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Murphy's LawMilar to the other series I read but for some reason I enjoyed it a bit less which surprised me because I like this author s other historical series set in the 20 s a lot Basically it started out really *well the heroine s journey to America but for some reason after that she was a BIT *the heroine s journey to America but for some reason after that she was a BIT perfect and spunky for my tastes And the love interest was really thinly drawn which is probably my biggest criticismThere s some interesting historical research though especially to do with the Irish in NYC that I thought was cool and I liked the mystery a lot I may pick p the next book to see where it goes definitely was a promising start Women s history month is here and I decided to start the celebration with a bit of Irish spunk Rhys Bowen is a celebrated writer and my mother has been touting her Molly Murphy series for awhile now As Irish luck would have it my retro chapter chicks group is focusing on Irish women for the month of March I decided that it was long overdue that I read Murphy s Law the first of Molly Murphy s historical adventures Molly Murphy was never a first of Molly Murphy s historical adventures Molly Murphy was never a girl She enjoyed swimming in the Atlantic Ocean horseback riding excelled in the classroom and was declared an old maid by the age of twenty three Murphy had to be the mother to her younger brothers as her mother passed away when she was young She did have a few suitors yet one Englishman came on too strong to her and in the heat of the moment she killed him On the run from the English government who then controlled Ireland Murphy fled her home village of Ballykillin and ended Hot Seduction (Hotshot Heroes up in Liverpool England A chance meeting with Kathleen O Connor lead to an instant friendship and resulted in Murphy escorting O Connor s two young children to America as O Connor lay dying of consumption On board the Majestic steamliner Murphy fell into an instant rapport with O Connor s two children Seamus and Bridie and assumed the identity of their mother Her goal is to bring them to their fathernharmed yet crime seems to find her One Thomas O Malley thinks he can manhandle Murphy along with the rest of the ship that is ntil Murphy puts him in his place He leaves her alone ntil the ship docks in Ellis Island Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own until on the first night in America O Malley is found murdered The easy route is to accuse Murphy and her traveling companion Michael Larkin It isp to Murphy to prove their innocence before either is returned to Ireland and English rule and hung In this opening book Bowen introduces readers to police captain Daniel O Sullivan with whom it appears Murphy falls into a long lasting relationship with She also paints the historical picture of the Desire Island - The Niece underbelly of New York politics at the turn of the 20th century focusing on the corruption inside of Tammany Hall Alderman MacCormack is a picture of corruption and Murphy is determined to prove his wrong doing to the police Yet MacCormack is the champion of the Irish people and everyone loves him He is the annual marshal of thepcoming St Patrick s Day parade Murphy however is certain that MacCormack is behind O Malley s murder and puts herself in harms way to prove her friend s innocence before MacCormack and his gang strike again Rhys Bowen magically transports her readers to turn of the century New York a time when the hole in the ground was just that and America was the land of opportunity The Irish ruled the city and Molly Murphy is ready to take it by storm In likable characters Murphy O Sullivan and the O Connors Bowen has. N she arrives in new York and sees the welcoming promise of freedom in the Statue of Liberty Molly begins to breathe easier But when a man is murdered on Ellis Island a man Molly was seen arguing with she becomes a prime suspect in the crimeUsing her Irish charm and sharp wit Molly escapes Ellis Island and sets ou. ,

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Let me into how one heroine feels with nhampered description dialogue and originality and I am carried away I Am Pleased To Find am pleased to find who achieve this balance and surprised by Murphy s Law In 2001 it d buted Rhys Bowen s New York series set in March 1901 It is standard mystery for its serious subjects The history into which we are immersed is stunningly realistic and acutely educational than we expect Reminiscent of Anne Perry s Thomas Pitt hero Molly too was educated with the children of landownersAn important point illustrated repeatedly is that females are no one s sexual outlet stature be damned No soul is above another Molly deflected advances and worried that there would be no employment but prostitution The gift of strong meticulous historic vibes education and compassion is that they fit Rhys s fictional story It trots along nencumbered so enjoyably that a crime is needless A fly in the ointment was reiterating whiskers a bizarre word choice It was so excessive it annoyed me enormously She should have said beard once in a while I would disregard that but the denouement floundered a preposterous scene in which opportunities abounded for Molly to make noise and avoid capture It was eually farfetched for the murderer to recognize the protagonist Five stars downgraded to fourThe rest is nforgettable a ship journey in steerage class a two day line p to register at Ellis Island how the currency exchanger hoped to steal from immigrants who couldn t count Neighbourhoods were grouped ethnically and only employed their races Rhys surely had a relative who told her what it was like to write so perceptively She achieves regular humour as well Murphy s Law was on my shopping list ntil I noticed I owned the hardcover achieves regular humour as well Murphy s Law was on my shopping list ntil I noticed I owned the hardcover edition I have turned out to be a fan I m Some Like It Hotter unwell today so my review will not be as