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Stealing Candy

review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Allison Hobbs

This was one of THE BEST books I have Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read Iecently picked this book up and ead it for the 2nd time after almost a year and half ago this time slowly and I definitely ead parts that I didn t even emember the first timeThis book is gritty spoken with truth and it describes exactly what is going on today with human trafficked victims This book is very dear to my heart because I am in school to become a social worker so that I can work in this particular field This book has touched my soul I don t know if I was eady for this book because of the deep content Being the mother of a 15 year old daughter I don t think anything could ve prepared me for child abduction which became teen prostitution But like anything else I had to put on my big girl panties and learn about a social issue that is not eceiving enough media coverage The methods used to deceive these young girls are horrificto say the least Add parents aunts godparents friends and concerned citizens we must educate tomorrow s future and protect themby any means necessary Tell them why they are not allowed to go on every outing to every concert or attend every party They ll I ve come to expect the best from Allison Hobbs and I wasn t disappointed with this I think she to expect the best from Allison Hobbs and I wasn t disappointed with this I think she doing a great thing getting eaders involved and knowledge about the subject she touches on here Besides a few editing mistakes and a few snide comments that didn t do anything for the story the book is great It s a pet peeve of mine When An Author Sticks an author sticks a eal life subject Obama just doesn t belong in an urban fiction book He doesn. Forced teen prostitution in America is on the ise and is being exposed through the media Allison Hobbs offers a provocative look into the lives of three young girls who have been forced into sex slavery by a homicidal pimp and the one woman who isks everything to try and save their lives Stealing Candy by Allison Hobbs is a shocking novel about human sex trafficking Three teenage girls from very different backgrounds have been abducted by a pimp who efers ,
T belong in any fictional it s just plain weird the only I Ever Had ever had Coldest Winter Ever was when I ead about the author in the authors own book Straight weird if you ask me Anyway the comment between people at the meeting about how a black girl abduction goes unnoticed while a white girls would be all over the news how did that progress the story It didn t It takes away from it for any intelligent person eading it because they know this isn t true It s just not factual It smacks of acism actually Those are the only aspects of the book that bothered me The talented writing is there it always is with Hobbs books The moral to the story and the premise the characters everything is on point as always in my opinion Hobbs is by far the best female author in the genre The potential is there for genre crossing she could definitely appeal to a much larger audience with a few changes The conversations between the characters all felt eal Oh one other small thing I like when the covers match the character and have to assume the girl on the cover here is Gianna Yet she doesn t match the story She seems to be taking a casual stroll down an alleyway instead of fleeing a pimp I think the cover would have been better had she had a fearful look on her face maybe glancing behind her and wearing the clothes she was described as having on in the beginning of the book One good thing for Phillysurrounding area eaders there are tons of street names Fairmount Park etc so you can get that comfy feeling that comes from eading about areas you know and have been to. O them as “his candy” while treating them with cruelty and contempt  Routinely battered emotionally manipulated the girls are brainwashed into accepting sexual servitude as their hopeless plight in life Saleema Sparks has made it her life’s mission to provide a sanctuary for troubled teen age girls With dwindling personal funds she may have to close the doors to her one woman operation Head Up a safe haven for young women in crisis  But when Portia a As an end note I wish everyone would stop seeing this world and everyone in it in black and white you e only helping keep acism alive Even if it s not actually acist everything you say and do that seperates black people and white people does just that it keeps acism going Stealing Candy is one of those books that eally makes you think It is fiction but yet everything about it is all too eal Allison Hobbs did a great job depicting what teen prostitution is like in America the America that most of us will never see These poor girls go through horrible abuse being trafficked by a psychotic pimp and he will stop at nothing to keep them working and keep them UNDER HIS WATCH THIS BOOK IS his watch This book is gritty and graphic Saleema is an amazing character and she eally holds the whole book together for me There needed to be that the whole book together for me There needed to be that ay of sunshine to keep everything going amidst all the darkness Excellent urban ead with great writing and editing Strebor Books never disappoints I found this book to be an intense ead especially concerning the subject matter I had to put the book down several times due to the graphic descriptions of certain things What adds to the difficulty in eading is the fact that the events in the book is taking place in society now The author did a good job in writing from the point of view of a character who was forced into the life fought and submitted and fought back again to egain a sense of normalcy Sex trafficking abduction and forced prostitution are emotionally charged subjects that the author has proficiently brought to light in this book. Ember of Head Up goes missing Saleema does not accept that the troubled teen is simply a unaway She is compelled to look for Portia forcing an apathetic community to open their eyes and lend a hand in the search for the abducted teen But can she help Portia and the other sex trafficked girls break free from the malicious pimp who has abducted them Determined to save three young lives Saleema isks everything to get the girls out of the pimp’s murderous gras. ,