disappointment to me Its the second book in her Belles of Timber Creek trilogy and is Audrey s story but Audrey rarely seemed to be the focus of the book Instead we have a continuation of Willow and Tucker s romance Copper meeting a handsome wagon train eader whom she despises and a wagon train sickness that ends up killing half the train The book is filled with ends up killing half the train The book is filled with and sickness and never ending rain plaguing the area I didn t find it interesting at allAudrey s romance with Eli was barely a factor Eli is still suffering grief from osing his first wife to childbirth several years ago Eli and Audrey seem to dance around each other for the majority of the book and in the end we get Eli asking Audrey to wait for me Huh Overall I felt ike this book was just to arc the multiple stories over to Copper s book One True Love which was slightly better However had I read this one first and seen Copper Love which was slightly better However had I read this one first and seen Copper behavior I definitely would not have continued the series Her behavior to wagon master Josh was atrocious and not at all representative of a Christian woman This was Audrey s story but includes ots about her friends Willow book 1 and Copper book 3 She has her heart set on Eli one of the Gray cousins He is still grieving over the death of his wife while he was away fighting in the Civil War But his young son has taken a The LPN-to-RN Bridge liking to Audrey and wouldike nothing better than to have her iving with them Lots of humor in this second of the Belles of Timber Creek series But also some very serious situations when an unknown illness hits a wagon train that is forced to stop just outside of Thunder Ridge when a deluge of rain continues for. How will Audrey and her fellow schoolmarms stay afloat when a flood threatens their small Texas townTypically Thunder Ridge Texas is dry as a bone But Audrey Pride has arrived under a storm cloud one that is deluging the shocked community with weeks of relentless drenching rain With travel in and out of town ren.

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Three Times Blessed Belles of Timber Creek Book 2Ast 30 or 40 wagonsvery unusual in post Civil War daysIt bothered
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that the was not well researched However the plot itself and the relationship of the three friends was engaging enough to keep me going Ok Read Won t finish the series The first book Of The Series Is Great the series is great book two almost every secondary character from book one dies The uncle has a stroke somewhere then the niece gets kicked in the head by horse while the town is suffering from a wagon trains outbreak of an unknown deathly illness Uncle does die while niece "IS STILL UNCONSCIOUS RICH MAN BOOKS "still unconscious Rich man books hero cannot marry after all dies before he rescues the mansion so of course that is sold out from under them bought by the wagon master who is the hero of book three Where a poor preacher man and a poor wagon master gets the thousands of dollars to buy no one ever knows and the cost is outrageous for the time the story was to take place And no real end or agreement is reached by book twos hero and heroine it is just a few words in the very ast sentence of the novel Death permeates the second of the series A Pitying of Doves (Birder Murder Mystery like cookies in the bakery Book three justacks imagination and is really a book that Ms Copeland should be embarrassed to call one of her series Books two and three are so badly written that I cannot even recommend book one It is a shame to get readers expectations up for all three to have the deep disappointment of books two and three bring to the readers So it finally started to rain in Thunder Ridge at the end of Twice Loved and the rain continued for the whole entire second bookit rained for over a month straight The poor people went form a drought to a flood Did I mention these books are set at the end of the Civil War and it s about 3 women that fought in the war Anyway one got a job as a mortuary s assistance and a train wagon came through with an epidemic and all these people died So sad but again the author put in some great scenes for comic relief. Eli has Fix Her Up (Hot and Hammered long been haunted by the fact that he was away at war when his beloved wife died in childbirth Little byittle however he is opening his heart again Now as their town sags under the crushing weight of water and disease Audrey and Eli will need to depend on each other in ways they never imagined possible. Several weeks A ot takes place in the few weeks covered in this book Can t wait to start the Chinas Search for Democracy last of the series Three Times Blessed is the second novel of the Belles of Timber Creek and picks up right where the first novel Twice Lovedeft off I am ooking forward to the third book in the series One True Love with much anticipation Th We catch up with Audrey as she and Copper Wilson her close friend and fellow schoolmarm arrive "In Thunder Ridge Texas In The M Being The Second " Thunder Ridge Texas in the m Being the second in a series I tend to compare it to the first book which I really enjoyed I enjoyed this book slightly ess because the author went from telling the story from MULTIPLE POVS IN THE FIRST BOOK POVs in the first book only telling the story from one person s POV I felt that a bit odd I From Rumspringa to Marriage like to read events form bothove interests POVs so I missed that in this bookThe job Audrey ends up taking bothered me a bit as it did her I see the profession in a totally different Xuyên Mỹ (Bất Hạnh Là Một Tài Sản, light now I guess it is all a matter of prospectiveI really enjoyed reading about the characters I already got to know in Book 1 as well as some new charactersIt does seemike trouble follows the Belles of Timber Creek wherever they go and there is one tragedy after anotherYou can see my full review here Eehhh Well I made it through I wish the whole book had been as interesting as the part about caring for the wagon train victimsthat was when the characters got really interesting And the ending was goodI felt Una vida absolutamente maravillosa like most of the faith part did not fully gel with the story And some of the speech or thoughts of the characters were really out of character for the time period A few of the comments would have been modern in the 20sAnd being a history buff an imagined route from Texas to Colorado that would be used by so many dozens of wagons was too jarring By that time railroads were already taking the place of many of the travel routes and wagon train sizes were shrinking not growing This one soundedike it was at e. Dered impossible there is much important work for her to do especially when an epidemic of violent illness originating from a stranded wagon train spreads rapidly throughout Thunder Ridge Caring for the sick is consuming Audrey's every waking houryet her thoughts keep returning to the attractive widower Eli Gray. .