scintillating assual I m kidding But I have to remind myself that reading this book made me forget my illness This book is just what the doctor ordered It s to my complete liking I loved that the book is just what the doctor ordered It s to my complete liking I loved that the didn t tarry on the many architectural More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm upheavals of post famine New York Some authors like Ian Rankin know how to describe a city However many of these authors fail in maintaining the plot to the fore and core But I liked Murphy s Law as there was no padding to it It s a rare if notniue feeling to see this kind of author I m definitely going to read some of the seuels to this one Now to another book Ta Sadly wasn t a fan Love the other authors series but I just couldn t get into this one at all I listened to the audiobook of this one and was so grateful that the narrator managed to do her Irish accents without sounding ridiculous Talented indeedRhys Bowen is also talented especially at setting an historical scene and describing how people went about their daily lives The ship s crossing from Liverpool to New York was beautifully done as was life in New York itself Of course Molly s experiences were not strictly run of the mill she had so many strokes of blind luck in this book that it was necessary to totally suspend belief much of the time But that s the way of a cosy mystery and it still makes for an enjoyable reading experienceI liked it anyway and will continue with the series which should give me many many hours of future reading pleasure Really enjoyed that one So much so that I m going to treat myself to 2 Light reading but very entertaining Another entry into my historical mystery jag this one was VERY si. Murphy's Law is the captivating first entry of Rhys Bowen's New York Times bestselling Molly Murphy seriesMolly Murphy always knew she'd end p in trouble just as her mother predicted So when she commits murder in self defense she flees her cherished Ireland and her identity for the anonymous shores of America Whe. Created a cast who I can enjoy for the long haul As I am currently looking for a new go to mystery series Molly Murphy is spunky and definitely one of my main contenders 4 stars 45 stars I have been wanting to read this series for awhile now I absolutely love the Royal Spyness novels by Rhys Bowen So I couldn t wait to read her Molly Murphy books Of course I ve waited a long time but I FINALLY got to the first one I can honestly say I am not disappointed at all I love RB s writing She makes the first one I can honestly say I am not disappointed at all I love RB s writing She makes want to read all her books I adored Molly she was a spunky independent red headed Irish lass I also enjoyed Daniel Sullivan I can t wait to see where their relationship goes although I do have somewhat of an idea The mystery was ok but it s the characters that make these stories good for me I will be reading the rest of this seriesI ve already bought a few of them at the library sale 15 to 2 starsThis was justnot good Maybe it s first book syndrome or maybe this was the author s first ever published book but whatever the case may be it felt like it could have been written by a high school senior The heroine fleeing from the law in Ireland manages been written by a high school senior The heroine fleeing from the law in Ireland manages make her way to New York in what I can only surmise is the late 1800s or early 1900s through a series of highly and totally nrealistic fortuitous events And that pretty much sums p Molly s experiences throughout the book Despite being a naive Irish immigrant in her first big city Molly manages to always stumble across the exact person she wantsout of all the hundreds of thousands of people in New York and all manner of sordid types in the seediest parts of town let her go simply because they re amused by her spunk Puh leeze I know this bit of historical fiction leans heavily towards the cozy mystery genre and thus some fluff is to be expected but this was even too dumb by those standards This was one of those stories that GRs kept sending me a recommendation because I enjoy historical mysteries That said Lord knows I never meant to kill him A native of Ireland Molly Murphy was on the run after thwarting an attack by one of the local gentry As luck would have it she had taken on the identity of a young mother before sailing for America and a new life Before the voyage to her adopted country was over she earned a friendship and made an enemy Then a gruesome murder took place and Detective Daniel Sullivan took charge He was a member of New York s Finest As in most first stories in a series the setting was launched and important characters were introduced Molly Became Kathleen O Connor Kathleen O Connor of two little ones in search of her husband She needed to find a job She constantly placed herself in awkward situations and found Daniel calling her into his office I enjoyed the mystery I thought the author did a good job researching the time period I felt the friction between Molly and Daniel and knew at some point they would become involved I just didn t know the when or why The biggest issue I had with Murphy s Law was the awkward situations I mentioned above I had a difficult time imaging a single woman on her own traveling to the seedier parts of the city and not being mugged or raped Yes she was gutsy but I don t think she made the wisest decisions Since I was left with some nanswered estions I made the mistake of reading a few reviews of the next story I don t like the direction that Daniel and Molly s relationship is leaning Because of this I most likely will not continue with the series. T to find the wily killer on her own Pounding the notorious streets of Hell's Kitchen and the Lower East Side Molly make sit her desperate mission to clear her name before her deadly past comes back to haunt her new future Murphy's Law won the 2001 Agatha Award and was nominated for the 2002 Mary Higgins Clark Awa. .

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