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KINDLE Livres Mobster’s Fake Wife ( Russian Mobster Livre 2 ) (Russian Mobster Series) Par Raven Rivers –

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Other books that you ve wrote Bethany and Valisy are a totally dysfunctional couple finding their way in Love And Trust Valisy Is and trust Valisy is and sweet and Bethany is a no nonsense kind of woman Who only wants a man who will be loyal and love only her Then you have the meddling father figure Mr Timur who loves his business associates like sons He only wants them happy and married off Dina a woman who should find her feet and stay on them and stop using the guys as a crutch The characters in this story stole my heart for a minute I thought Valisy was going to lose Bethany In the nd he came around and found his place beside the love of his life I am happy that this story xists for readers like me I am happy that this story xists for readers like me story took me on several rollercoaster rides of Lakeside Redemption emotion First it amazes me when an author match the most unlikely cultural hero and heroine together and weave very believable love stories between them Such is the case with Vasily and Bethany To be sure they faced some harrowingxperiences and dysfunctional behavior however in the nd true love won out Very good story and I will probably read books from Ms Rivers. Y way to protect her Bethany is to marry her it becomes increasingly harder for Valisy to stay immune to her glorious charms As the two of them grow closer in the midst of life threatening dangers will Valisy be able to keep her safe All books in the Russian Mobster Series series are standalone full length steamy romance novels They can be read in any order and Russian Mobster Series series are standalone full length steamy romance novels They can be read in any order and not contain cliffhangersHEA is always guarantee. .
Mobster’s Fake Wife ( Russian Mobster Book 2 ) (Russian Mobster Series)I wanted to njoy the book but The Storyline Was Disjointed And Hard To storyline was disjointed and hard to I found myself rereading chapters to try to understand how we got there There seemed to be too much storytelling in some unnecessary ways and too little in the ways that would propel the story forward This story is a nice one I was happy that Beth give her mob husband a chance I think Diana was just jealous and was looking to mess up there marriage The part were Bethany is kidnapped is weird to me I think if she was taken

And He Was Not As 
he was not as it would have made for a better read The story was weak seem very prescriptive Was never sure where it was rambling to There was a nugget or two that Second Time Loving expanded correctly would have made it better but on the whole not a good read I was torn and confused by the character of Bethany at times She was a contradiction in many ways which led me to believe notven halfway through the book that she knew what she signed up for from the get go which made it hard for me to feel sorry for get go which made it hard for me to feel sorry for plight throughout the bookI also didn t like how she constantly ran from her problems instead of facing When a dangerously handsome mobster just wont take no for an answer Bethany An accomplished professional Bethany has it all smart sassy with her own accounting firm shes used to dealing with various types of clients Still nothing could have prepared her for the day when a shady mob boss walks into her office with the strangest proposition he wants her to marry one of his men With no room in in her life for a cr.

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Hem head on which only led to bigger problems for her Vasily also #Irritated Me With How #me with how handled certain situations This was an ok read I m trying my best not to give anything away but I did find myself skipping pages This book had a dark twist to a BWWM romance I loved how Timur cared for his family to the point where he gave one of his men Valisy a wife in the form of his accountant Bethany Their relationship didn t start off like any I laughed so much at this book Beth was so funny I love Timir Beth could handle him They were mobsters and Valisy had a hard Time Handling Beth I Love handling Beth I love the characters in this book Th crazy mobster that thought he was a King Was So Funny Thank You For was so funny Thank you for laugh Good book This was then I Dark Awakening expected I mean I really reallynjoyed this story When Bethany was taken I Hawks Way (Hawks Way even got upset and in the beginning when Valisy was taking care of himself Wow I became hot over that Iven went looking for the first Russian Mobster Series thought you wrote found out other authors will be writing Family Men each one Well I pray there writing style is great like yours Glad to see I also have purchased. Iminally inclined life partner Bethany uickly declines But then the decision is snatched from her grasp when she suddenly finds herself on the run for her life and Valisy is the only guy who can save herValisyStaring at his boss accountant off and on for weeks onnd is causing a riot in his pants but Valisy knows that Bethany is uite unlike the other women in his lifeBut when her life is threatened and the onl.