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Otice of another woman utterly lovable and totally yummy Hunky Firefighter MaterialDespite The Shortness Of Book The Romance firefighter materialDespite the shortness of the book the romance Jen and Walker didn t seem rushed Their misgivings about the attraction between them were ndearing and very plausible the passion was The Management Bible explosive andven the implosion as the aftermath of the truth was believable comprehensible and heart breakingAnd thanks to the villain showing up at the opportune moment the anger and sense of betrayal didn t last long Don t you just love it when the villain knows just the right moment when to make hisher appearanceThis book had a great suspense Subplot As Well Nicely Crafted Well Developped And Very Well as well Nicely crafted well developped and very well Though as the reader I knew the hero wasn t really the killer the author managed to convey a sense of suspicion and ambiguity in Zu schnell everything he said to the heroine makingven me doubt my convictionAnd the fact I didn t see the villain s identity coming until the heroine figured it out was an added bonusGreat stor. Had long since turned to ash after his wife's brutal murder And as their attraction heated up so did the killer's deadly plan The uestion was just how deep did Walker's obsession with justice ,

35 Working undercover as an undercover SWAT medic firefighter it s Jen Lawson s job to find out if fellow SWAT medic firefighter Walker McClain was the Payback Killer With all the vidence pointing to him it was Jen s job to figure out if all the vidence pointing to him it was Jen s job to figure out if vidence was pointing in the right direction With the death of his wife and unborn child and his strange behaviors since Everyone Knows Walker Would Have The Want For Revenge But knows Walker would have the want for revenge But time Jen spends with him the sure she is that he isn t the killer they are looking for Hating having to lie to the first man she has come to have feelings for since her fiance Mark who had to have feelings for since her fiance Mark who had disorder She decides to wait until she can prove his innocence before telling him about her undercover job but when a text message beats her to the punch it maybe to late for their relationship to grow SRS 1598 Someone is meticulously killing homeless criminals using an ingenious method He burns themThe most likely suspect is firefighter Walker McClain His motive is irrefutable Firefighter Walker McClain was hands down the sexiest most affecting suspect that undercover investigator Jen Lawson had ver been assigned But she hadn't come to Station Three to fall into bed.

READ The Vigilante Lover The Hot Zone #5

Wo and a half years ago his wife carrying his unborn child died in a brutal mugging by a homeless man with a scar across his knuckles And unborn child died in a brutal mugging by a homeless man with a scar across his knuckles And hasn t stopped searching for himSuch a mindset could asily turn him into a vigilante
murderer he has 
He has motive the knowledge and the meansBut if he s really guilty needs to be determined And this is where Jen Lawson undercover firefighter IA plant comes in She has to get close to Walker to discover whether he s the infamous Payback Killer but she isn t prepared for the attraction between them to pull her closer than she intendedAfter the disappointment of Ms Cowan s previous Hot Zone book The Private Bodyguard I was ready for the worst so the unexpectedly good story came as a huge surprise for meI loved very aspect of it The pacing was nice and steady the writing and style has improved the heroine was someone I wouldn t mind being friends with and the hero despite the clich of a dead wife and in search of her killer ridden by guilt for ven taking With McClain She was there to find out if he was a dangerous vigilante the Payback KillerWalker knew better than to get involved with his new SWAT partner But she awakened feelings he thought.
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The Vigilante Lover The Hot Zone #5

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