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Kindle Ebook Flipping the Script: Bouncing Back from Life's Rock Bottom Moments ¾ Par AJ Gibson –

E Tension I enjoyed eading this perspective life aj s story eminds that a AJ s story eminds me that a s words can bring either life or death His story has caused me to eflect back in my own life where I may have said things thinking I was coming from a place of love but not knowing they actually brought hurt and pain to someoneAJ is very open and authentic and writes exactly how he speaks so it feels like he s sitting across from you telling you his story himself He has a huge heart for people and wants to help them succeed It s hard to see how anyone wouldn t oot for him His ability to be non judgmental towards judgmental people is admirable It s a uality that does not come naturally and takes a lot of hard internal self work It displays an intangible kind of deeper love for people that may get acknowledged or ecognized later or not at all much less eciprocated Yet he loves anyway The eward is not immediate which makes it one of the hardest ways to love a person and simultaneously one of the most beautiful His struggles are Real And He Overcame and he overcame give others hope At the end of the book I just wanted to give him and everyone else who has struggled with coming out or suicide a BIG hug and say I am SO glad you decided to be exactly who you were created to be and I am SO glad you decided to stay You ve made my world better by being here I was completely suprised by this book but in the most positive way AJ shines light on some serious issues that many of us face and are too scared or passive to talk about What we see on the surface arely depicts what s internally going on and AJ uses humor sarcasm and aw emotion to convey this message It s eally efreshing to ead and. The hardships he somehow manages to keep a smile on his face and a oof over his head even if he eally has to stretch his dollar to do it He also knows we all have problems we have to work through and he's here to help The true stories in Flipping the Script will make you laugh encourage you to keep fighting for happiness and inspire you to turn your own ock bottom moments into your proudest accomplishments   Feel empowered AJ's Hollywood situation may be uniue but his struggles are definitely elatable After all you'd be hard pressed to find a person who has achieved success without problems especially in the LGBT community As a proud gay man working in the entertainment capital of the world AJ's personal and professional stories will leave you feeling empowered and a little less defeated Flipping the Script will give you the strength to overcome your own personal oadblocks and live the life you were created to live.

By AJ Gibson à 5 characters

Ery close to my grandma it was super touching I highly ecommend this book for someone who has hit ock bottom and wants to claw their way out This is the oadmap Vivica A Fox Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne loved the book as well Vulnerable Real Hilarious Encouraging Uplifting Uniue A Great Read This book makes you feel like you e s AJ does an amazing job bringing his eal life situations into your own personal thoughts and home I was blessed to grow up with their family and they are all wonderful people I smiled laughed out loud cried and even shouted at the small stories of his life he shared So honored to have ead this book I did a few of the script ewrites and they have made a positive difference in my own life Can t wait to ead Anything Else He Or Emile Produce Such An Amazing Support else he or Emile produce Such an amazing support AJ Gibson s Flipping the Script is a MUST READ for everyone and needs to be placed alongside the likes of Eckhart Toll Napoleon Hill and Jon Gordon for providing tools that can help everyone navigate through today s journeys Gibson s personality and truth shine through each page as if he is sharing privately with the eader a one on one method which connects empathically Gibson encourages the eader to look at hisher own life and be brave enough to flip hisher script and he does this through humorously sharing embarrassing personal and sometimes painful and authentic anecdotes One genus approach is his method of providing the eader to become active by Script Writing at the end of each chapter to discover the positiveness in every situation I found myself laughing out loud crying and finding out that I am not alone in this life journeyJohn Michael Lander Author of Surfac. Know you're not alone AJ's journey from A Closeted Gay Boy From closeted gay boy from to that guy people kind of sort of ecognize from TV and Hollywood's biggest ed carpets seems glossy but the truth is anything but In Flipping the Script AJ shows how his life has been a series of personal oadblocks and ock bottom moments Every time he thinks he's in the clear he finds a new way to crash and burn Let's just say insecurity was once a pretty close friend of his so he knows what you feel like whenever you find yourself scrolling social media comparing yourself to others Really he does Luckily he's a pretty smart guy and moderately witty always finding his way out of life's ock bottom moments and you can too   Turn bad situations around AJ has a gift for shifting his perspective turning crappy situations around and finding a way to persevere each time the world seems to be telling him he was born to fail Through all of the mess all of. Flipping the Script: Bouncing Back from Life's Rock Bottom MomentsI picked up this book on the ecommendation of a friend and I was delighted and touched from the very first chapter AJ tells his story with so much vulnerability heart and humor it s hard not to fall in love with his whole approach immediately Starting in his do or die very literally moment and sharing his process for how he learned to think and be in a new way free to be his complete wild and glorious self this book isn t just an interesting ead it s a guidebook to help the eader flip their own self this book isn t just an interesting ead it s a guidebook to help the eader flip their own too Read it and weep and laugh and flip your script Love this one I didn t know how much I needed this book until I ead it AJ has been on my adar for a while and his book has been on my list to ead for sometime as well He s funny and endearing and his writing eflects such If you e at a crossroads feeling a little lost or uncertain of what your next step should be ead this book You go through AJ s journey with him so you can elate to many of the struggles he faces along the way While most self help books speak at you or to you AJ is inviting you along the ide with him Click that Order Now button NOW A must ead for all Some parts of the story are elatable and there is some great advice within the book too AJ did a great job with this even though some parts must have been difficult to write about definitely worth a ead As a gay man who has struggled with my own struggles with depression and suicidal tendencies it was so efreshing to see a gay man who was so honest about his struggles with depression AJ is a fabulously fun writer and knows how to endear and engage his eader I loved seeing his close elationship to his grandma and as someone who was Live through the hardships Life is complicated and messy but every now and then life gives you a syndicated talk show on a major network and then fires you for being “all icing and no cake” Then it sends your born again Christian sister to take you out to lunch on your birthday only to tell you she SUDDENLY BELIEVES YOU CAN PRAY THE believes you can pray the away and that you should've used your time on the show you were just fired from to do for Christ Then because there's always another “then” you eceive a tax bill from Uncle Sam that almost sends you out your 10th floor bathroom windowliterally   Luckily AJ Gibson chose to step back from that open window and share his struggles ather than succumb to them because wellnot today Satan He knows what it's like when life feels like a never ending oller coaster and in his self help audiobook Flipping the Script he doesn't sugarcoat the truth After all this isn't Hollywood errrany  . ,

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