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Dorothea Blue Moon

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This is one of my top five favorite books ever And my number one favorite erotica novel I ve ead it twice And Really Wish There Were really wish there were follow up seuel This book easily could have had another two chapters in it thingsevents the author tempted us with or alluded to but did not eturn to or expound upon This book and four other non erotic books are on their own separate shelf in my homeI found this book in a book catalog and I selected it on their own separate shelf in my homeI found this book in a book catalog and I selected it without any intention of it being a salacious or exuisite ead It s description was far from exciting or uber interesting But it was all Of That And I Guess I Lucked that and I guess I lucked This story takes place during th. Out of the fine literary tradition of Laura and Beatrice comes this timeless erotic everie of a Vic. .
E Victorian Era I don t want to
much what the story is because I don t want to uin how great I feel the story to be in my head I The Kaya-Girl remembereading other Patrick Henden books some years ago and ecall liking them than Dorothea At least one of the other books was also written in first person narrative although by the young girl in a elationship not the older man The story of Sir Humphrey and his obsession with Dorothea might superficially be similar to Humbert Humbert and Lolita but the Nabokov novel is much better The Dorothea book SUFFERS BY COMPARISONTHROUGHOUT DOROTHEA THE NARRATOR comparisonThroughout Dorothea the narrator various philosophical asides In the novels by Maru. Torian gentleman Fresh from the strict but loving care of her headmistress at boarding school Doroth. ,

Is de Sade he has multiple ASIDES PARTICULARLY ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF particularly about the concept of versus evil However the asides in the novels by de Sade are superior to those in DorotheaAll in all Omnibus Films reading Dorothea was an okay experience I enjoyedeading about the activities between Humphrey and the two girls Dorothea and Phillipa who are sisters In the last six chapters other familial Graeco-Egyptian Magick relationships areevealed and other family members are introduced Those last chapters were an improvement on the earlier part the "BookI Anticipate A Much " anticipate a much experience when I Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reead other Patrick Henden books next year After eading I will ate and eview them in the Goodreads forum. Ea eturns home to find an impassioned lover eager to school her further in the delights of the fles. .

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